5 STYLISH DIY HAND BAGS | #JuteBag #ToteBag #Fashion #Budget #Anaysa #DIYQueen

5 STYLISH DIY HAND BAGS | #JuteBag #ToteBag #Fashion #Budget #Anaysa #DIYQueen

From now I’ll never take any of your old stuff You’ve to take it and why you guys so miserable in giving Likes & Subscribing our channel if you Like the content do hit huge LIKES to the video do Subscribe to the channel and yeah press to the bell icon I wouldn’t take this your old shoes, clothes & this jute bag not at all have it and move I’ll tell you why I’ve done this Melodrama this pom pom bag is so easy for this you only need Pom Pom & Jute Bag and we’ve bought this jute bag from Delhi Haat at Rs. 360 only this is so expensive online so go for Off line shopping just tuck these colourful pom pom one by one jute bags looks nice let’s decorate them a bit to make them more fashionable just need of some Tassels and Pom and we’ve already made you learn earlier How to make Pom poms insert all the tassels in colourful embroidery thread likewise insert the pom pom too and make them hanged on this bag handle like this now let’s make this double sided bag which cost under Rs. 100 only for this we need fancy fabric we’ve bought the fabric from market at Rs. 50 per metre cut the fabric in this size and make folds now cut the fabric as per this measurement to make pockets fold and stitch the fabric as shown in the video now let’s make its side base cut the fabric, Bakram cloth and lining as per this measurement and stitch them together likewise make one more stitch this bakram on the front side of the bag now again make a fold like this cut the corners in L shape and stitch the sides stitch this side gap like this likewise make this bag in the same pattern fix two lace here like this now stitch both these bags together but you’ve to make sure that of its front & opposite side and we’ve to stitch it upper part only and yeah leave some space so that it become easy to take out its front side after that stitch that left space too now let’s make bag’s handle for which you need to make two holes and fix these stoppers here like this now insert these ropes in these holes if you find it too broad you can fix tich buttons sidewise to make it slight narrow done with our double sided bag which you can use for multi purpose now let’s make colourful tassel bag just take your favourite colour tassels and now make tuck like this you can also paste it with glue but later they might get loosen & fall only need Pom Pom lace to make this bag and just need to tuck the lace on it likewise you can make more styles oho that’s was your trick to get this bag from me its so easy to make you fool give me your that white top…I’ll make a crop top from it

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