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When you come from our all-AC offices, client meeting, when you come back home, all you need is a house which is a part of you. And this house I can say is a part of me. Hi guys, I’m Puja, welcome to my house. This is Emaar Palm Terrace Select, I stay here. This house, when I got it made, I’ll give you a little background. So I’m working in corporate, for the last 18 years in a multi-national
organization but inside I’m a very creative person. So when we bought this house I wanted
the house to reflect a little bit about my personality. My mother and I live together
so obviously my mother’s personality too. We reached out to Livspace, they helped us
design this house, which is exactly what we need. You know, it’s a reflection of us there.
There’s a lot of space, there’s a lot of storage, and you know if you look at the house it just has that warmth that we wanted. It has that minimalistic look, still welcoming and people
feel warm when they come inside. And that’s what we wanted. Hi guys! Standing in a Livspace-designed home in Palm Terrace Select. I’m Sakshi Sharma, the designer for this apartment. Furnishings and decor also play an important role when you
talk about interiors of an apartment. For these two things also we did extensive study in the markets and we searched online. So regarding the master bedroom, it was more on rustic and very natural lines. We never wanted something which was, which looked made-up. So that’s why we chose brick finish, because it’s something very close to nature. Another important room in the apartment is the mother’s room and like any parent has, they have, you know loads of storage as much as possible. So I provided her with slider wardrobe because there was some restriction to the movement of spaces so instead of giving a shutter wardrobe, we gave a slider wardrobe. And she was very particular about the kind of decor that she wanted. And she wanted something very floral, very nice and happy-go-lucky and hence so the wallpaper it was decided as per. And she’s a religious person as well, hence so the mandir was an important element. We were designing the living room, we thought about why not put a stone texture to the wall. Which obviously we cannot do it as the stones are pretty expensive so we just thought of replicating one stone wall in the apartment. So it was a pretty experimental task that we were trying to fix it but yeah, it came
up really nice. And hence the colour tones used, the peaches, the greys, the off-whites,
the mint greens, it just blends over the entire apartment so nicely. So the same concept was carried over to the lounge area where we are sitting right now and the wall that I mentioned is just right behind me. So you can see the effect that just came out. And again, the
lounge is a very small, chilled out compartment where she is going to just relax with her
friends, with families over. While designing the kitchen, instead of giving
handles I provided them with profile handles. They are sleek and easy to use when you are
walking also from one space to the other, they don’t hit you anywhere. We’ve used membrane, it has a nice sleeker finish as compared to you go for any other finishes. And I feel
another highlight of the kitchen is the tiles. Focus was on the serenity, the calmness of the house that was needed to the client especially when she comes back from her corporate life. So, keeping that thing in mind, that’s how this space was designed. Need more interior design inspiration? Subscribe to our channel for new home tours, design ideas and more, every week!

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