6 Tips for Faster Woodworking | Olive Slab Table Build

6 Tips for Faster Woodworking | Olive Slab Table Build

30 thoughts on “6 Tips for Faster Woodworking | Olive Slab Table Build

  1. As a professional perpetual procrastinator I am against speeding things. But I do like the metal heating and waxing tip.

  2. Great project my friend. I am wondering can the Bondo take any color dyes from System Three or is it limited because of the Bondo.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. So now I’m curious… I had heard bondo was too rigid to allow for wood movement. Is that not the case? I guess maybe the same question goes for epoxy.

  4. Great tip on the bondo! I always hate working with epoxy because it basically means that is the last thing I can do for the night (which is when I get to work, at night when everyone else is asleep in the house) I'll have to try the bondo next time I need to fill some voids so I can get to sanding (the favourite part of everyone's build) more quickly!

  5. Too bad I watched Bruce's video first, I was waiting for the…er…error measurement. LOL Love this table build, and that olive wood is…nnyyyccceeeeeeee

  6. Were also making VIDEOS on Woodworking.
    Your Technology is great. Far far away from our tools and machine. 🙂 😀 😀
    Our men are working with Limited tools, only by maximizing their use. 🙂

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