7 tips for using your yarn stash as home decor

7 tips for using your yarn stash as home decor

Hi! I’m Tuula and today I’m going to show you
some ideas of how you can use your yarn stash as part of your home decor.
The first one is showing right behind me. I love to have my yarn cupboards and
shelves and what not in colors that I like otherwise, so this one is bright
pink with glass shelves. I also sew and above my yarn cupboard
you can see some my sewing thread, the way I have set that out .So, let’s take a
look! Here I have a large glass vase and here the important thing is that you see
what’s in it and I have chosen colors that I really
like. As you can see, it’s mainly pink, purple, lilac and this sits in the corner
of my living room. At times I take the top ones outside and shake them a bit
because of course they do get some dust on them. But I have never
found that to be a problem. Another very handy thing is using CD
shelves. You also get them very reasonable in
second-hand stores because people don’t have CDs anymore much and it’s high and
it takes very little space on the floor so you can put it into any kind of a
small corner and it will look nice and take up very little room. For carrying my
yarn or my projects from room to room I prefer to have a basket that’s
transparent because that way I see exactly where each wool is and I don’t
need to sort of move them about to find what I’m looking for.
Take a look at the yarn at the top. This and that there. I’ve got them from the
KnitCrate yarn subscription. It’s a monthly yarn club with lovely yarn. You
can check the address in my video description. And here’s another one. This
is really for children’s room and lots of people use
these as hangers for soft toys but it goes well with wool as well. Just you
need to be careful that you don’t put too much into it and also that wherever
you hang it that it can take the weight. I’m also using the top shelf of all my
filing things and craft magazines and things to keep some yarn in colorful
baskets. Here I have two baskets of all sorts of things I use for Christmas. They
are all glitter. And then the basket of leftovers of variegated yarn after
making socks. This is what I have on top of a large old living room unit. I have
many tiny balls of leftover yarn in a large glass jar and then also also lots of
crochet hooks in an old vase. It’s actually something my mother had already in the fifties. But this is also right in my living room. So, you have seen some of
my ideas and I’m sure you have plenty of your own. Please write them down in the
comments, I would love to hear more ideas. and if you haven’t subscribed to my
channel yet, please do! I keep making more knitting and crochet videos. But this is
all today, so bye bye!

18 thoughts on “7 tips for using your yarn stash as home decor

  1. Thank you awesome ideas…In the drawers of a recycled dresser is where I keep my yarn stash and tools

  2. OMGosh, Tuula, you have beautiful yarn storages! Thank you so much for sharing and welcoming us into your home to view your awesome ideas. I love the old vase you keep your crochet hooks in that was your mother's. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Great ideas! I just saw a video where someone glued and taped cardboard boxes together on their side to mimic open shelves. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Clever ideas for the stash and looking so pretty 😻 Why would anybody give thumbs down for it? I can't understand. 😕 Definitely not.
    nettie 🦉

  5. I enjoyed this! My stash is not organized or displayed, but I love your set up and i think I would like to try the vase idea. Thank you.

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