7 Simple Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home’s Exterior

7 Simple Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home’s Exterior

So you want to update your exterior, but don’t
have the budget for a full makeover? Here are some easy and affordable ideas to boost
your home’s curb appeal. Start by hiding the unsightly things around
your house…like the hose. Hanging it up is a simple way to make it more accessible
and attractive. Fixed features, like an air conditioning unit,
don’t have to stick out like a sore thumb. Hide them by building a basic screen with
a few pieces of lumber; it’s easy to tailor the height, the width and the look. For an even faster fix use premade panels
of fencing to create a screen you can just set in place. If you ever change your mind,
this project is even removable…which is great for renters! Now let’s move on to the front of your home.
Showcase your windows – with shutters! They’re surprisingly easy and affordable to build
– these are just basic boards joined together and hung on the house.
Whether you build them from scratch or buy them premade, shutters provide a real ‘finished’
feel,.. with styles to suit any home. Want another way to wake up your windows?
Add some extra trim to really complete their look. Trim out a pair, or more…. to provide
more ‘presence’. Trim isn’t just for windows either…you
can also add trim to your door. Bulk it up or add embellishments to really make it pop. Next is a surprisingly dramatic improvement….stone
veneer. Easily added to columns, posts, foundations or stairs… stone veener isn’t just for
the pros anymore. Specially designed panels are easy to mount with screws or adhesive,
bringing the high-end look of stone to any DIYer. Almost any home looks more welcoming with
window boxes filled with flowers. You can keep them simple or make them more decorative,
and you can build your own or buy them premade. 2nd pickup While you’re into improving, don’t forget
to give a little love to your garage…think of your basic door as a blank canvas. Try
painting a pattern, adding some hardware, or using a kit to create the look of carriage
windows. They’re all easy ideas that are much less expensive than a whole new door. Any of these ideas is going to make a big
difference when it comes to improving your home’s exterior…so try one or try them
all, and take your home from a basic before, to an awesome after. Want more great idea’s and how-tos? Just
click to subscribe. Next up, tackle your backyard with these easy projects.

30 thoughts on “7 Simple Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home’s Exterior

  1. LOLOL. A lot of great ideas, but no way you're doing these projects at the prices they are displaying. First of all, it's assuming you have the tools and skills to do these projects. That cost alone easily doubles or even triples the cost. Next, many of these projects require the approval of the HOA if you live in a coveted community. Slapping up shutters and refacing your front stairs without prior approval could turn into a very expensive endeavor. This reminds me of those home improvement show on DIY network where they quote these obscenely low estimated improvement costs which never include the labor and/ or consultation fees from the renown interior decorator.

  2. Funny how American houses are all about fake stuff. Fake stones, fake shades, fake carriage windows… Probably a good metaphor.

  3. Anyone else hear the high pitch in the narrator's "S" sounds? I can't watch too many videos with the volume on.

  4. My husband hates when i watch videos like this. Makes him more work around the house! I love the stone on the front of the steps….. now where did he get to…

  5. Why can't you just simply paint your house it is cheaper than stone,shuters, hardware, Window boxes, and trim.
    Also you said "don't forget to give a little love to your garage " you for got the MAIL BOX!!!

  6. As an HVAC/R technician a would not advise enclosing your air conditioning condensing unit. That's a piece of really bad advice.

  7. Excuse my comment, but this is typical American. Make it look like something it's not. I like the updates, just use better quality from the start and it will last much longer…

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