A 4BHK Home Filled With Happiness! | Livspace Interior Design in Bangalore

A 4BHK Home Filled With Happiness! | Livspace Interior Design in Bangalore

Home to us is a place where we can be ourselves. And do anything which is not normal in the world, and may be very normal and very close to my heart. To my family’s heart. So, yeah, that’s what home is to me. So this house belongs to 3 people – a family of 3, my husband Sumit, me, I’m Kanchan, and – hi, I’m Kenisha. We wanted a neat house. So when you come in you feel that it’s a very pleasant house. So, yeah that’s how we had explained. When we were designing this one we were totally
looking for something where the ideas will not be stolen, where we say that ok, let’s
pick up something which we saw in Venice, or in New York, not like that. Something which we thought ok, I feel very comfortable with it and let’s go ahead and design something around me. Around us. So home is us, to us. We thought about the guest bedroom first. We need lots of storage space in terms of
clothes. You have your winter clothes, you have your office wear, you have your Western outfits and those have to be categorized. All that needs to be stored somewhere and which we generally do it in the guest bedrooms cupboards where you don’t have to go everyday. We needed additional storage for our parents
whenever they come in, and they live with us. They need total empty cupboards so that they can keep their stuff there. And we got the additional cupboard made especially for them. We focused a lot on making a partition created between our wardrobe and the room. We saw various designs over there and finally we finalized on one jaali design suggested by Himani. We liked it on the first go. Our master bedroom, we wanted to keep it very spacious. In the bedroom area, we have just kept a chest of drawers and our all the cupboards are kept in a separate area. So the room looks very big, very spacious. Kenisha likes to play a lot. Like any other kid, she has closets full of
toys, lots and lots of games and she also likes to read. So she has lots and lots of books. We had told her that we need lots and lots
of storage space. You know, as the kid grows they like to keep the memories with them, and they don’t want to throw anything out. So we wanted to have lots of storage space but it should not look as if it’s filled up with storage. So that is done very nicely. Another requirement for us was, a special
requirement was to have a very good kitchen. We don’t cook a lot, but whenever we cook we are very much together. So we needed that space. So we created that extra space of a breakfast counter. So if one person is cooking, the rest two
can sit and talk and can enjoy there. And it’s an open kitchen so we wanted to keep it very squeaky clean. So, the design did proper justice to that. We wanted a big unit for the TV right, so
we kept very simple storage for that which doesn’t have handles, so that was very smartly done, so that nothing is very visible and is coming out in front. Everything looks very subtle. When I got to know that we have an opportunity to create a library in the house I was very excited. The kind of books we had, we really wanted
to utilize that well. But with that we also wanted to utilize the
space for, as a guest room. Another seating area or seating joint where we can have some family time. We can watch TV, and finally decided on an entertainment unit altogether where we can have TV, as well as the books, good seating space as well as a empty space where we can sit down on the floor and do some arts and
crafts. The hall looks very nice, because of beautiful lights, so we wanted to focus a lot on lighting and nice wallpaper. And that was done very beautifully by Livspace. In the balcony, where you know, balcony is
an area you want, it’s a highlight of this house, it’s a big area, we wanted to have
it clean, beautiful, and she also suggested that there will be one area where you can
store some garbage. You know, it can be your dumpyard. She has hidden that part also very well. We went to Livspace after meeting a few other designers. And they all had come up with a similar kind of promises, similar kind of work which they had done earlier. We had gone through all that. And somewhere what we found different in Livspace was the dedication of the designer. The designer was allocated to us from the very beginning, the time we reached out to them for the first time. We liked that, we liked that a lot. Very honestly the designer has been, lived
up to the expectations that we had. Once we told her that what we like, what is our expectation from the house, she could understand it very well. Once the house was done and handed over to us, it was beautiful. And all I can say is that it was so beautifully created that everyday when I enter the house, it looks more beautiful. So, the concept which we had in our mind that it should look like a home, it should look a place for us. That was actually done well. I’m very happy with Livspace. Need more interior design inspiration? Subscribe to our channel for new home tours, design ideas and more, every week!

19 thoughts on “A 4BHK Home Filled With Happiness! | Livspace Interior Design in Bangalore

  1. I wish i wud have found u guys a year n half back..am so disappointed with what we got wid our "interior designers" ..
    U guys do a pretty amazing job..kudos.. lively,vibrant and cozy

  2. No offense but the house feels very incoherent. Like every camera angle is a different style. I've seen this property personally and it's absolutely stunning. Having said that, ultimately the only thing that matters is how happy it makes the people who live in.

  3. interior designing in India is equivalent to carpentry which is so disappointing. When u design a house it's also about how you decorate it which is pretty much like icing on the cake. It's not just cupboards/ wardrobes. It's about creating a warm cozy space that transforms a house to home. Interior decorators need to seriously up their game and leave these styles in the 90s where it belongs. There are definitely beautiful pieces in the house but it's somewhat incomplete.

  4. I like the openness of the property and the uncluttered and clean design. It makes the apartment look big and spacious.

  5. In my point of view all the credits should be goes for the Designer and Installation team..The Furniture units placement was really good and the color combination of kitchen and all the unit was superb. The entire project looks like elegant and colorful.

  6. My living room and dinning room is exactly your home. I was thinking of what kind of sofa I should have and than I found your home video!!! My coffee table and dinning table is similar as yours!!! Empty space right in front of dinning room for crockery display I need and you have side board cabinet is very neat idea!!! Thank you for posting your home video. It’s a true inspiration for me. God bless. Aameen.

  7. Livspace is Joke , If you sign up with them , they will make your life miserable .Before completing work they will collect 100% of your amount ignore you , Then designers will not be bothered to address your queries ,

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