5 Star Wars Home decor ideas

Star Wars Home Décor for Loyal Fans Pride All people must know about Star Wars since
this movie franchise is very famous for all age especially after the new franchise series
comes out. The loyal fans do not only watch the movie
multiple times, but they also use Star Wars home décor to accessorize their house. This show pride as Star Wars fans as well
as their love for the series. And since Star Wars is very unique the decoration
inspired from the movie also very unique. You can surely be proud in your own Star Wars
sanctuary and feel that ‘the force’ is with you always. Star Wars home décor items to create space
room 5.Galaxy ceiling.
As the star wars occurs in outer space, then the first thing that you need to have is the
galaxy ceiling. This Star Wars home décor painting will be
able to create outer space feeling even when you still inside the room. Paint the background with dark blue color
then add several white stars spread everywhere. If you can, try to draw several Star Wars
spaceships to make it even more authentic. You can also extend the painting not only
on the ceiling but also on the wall according to the design used. 4.Spaceship miniature
Star Wars home décor signature that you should use is the spaceship since they become the
main thing used in the wars. Of course you cannot really have the spaceship
so you can try to get the miniature instead. Create the miniature of spaceship that you
like then hung them in the middle of your room. And with the galaxy ceiling that you have
used before you will feel that the spaceship really flying on the space. Some of you might like to use small size spaceship
however some might love to use bigger size since it can also work as accent of the room. 3.Lightsaber room light.
The most popular weapon in Star Wars might be the lightsaber that used by the jedi. You should know that there is Star Wars home
décor lightsaber room light that design with the weapon appearance. The lightsaber room light also comes in different
color like the real lightsaber you see in the movie. You can choose which light that suit your
room theme. To truly enjoy this light, you might need
to dim or even turn off the other light inside your room then use the lightsaber room light
as your night lamp. 2.Figure Collection.
A lot of Star Wars fans has collect figure from the movie since a long time ago. This is why loyal fans have huge number of
collection that stored inside their house. If you one of those loyal fans then do not
just put all of your collection in storage, instead put them on a nice glass shelf to
display. It will be able to work as Star Wars home
décor items which very valuable because of their rarity. You can also become happier when spending
time in your room which filled with the collection; surely more personal Star Wars room is what
you looking for. 1.Star Wars Poster.
Do not forget to show that your room theme is indeed Star Wars theme by putting several
Star Wars posters on the wall. You can use the poster in every room from
your theater room, living room and even bedroom. The Star Wars home décor poster could be
from the movie poster or other creative poster that you can even design yourself to match
with the preference of your room. Put them inside a frame then hung them beside
your favorite figurine on the wall. Tips in using Star Wars theme for your room
When you want to use Star Wars theme, then you must decide which part of the franchise
you want to brings up. You can try to use the space theme, spaceship
interior, planet panorama, and many others. Since Star Wars has many interesting things,
you can try to explore your ideas and choose which one that suits your preference. Try to also use futuristic furniture to enhance
the appearance of your design. Even though the furniture does not have anything
to do with the Star Wars items but having futuristic item will surely support the theme
rather than using ordinary furniture. Lighting also pays a huge difference in the
Star Wars home décor display that you create. This is why you need to create nice ambience
which suit the Star Wars theme to complete your design. Put on blue lights behind the furniture or
glass display to increase the space and mysterious feeling. Of course, you can change the lights color
as the color you used in your room color scheme. Be as creative as possible, if you have the
ability you might even want to make several Star Wars DIY items yourself to make your
design perfect. That’s it for today episode,
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