5 Way COOL, Dirt CHEAP DIY Valentines Decor Ideas!

5 Way COOL, Dirt CHEAP DIY Valentines Decor Ideas!

Coming up on this episode of designed to
the nines… if you’re looking for some budget-friendly Valentine DIY decor then
you’re gonna want to stay tuned! Welcome to designed to the nines, I’m NataLee
Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting welcome to my channel
today I have got five way-cool dirt cheap DIY Valentine’s decor items for
you and I am so excited about it because I am participating in a collaboration
with other talented DIY youtubers bringing you Valentine’s decor
inspiration if you stick with me to the very end I can promise you three things
the first is if I’m saving my favorite DIY for the last… number two I’m gonna
give you something for free and number three I’m gonna pass you along to
another amazing and talented DIY youtuber or more Valentine’s inspiration
so let’s get started my first DIY we are going to make something awesome I picked
up this 18 inch wood round from Home Depot and I actually ordered it off of
HomeDepot.com if you haven’t done that yet I highly recommend it because if
you’re like me I kind of get lost in Home Depot and I send up spending way
too much time there so this time I didn’t want to do that I ordered this as
well as a couple other things and somebody else did the shopping for me
and when it was ready I just ran in there I was in and out in under a minute
it was awesome it was like six dollars and so very affordable and all we’re
gonna do is take some of this folk art metallic pure gold and we’re gonna paint
it on the edge I do two coats of gold paint on the edge and then I do two
coats of chalk paint on the main body in ballet slipper pink now we’re going to
go ahead and cut a stencil on my Cricut machine that says love in the scripty
font now for those of you who don’t have a Cricut machine hang on with me I have
a solution for you but for those of you making a stencil go into Cricut design
studio and type in the word love I’m using the font called nocturnal I got it
off of dafont.com you need to tighten up the spacing I ended up not liking the
space still so I made three copies and
manually spaced it how I like then attached them together in the end love
was about ten inches tall by 15 and a half inches wide I am cutting it on the
stencil vinyl but you could use any removable vinyl hit make it then cut out
your stencil ad transfer tape and apply it to your wood round I do a quick coat
of pink first so if any bleeding happens it’s the original color then two coats
of gold paint after it dries peel back the stencil and
do any necessary touch-ups now for those of you who don’t have a vinyl cutting
machine so here’s how you’re going to get the job done you’re gonna print out
your scripty font that you like print it out onto a piece of paper then you’re
gonna take some of this graphite paper I’ll put a link for it below and then
you’re going to put your scripty font that you’ve printed out on top of it and
then you’re gonna trace it out and that’s gonna transfer the image onto the
wood and then you’re just gonna fill in with paint and it will get you a similar
look now the reason why I’m using a Cricut is it’s just a little bit cleaner
look a little bit faster and a little bit easier to do how cute is this sign?!!!
I am so in love with it! it turned out every bit as good as I had hoped. our wood
round was about $6.50 (US) including tax and then I’ll call it about another $2.50 for
stencil and paint supplies so we’re into this about $9 and it’s worth every penny
and we have something available to us on the back so if you do this project hang
on to it because I have a plan so stay tuned for that the only thing is kind of
bothering me is this little knot kind of raised up when I painted it it kind of
got wet and so it increased in size but nothing’s perfect I’m not perfect it’s
not perfect that makes it all the more adorable! DIY number two we are going to
be making a rose ball topiary on a crystal stand faux crystal… it’s glass.
I picked up this from the Dollar Tree it actually matches this base now I made
this beautiful peony arrangement in an episode last year it is a knockoff of a
Pottery Barn and since then I actually tucked in a few
other flowers and some roses and everything I kind of like it because it
just adds even that much more dimension but it was all peonies at first this is
going to be kind of a permanent fixture in my studio slash craft room here and
most likely we’ll be finding a new home behind me we’re going to be doing an
extreme makeover on my craft room here in a couple of weeks so while my next
DIY or making for Valentine’s Day I am pretty sure it’s gonna have a permanent
fixture somewhere and that’s all I’m gonna tell you for now because you need
to stay tuned to see what I’m doing and all of these pink roses are from the
Dollar Tree and normally they have foam balls at Dollar Tree I couldn’t find any
this time so this one I actually picked up at Walmart and all we’re gonna do is
glue this right to the base here and that’s going to be our foundation then
all we’re gonna do is cut off these pink roses and poke them into the ball and it
is really that simple this is probably the easiest of all of them to put
together it was super simple and I have about four bunches of roses in it and
then of course we’ve got the foam and the little glass pedestal so we are into
this maybe seven dollars I think this would look really great as a wedding
centerpiece but it’s gonna look so cute as our Valentine decor look how cute it
pairs up with this beautiful arrangement here I just love this and you would
never believe that almost all of the items are from the Dollar Tree DIY number three we are going to be making a sign that says 14 on it for February
14th I just like the idea of that and I have this canvas panel that I picked up
at Walmart for 497 it says canvas but as we learned in my last episode it is
actually all wood we are you flipping it over once again and we’re gonna paint
the inside of it white and then we’re going to paint the outside of it black
and it’s because it’s going to coordinate with another piece that we’re
doing later and once we have that painted I’m gonna go ahead and use my
Cricut machine again to cut out the number 14 in this beautiful glittery paper you can use whatever color you want I think I’m gonna use
this corally pink because it’s going to coordinate with some other stuff so this
sign was really easy to put together and so cute and the reason I ended up using
just glue dots is basic because I feel like I can just peel this off and do
something different for a different holiday really simply especially since I
just used glitter paper now I have about $6 or$ 6.50 into this the the frame was $4.97
then they’ve got a little bit in paint and supplies and my glitter paper but
really easy to do very Valentine-y and very versatile so I’m loving this DIY number four is the red burlap wreath with nine lives who knew when I made
this little red burlap wreath I didn’t even know I liked it, first off… and I
ended up really loving this little red wreath so cute for the fourth of July
but I got a lot of suggestions that I needed to do it for Christmas and then I
got some suggestions that I needed to do one for Valentine’s Day so if you have
another suggestion, leave it in the comment section below because apparently this is
one versatile little wreath and we are going to be doing it for Valentine’s Day
I will link the red burlap wreath tutorial below so if you haven’t made
one before then you can go watch that video and see how I made this in the
first place you could get away with like a fat quarter I just went and had them
cut this on the cutting table at Joanne’s and all we’re gonna do is cut
this length away so it’s about six inches wide and I’m gonna sew mine
together so it’s one big long sash and then I’m gonna finish the edges by
sewing it as well if you don’t sew and you don’t have a sewing machine you
could just use some hem tape that you just use an iron and it kind of glues it
together so that is a really good option so let’s go ahead and put on the bow
this was super easy to make it only took a couple of minutes if you
sew… it’s just a breeze to do and I like the look of a fabric bow I just fold it
in half and then we’re just gonna tie it on like just in a regular bow
nothing super hard and I just kind of tuck it in
to the folds of the fabric from the burlap wreath already just a little
finishing touches make sure that it’s how we want it and so again the burlap
wreath I’ve used it for three holidays now it was like five or six dollars to
make this burlap wreath to begin with and then this bow was only maybe a
dollar two… so festive… so cute… I’m loving this ! last but certainly not least is my
favorite DIY I’ve made this DIY super easy for you because I’ve made this in a
16 by 20 inch dimension I went over to Staples and had it printed on a color
engineer print it is much cheaper to do it this way do not do it as a poster
because it will cost you significantly more and it was two dollars and 97 cents
so I had this frame just kind of hanging out in my house and you could go pick
one up at the goodwill a thrift store or anything I am removing the glass from
mine just because I don’t want the sheen of it on there all you would really need
to do is throw this in a frame call it a day and be done so that’s how easy this
DIY could be but I went ahead and freshened up my frame with some black
chalk paint and then lightly distressed it. as for the print
I tried Mod Podge-ing mine too the cardboard backing and it was a total and
epic fail!! I decided to just use spray adhesive instead which worked great and
it was completely smooth in the end I love this I love this so much it is so
cute and Valentine-y! if you have a black frame or if you have a frame that you
like just throw it in the frame and you are done and it was 2 dollars and 97
cents for the print I already had the frame so that was free to me so this was
like a three dollar project for me and again you could switch this out by the
season so stay tuned and now that I have this done it’s kind of a toss-up between
this I love you sign and the love sign which is my favorite I love everything
that I did today but those two signs are probably my favorite so if you want to
make this project too and you want the free printable
I have linked it in my description box below there’s a lot of information in
the description box so make sure you don’t miss out and that’s my little gift
to you now that you’ve watched my episode I put a very special link in my
description box below of another really amazing youtuber she’s a good friend of
mine so go check out her episode if you want more Valentine’s inspiration and in
the meantime here’s another episode that I think you’re really gonna like so
check that out as well and we will see you again here soon on Monday I’ve got
another awesome Valentine’s Day tutorial for you you’re not gonna want to miss

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