5 Tuscan Home Décor with Old European Beauty

5 Tuscan Home Décor with Old European Beauty

Tuscan Home Décor with Old European Beauty Inspired by the Old Italian style, Tuscan
home décor really have unique atmosphere which you could not get from other style. Fill your house with this decoration if you
want to get the old European charm which very elegant and dramatic. Even if it is old, but it does not mean the
style is outdated since Tuscan style really aged, meaning, it will be loved long time. You can also try to blend the style with your
modern lifestyle to get the most of both worlds. Here we will give you several items that could
be used to furnish your house with the beautiful style. Things to Consider When Using Tuscan Home
Décor 5. Color scheme.
For the color of this Old Italian style, you need to use earth tone which is very neutral
as well as sun baked tones. Usually the pallet of Tuscan style is consisted
of basic colors such as beige, stone color, cream, and brown. For more colorful hues, you can add other
colors such as gold, yellow golden, russet, terracotta, brick color, and sienna. Another natural color such as green usually
used in muted tone so you can use colors such as like olive, pear, cypress, dark green,
sage and loden or you can try richer color such as turquoise and deep blue color. 4. Furniture. For the Tuscan home décor furniture, you need to choose one that made from natural
material such as wood or stone and a little combination of metal. The metal need to have distressed look to
match the earthy tone of the wooden material thus you also need to choose metal finish
which suitable with the color scheme that we have already mentioned. You can also combine metal material with stone
or wooden countertop. Make sure the material is highly stylish since
that what makes the Tuscan furniture more beautiful and avoid using sleek design which
is too modern. 3.Metal detail. As we already mentioned , metal material can really be used in Tuscan home décor, but you need
to choose one that has distressed look. Another way that you can incorporate this
material besides using it as furniture is by using metal decoration such as wrought
iron, wall grilles, wall clock, and many others. You can also use the material as decoration
detail on the hardware around your house such as hooks, racks, holders, and many others. Just be sure that finishing should not be
too modern to add rustic look to your Tuscan decoration. 2. Art. For the art, you can use canvas painting with natural scene or other old world painting. But if you want to have more authentic art,
then you must try to have mural in your house such as Tuscan village mural in your dining
room. Of course, it might be difficult to have
by everyone since you need to use the help from professional artist to paint it for you. But if you want easier art to apply then you
can always use tapestry which you can put everywhere around the house even your bathroom. Of course, the art should be suitable for
Tuscan home décor. 1.Outdoor décor. Do not forget that you also need to design your outdoor area with Tuscan home décor
to match with your interior area. You also need to use natural material such
as stone, wood, and metal. For the patio furniture try to use one made
from metal or wicker which weather resistant so you can use it longer. For the planter try to use stone or terracotta
planters which suitable for Tuscan style then add ironwork detail all around the patio for
decoration. Tips in Using Tuscan Style for your Home Theme. When you want to use Tuscan style for your house, you need to think about natural things
so it would be easier for you to choose all items you want to use. The atmosphere should be warm and welcoming;
this is why Tuscan style uses a lot of earth tone such as gold, cream, and brown. But you can still use ceramic and tiles if
you want as embellishment to finish the look. Having wall grille all around the house is
also pretty normal for this style so you can use it everywhere. If you want have splash of colors on your
Tuscan home décor , then you can use bold color from flowers, fruits and even vegetable. Try to use color such as red poppies, red
cherry or sunflower gold since they can give burst of color to your design but still suitable
with the Tuscan theme which is very natural. Add beautiful detail in all items such as
craft, mold, and many others that also become signature of this style. Be very careful when you want to combine it
with modern pieces since you do not want to overpower it. That’s it for today house, design, and décor
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  1. Beautiful…..love the architecture and colors that create classic elegance. So warm and welcoming, you feel like your always on vacation!

  2. That opening picture of the kitchen… i mean seriously? is that even possible for the common man to afford or recreate? Please show some blue-collar worker type tuscan design… without that, you leave us with envy and coveting.

  3. Please get someone to narrate this in proper English!!! It’s talking about Tuscan style and I’m hearing Asian!!!

  4. Questo e fatto per chi a soldi tanti soldi..oer quelli che non hanno pagato le tasse hahsha. e poi…tutto e troppo grande. …troppo esagerato…..non vale un bel cottage……di altri paesi…..no…non mi piace…o allora magari per farne albergi….

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