5 TIPS ABOUT LAMPS – Interior Design

5 TIPS ABOUT LAMPS –  Interior Design

Today’s video that I want to share with
you is five tips on how to decorate with lamps so let’s go ahead and get started!
I’m in my store which there’s tons of lamps so this is a great place to video
let me talk about first size and placement of your lamps. So this is a
sideboard and typically when I’m designing I like
to put what’s called buffet lamps they’re going to be taller and sometimes
they’re slimmer it depends on the size of your sideboard. If it’s a really big
sideboard you can get away with a bigger base buffet lamp but since this is a
smaller sideboard the lamps I chose on here have a smaller base on them and you
also want to pay attention to your lampshades which we’re gonna talk about
that in a minute. Typically in a dining room you’ve only
got your overhead lighting so a lot of times when I’m choosing the design I
kind of pull away from a big hutch because I know if I pick a sideboard in
the room I can add more lighting. So another point about tip number one in
your size and placement, a lot of times what I notice is that people when they
decorate with lamps sometimes the lamps tend to be too small for where they put
it, sometimes they’re too big, in this case although this lamp is pretty and
cute it’s a little too small for this area so let me replace it with one I
think works just a little bit better. Much better! Now, why is it much better?
First of all, it’s a bigger lamp and if you look at it, this is a narrow console
so the lamp, the base of it, is also narrow, kind of mimics the size of the
console and this shade is narrow. Typically, when you have a small piece
that you’re gonna put up against the wall, you can’t do a round shape because
it’s going to push the lamp away from the wall. Now, I get a lot of questions
about whether if a lamp is too big and we have artwork on the wall or a mirror
or in this case a clock is that a no-no to have it sitting in front of that.
Absolutely not, I think it looks better that way! So tip number two is about
style. Now this is probably my favorite tip because I love lamps and I love
lamps because they can be their own artwork so let me show you a few things
in here. This lamp right here, this is made of cast iron and I can’t pick it up
with one hand which I love but let me show you something
beautiful black cast iron sitting on top of this distressed wood table. The
contrast is beautiful. Another lamp I picked up that I actually like because I
think it’s its own artwork. This is an old fire extinguisher that a gentleman
made for me and made a lamp out of it. It’s its own character, it’s its own
personality, I love it! Now I tell you what I’m not usually really really picky
about lamps as far as they have to be symmetrical except in the bedroom you’ll
notice on each side of this bed we have the same exact lamps. That’s where I have
to keep my lamps the same, I don’t know why that kind of drives me a little
crazy. So tip number three, let me talk to you about lamp shades. Lamp shades are
now kind of there a lot of them are in linen and a beige color but there are
some coming out now with a little bit of color and I want to show you this lamp
over here I kind of would call it a blue kind of a blue green but look how
beautiful it looks with the mercury glass base and again, we have a beautiful
contrast of the lamp sitting on a white table. This is a mesh wire shade, I, it’s
just so unique. I mean, this lamp the distressed metal, everything about it is
just beautiful and it’s its own statement piece. So tip number four is about light
bulbs. I love to have ambient lighting in every room like we talked about before,
in the dining room, typically you only have the chandelier so I’m gonna put
buffet lamps in there now I’m going to put 40 watt bulbs in those because 60
and 100 are gonna be too bright and too glaring now if you need a lamp in a
living room or a bedroom and you need it for reading you’re gonna need the 60
watt or higher but if it’s just for ambiance go with the 40 watt also Edison
bulbs, very popular now, you can even find them in tons of home-improvement stores
this lamp wouldn’t be half as cool if it wasn’t for these tall edison lamps
inside. Now tip number five, listen, if you’ve already got a lamp that’s kind of
cool and you like the base of it and you like the style of it, give it a
lamp makeover. If you’ll give me just a second I’m going to show you how to do
that. S this is one of the very first nice lamps I ever bought a few years
after I was married, fast-forward about 10 or 15 years, and it was a little dated
let me show you before picture. So while it was pretty at the time, the dark
bronze and the dark shade just became dated so I decided I’m gonna buy a new
lamp but the more I thought about it, the more I thought, this is a great lamp! I’m
just gonna give it a makeover and save some money. So I replaced the shade with
this lighter linen shade and then what I did was I painted the base of this lamp
now I painted it with chalk paint and did you know, chalk paint comes in a spray
can? Made this job so easy! You just want to make sure that you use painters tape
and you wrap up the socket really well. You don’t want to get any paint in there.
After it dried, I realized you know, there is a beautiful bronze color under it so
I took some sandpaper and I just sanded the edges and all around the lamp just a
little bit to give it a distressed look and then I just sprayed a coat of clear
matte acrylic and for like, oh my goodness, probably fifteen dollars, I got
a great lamp makeover! So don’t rethink about a lamp when
you’re looking at it, is it worth throwing away or can I give it a
makeover because there was another lamp that I did and it was a really really
brass I know brass was kind of coming back in style
but this one was a really loud brass and I used Rust-oleum oil rubbed bronze and
spray-painted the base of that one, replaced the lampshade and I was done!
So I want to share with you the one thing that I can’t live without. I am a
lamp person and I have lamps in every room. They create ambiance they make me
happy, who they don’t make happy is my husband when it’s time to come to bed
because he says it takes him 15 minutes to run around the whole house and turn
the lights off. So what we found was this lamp remote. It comes with five of these
plugs you plug in each lamp and check this out,
it turns the lamps off! You can even program it to have each little lamp turn
off. So who knew it would be a marriage saver. I will put the link below to this
awesome gadget. So I hope you enjoyed this video, be sure to subscribe to my
channel because we’ll have another video out next week. I hope you have a
wonderful day!

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