8 INSANE MACHINES That Will Blow Your Mind

8 INSANE MACHINES That Will Blow Your Mind

welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new
world of science fun and machines this video is so exciting so don’t miss
anything boatlift and vote trailer the process of
lifting heavy items such as boats is never as straightforward as it may seem
in recognition of this there have been several companies dedicated to this
particular service however these products are standing out above the
crowd for boat lifting and transportation these devices have earned
a reputation for effectiveness and durability with the ability to lift up
hundreds of tons of weight in addition to this these devices are
also capable of underwater function as a result of the sealed components as well
as its special painting preparation and it comes fully equipped with an
all-wheel drive there’s really nothing that these devices can lift and the
lifting process is made even easier with the use of a remote control to ensure
perfect operator visibility sno Crete if you have ever heard of fair
manufacturing incorporating you’d know that they have a hard-earned reputation
for quality devices acquired over more than five decades in the agricultural
and commercial industry snow crete appears to be the next product by this
company and as expected fully lives up to the standard of quality and
efficiency that it has been known for the snow crete was originally designed
as a device to remove snow from the road but as it proved to be so efficient at
the job it is now being marketed as a multipurpose snow removal in various
field to demonstrate the power of snow green the device has been shown to plow
through not just fresh compacts no like a hot knife cutting through butter
it’s replaceable chopper bar has been shown to work in parallel with shear
bolts to give you maximum efficiency all the time no matter the weather condition compact ultrasonic slicer the compact
ultrasonic slicer gives you a hand with cutting and slicing this easy-to-use
device was produced with one aim in mind to help you cut quicker cleaner and more
efficiently it comes equipped with a compact ultrasonic titanium cutting
blade that functions on a microscopic level vibrating to provide precision and
accomplishing the best cutting results it also has an optional new cleaning
unit provided with UVC light and takes care of cleaning and disinfection making
sure that this device is always hygienic and ready to use anywhere anytime
this programmable device is the brainchild of bacon Inc and has seen a
wide range of use in sectors such as bakery confectionery butchery and
catering with constant praise and efficiency noted in all areas which has
been put to the test effie the fe has gained worldwide
popularity for its ability to provide freshly laundered in iron clothing in
less than six minutes this device represents an answer to the
dream of most business personnel who require freshly pressed clothes
delivered quickly every day the fe makes use of a unique combination of heat and
steam to power through the drying and ironing more than twelve articles of
clothing in the blink of an eye with just the press of a button the fa can
tackle a wide variety of clothing options including shirts trousers
t-shirts blouses short dresses or pillowcases and delivers the same
freshly dried and folded outcomes every time this is made possible by a
proprietary pressing system which enables the fe to differentiate between
various items of clothing for specific pressing techniques for each items and
in combination with an intuitive companion app that helps any user get
the perfect fold every time quick cut green harvester as anyone who
has had to cut mescaline by hen can probably attest it’s not an easy job the
quick cut green harvester comes through as a lifesaver in this regard as it
provides a relatively affordable and above all easy to use and efficient
option to manual harvesting it is now possible to have mescal and
harvesting with few people in under an hour a market improvement over previous
efforts the quick cut green harvester represents the type of mechanical
intervention required in small scale micro farming in order to push the field
to even greater heights – rapid peeler we all want an easier and
less stressful way to peel fruits and vegetables and it seems like the
universe has finally heard our prayers the – rapid peeler comes equipped with a
variety of functions to make your fruit and vegetable peelings as painless as
possible the dash is fully automated with adjustable blade holder Heights
designed to handle a wide range of products no matter the size and no
matter how hot the shape this device which can also be used for cooking could
be yours at the very affordable price of $30 portable grass ever since humans have
made a successful transition from rural to urban life a thick layer of grass has
consistently ranked among the best ways to decorate a house for house owners who
neither have the right soil or the patience to grow plants portable grass
is the next solution this carpet grass has grown in greenhouses and transported
in roles or stacks to their intended destination where they are finally
unfurled fertilized and groomed in order to give you the perfect fluffy green
lawn you’ve always wanted bubble wall decoration at a time when
most wall decorations are cliche and uninspired the bubble wall decoration
comes through to shape the game the bubble wall makes use of a glowing wall
panel as a means to inspire and transform as it makes use of LED strips
and water bubbles to project a beautiful and highly unusual design aesthetic to
your home or office it is constructed and installed using a
simple set of tools such as a drill a hammer and a construction stapler and to
install it to achieve a more impressive effect a black fabric is attached to the
wall the panel itself is made of plastic so it is easy to install even alone
water is poured in LED strips are attached to the edges of the panel’s
their light is reflected by the bubbles making the whole wall of this to be
glowing LED strips can glow with different colors changing the atmosphere
of the room interestingly experts can use these panels to create internal
partitions in any room as well which invention or machine did you find
most impressive let me know in the comments section below if you are new
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take care

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  1. I loved every single invention. I always watch your videos with great interest but this is the first time I left a comment.

  2. like grass that can be rolled out is new? we got a lawn installed about 20 years ago with that "technology" the micro cutting tool was the best!

  3. "as anyone who has had to cut mescaline by hand can probably attest," quote from 5:45 yep i bet that lil harvester would speed up operations on a drug farm. wtf writers of this script? scratch that. this entire channel has stupid stuff in their scripts. gundams are not power rangers. lol

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