Homemade buttercream tends to have a yellow tint to it So to get perfect, bakery standard white frosting or buttercream All you have to do is add a tiny amount of purple food colouring gel Add a little bit at a time until you are left with perfectly white buttercream. Heres a trio of hacks for handling thin layers of delicate cake The first is the flip. A cake will have a very naturally flat bottom. So trying to turn cakes upside down can be difficult. Do it between two plates or two boards. Transferring thin delicate slices of cake from one to another is difficult if you got a fish slice or just your fingers. Instead grab yourself something large and flat. A baking tray could work if it is completely flat without a lip. However, this is a cake lifter. Could have appeared in yesterday’s Cake Gadgets, but its one of the basic ones that you really should have. Instead you can slide it inside of your thin levels and you can transport it from one side of the kitchen Complete the twirl without any risk of it crumbling. (Laughter in the background) I don’t know why I twirled. I would also say something that is really handy to have if you decorate cakes regularly is a turntable. You can get a much more level and even icing between those three layers if you have one. And it’s the sides and the final top where the turntable comes into it’s own. Keep the spatula still and turn the table. Now these are quite basic hacks to get you started, ones we’ve covered before. But once you’ve got a cake, now we can decorate it. If you’re concerned that the icing on your cake looks a bit, well… shoddy Then just blitz up some biscuits in a food processor to a crumb and then throw them on top of the cake And voila, doesn’t it look great. Voila! Now we’ve used an oaty biscuit for this example, but just imagine all of the possibilities of the biscuits that you could crumb up Oreos, Bourbon biscuits, I dunno… (Rich tea) Rich tea, Digestives, Ginger Nuts, so many flavours of biscuits, coconut biscuits. You know, try Jaffa cakes or a Jammy Dodger, I don’t know, it would be a bit jammy but it’s extra flavours to add to it. The possibilities are only as endless as your imagination is to the biscuits that you crumb up to put on it Stuff it, blitz up a sandwich, chuck that on there Bacon, brown sauce Twix, I dunno (laughter) Water, now water blitzed up and crumbed round there, brilliant! Now if piping or decorative art work on top of your cake isn’t your strong point Then what you need is to pop round your Nan’s house or Ben’s and steal a doily. You wanna place that on top of your icing Then you wanna sieve over some coco powder or we’re going for matcha powder Now we’re going to get rid of the excess so what we’re gonna do now is to go to Amazon and buy Sorted’s original book and use this as a wafting device. Or just blow (coughs) We peel it back And… Voila! And if you can’t get hold of a doily then you can just make one yourself like you did as a kid when you made those snowflake-y things Here’s a stonking one for you. If you love a marshmallow frosting but can’t be bothered to make a proper one When your cakes are pretty much cooked all the way through And you know that because they stop sort of making a noise as they’re cooking Just pull them out of the oven, pop some marshmallows into the middle of each one And back into the oven for another couple of minutes Instant marshmallow frosting And after a couple of minutes in the oven, they’re nice, they’re gooey, they have a lovely chewy texture And you’ve got marshmallow frosting Now a notoriously difficult ingredient to work with with baking is brown sugar Especially dark brown sugar or soft light brown sugar It will clump if you keep it for too long Ways to prevent that Put marshmallows or a slice of bread into the pot with the brown sugar and it will stop it clumping If it has clumped however, this is your hack Place it on a plate Cover it with a couple of sheets of kitchen paper slightly dampened And put it into the microwave for 20 seconds That will get rid of the lumps and will give you soft brown sugar once again Plus, that sugar is slightly warm, it makes the beating into butter even easier And there we go, a hand full of helpful hacks And if you have any other cake related ones, then please do comment down below! Now I’m sure every single one of you watching this video has already subscribed to the channel And turned on the bell *ting* To get notified when we upload a new video If you haven’t then make sure you come back on Friday It’s our Now Cook It series and we’re cooking up a very berry brownie Which is delicious. You can find the links to everything about that course down below Go and sign up because it will help you help your food game And on Sunday, time for a Big Night In people Ah And I’ve just sent you an email the pressure is on. Invite – you are invited, gentleman’s afternoon tea With a dress code?! Yes of course Mate I’m competing for a brownie point here Shirt, jacket, no jeans That sounds posh Oh it does, doesn’t it Let’s get baking. Better be good! Click on the left if you missed our last video Or click on the right video for one of our favourites

70 thoughts on “6 LIFE CHANGING Cake Hacks!

  1. a slice of apple in with your brown sugar keeps it soft !!! And it doesn't make the sugar taste like the apple ! 🙂

  2. Do not put bread or marshmallows in your sugar! Now you can't cook for someone with a wheat allergy or a vegetarian or vegan. It's making me anxious just the thought of people doing it!

  3. Hack 3: add cookie crumbs. flash forward to the Harry & Meghan wedding cake where y'all say it looks like a sandcastle

  4. hack 2 is not really a hack..it's just products that you need to have in order to make things easier when baking… 🙁 not a hack,sorry

  5. Yes a little bit of purple in the frosting makes it white but do you know the science behind why a touch of purple makes it white? Any artests that know their color wheel out there?

  6. Some great hacks, especially the marshmallow! Soy Boy Barry, Paddypan Mike and Jamie the Pooh always make Ben look just a bit more like Mr Bean every Video…..LMFAO. Nice twirl Been🤔

  7. Dude how is that a hack if I have to buy a thing SPECIFICALLY made to do it? =_=' by that logic a food processor is a food hack

  8. I love the twirl and I would crumb up peanut butter cookies/biscuits (because I love peanut butter). And I would find some way to add chocolate to the cake.

  9. I've been making cakes for 6+ years as a business and have never heard a cake make any noise?????
    The white icing hack on the other hand is a life changer definitely giving that a go.

  10. 2:19 Or ya know, just put coconut flakes on there. It's pretty, it's white and looks formal as hell and ready for you to put strawberries and chocolate curls onto or whatever ya wanna do. You're welcome lol

  11. Place one of the little white silicon packets that come with packages in with your brown sugar. They're safe and will stop the sugar from clumping. You can actually buy them new online if you don't want to use used ones.

  12. For brown sugar, disposable 2 way humidity pouches will also keep it in good shape. You may be familiar with these if you are a fan of cigars. Boveda makes these and they can be bought on amazon. Obviously don't ever use the same pouch that you used to keep cigars fresh for food stuff, but otherwise they work great and this is even recommended on their website.

  13. I'll experiment with making purple by mixing red and blue. I already own red and blue. If it works, no need to buy purple specially.

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  15. Jaffa cakes are not a biscuit. They are a cake because they go hard when stale and not soft like a biscuit would.

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