A New Way Of Using Placemats You Never Knew About

A New Way Of Using Placemats You Never Knew About

– [Tresha] Hey guys,
welcome back to the channel, it’s Tresha and I’m excited
to share this Marketi plaque. I hope I’m saying that correctly. But, I found this on Z Gallerie’s website. It goes for $139.95. I was like, “Oh, no, it’s nice. “I would love to have but, yeah, “I think I’m a do this myself.” I wanted to show you guys
the steps that I took in case you’re looking
to make it yourself. Just keep watching. Your first step is to remove
the contents from the frame. Of course, I went to
Dollar Tree for my frame. I got a 8 x 10 picture frame. It has some depth to it, so, make sure you get the one
that is a little bit deeper than the other ones. You want to just remove the
tabs on the back side of it and just remove all of the contents, the cardboard, the sheet of paper that’s in
there as well as the glass. I wanted to share the
decorative place mats that I purchased. The first one was from At Home. That is an actual store, for the ones that are
not familiar with that. As well as, this one came from Walmart. I believe it was only 98 cents. You can get any decorative
place mats of your choosing for this project. What you want to do is flip it over and then take the sheet
that came in the frame and place it on top. Just get a pen or marker and
trace an outline of the sheet. Next, take your scissors
and just cut out the outline that you just made. In order to create our base, we will need to glue two blocks together. I purchased a small and
large block from Michael’s. The small block is five
inches by five inches. The large block is 6.5 x 6.5 inches. All you need to do is
center the small block on top of the larger
one and draw an outline. After you do that, you’re going to flip over the smaller block and
proceed to put glue on there. And guess what glue that I’m using? Of course, Rapid Fuse wood adhesive because it’s quick, it dries in 30 seconds and it cures in 30 minutes. You can’t beat it, guys. You gotta try it. Don’t knock it until you try it. After you put the glue on the back of it just flip it over and place it exactly where you have the outline. After the glue has dried,
you want to sand the edges. I know sometimes when
you purchase these blocks it has a rough edge. You don’t want that because you’ll see it once you start painting. After you’ve done that, we
are going to spray paint. You’re gonna take it outside
to a well-ventilated area and you can spray paint it
following the instructions on the back of the can. Paint it the color of your choice. I am going to use white as
well as black for this project. Next, you want to add the
contents back into the frame. First, you want to
place the glass in there followed by the place
mat that you just cut and then the backing that comes with it. You don’t have to put the backing on it if you decide not to and
just want it see-through. You just use your hot glue gun. So, hot glue the glass to the frame and then hot glue the
place mat to the glass. That’s what it should look like. The last step is to glue
the frame and base together. All you need to do is just
put a bead of hot glue on the top of the base
and place the frame on top and press down. And you’re finished. This was a very easy project to do. It took less than two
hours and it was only because I had to wait
for the paint to dry. I believe this could be a functional item. You can use it to put your
sticky notes on there, put photos of your family
or your significant other. If you’re thinking like,
“Where in the world “am I gonna put this item?” You can put it on your desk
at home or in the office. You can put it on your nightstand, your dresser, in the living room. You know, side tables
or something like that. Guys, the possibilities are endless. This is very customizable. I hope that you guys enjoyed
the project as much as I did. I would love to hear from you. What are some tips that
you would have done to enhance this project or other projects that may work with the materials? I would love to hear what you have to say. Just drop it in the comment section below. Thanks, guys, for watching. Let’s connect on Instagram. I’m @DesignsByTresha. I would love to see your DIY projects so make sure you tag me. Also, check out my other videos. I think you’ll like it.

100 thoughts on “A New Way Of Using Placemats You Never Knew About

  1. Hi Guys! I want to say how AMAZED I am of all of the wonderful ideas you have shared. If you are interesting in making this project, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking out the ideas mentioned below. I wish I had used these when I first started the project. This is truly a testament of how great of a community we have. XOXO

  2. Like what you came up with as a idea to replicate that expensive one in store.
    I was thinking it might be nice with a mirror behind it as another take on that idea.
    Thanks for the fun ideas you come up with.

  3. Beautiful!!! You inspired me to make one. I used a precut mat for the backer board and illuminated it from behind with battery operated pillar candles on stands, you could probably also use fairy lights.

  4. I am thinking I will make a variation on this. I have a window which has no privacy but I do not want to cover it
    with curtains or blinds. So I am going to get some of the placemats and make a frame that I can attach to my window so that light can come in, and I can see out but people passing cannot easily see in.
    Thanks for the idea.

  5. This is a beautiful easy diy, The only thing I might add is buying two of the same size picture frame. I will use only the glass of the second frame to place it at the back of the placement mat to make it a see through but still looks finished

  6. Don't like it as a free standing art piece, but was thinking if I put glass on front and back, might like hanging framed mat in a window.Maybe colored film before putting on back glass. THANKS! Got my creative mind going!

  7. What an elegant way to create a dry erase marker to coordinate in the kitchen!
    I think I'm going to make it (my background under the placemat will be Hunter Green) and use chalk paint (antique white over hunter green again then light sanding to let the green peek through the white) to 'shabby' the frame then the glass can be the dry erase surface. Oh it's going to be perfect for grocery list on the fridge (I'll glue magnets to the back of the frame). Great inspiration, thank you!

  8. So many ideas here:) I was thinking of using the backside to spray a sort thin board with chalk paint and use that side for a dinner menu or note board, on the kitchen counter/breakfast nook.

  9. Love it,I would make an art project trace and paint then replace the flower print ….. 🔥 place center piece. Great job

  10. You could also leave off the glass and use it as a place to hang earrings by just hanging the hook earrings directly on it or by adhering hooks to the backing and having the hooks come thru the openings in the place mat would work also for necklaces on a vanity

  11. Really gorgeous. I think I would place a glass on the back side instead of the cardboard backing to see right through. Thanks for sharing. I love it!!!!

  12. I think it would be cool to buy two frames and instead of putting the backing back in use the glass from the second frame so you can see the placemat from both sides….😁

  13. I think it would be good to put thin cork board behind the placemat. Leave out the glass or purchase mirror instead of glass picture frame. One side could be decorative cork board other side a mirror.

  14. You my friend are genius!!! Love this project. Like you said, so customizable, easy, nice execution with a beautiful, artistic result.
    Well done lovie!!
    Envious from Las Vegas ♤♡◇♧

  15. I love it! I have these same exact mats on my glass dining table. I'm going to attempt to do this project and place it on my room divider between the dining room and the apartment entrance door. Hope I can find these mats again.

    By the way, I purchased my mats at Family Dollar.

  16. I'm sooooo happy I found your channel! I love to do things like this. You have sparked a ton of ideas for me! Thanks girl!

  17. Hi,
    Instead of spending time at Michael's, I'm not sure if you have lumber yards, or furniture factories, but here in N.C. we do. I go to them in their dump sites and get all the FREE scraps I need! The wood you was using is considered to be scraps. We also heat with that size wood in our wood heater. I really enjoy your diy videos, you get right to it! Keep up the good work!

  18. I love your ideas!!!!! I would have used glass on the back as well, then use an adhesive strip at the bottom to secure it to a table, ect so you could leave sticky notes to your loved ones, little ones for example. But it is amazing!

  19. Okay, I have been a woodworker for about 10 years and this is the first time I am hearing about this dap wood glue? And from a crafter?! I just hit the subscribe button! I saw the video about the dollar store plates as mirror art and followed the links from their sites to the originator of the art so here I am I saw that video I really hate crafter channels because it seems like the women love to talk to damn much and way stupid crafts like what the hell am I going to do with a resin hello kitty? But I really like your videos and man what a strong designer you are I hope you are doing that for a living or thinking about it! Thank you so much for sharing. If your wondering what I make my company is called Designing Benjamin.com. No, I don't make videos not yet anyway maybe soon.

  20. I'm not sure if you've done this project, but here's my idea for you. You take the place mat that looks like the coral spray it any colour you like, in the center of the placemat add a small block to hold the mechanisms of a clock arms etc. add some form of harding spray to at least 2-3 place mats adhere that to the block. wall ornament. Just an idea. Good Day to you.

  21. I love this idea. I would use another glass instead of the frames original backing. This way it’ll be clear and you can see the placemat more. Great job, tfs!

  22. Very cool and unique! Would prefer to have glass on both sides so you can see right through, I thought that’s what you were going to do. Still great job! Love it 💖

  23. This turned out really nice and it looks like a fast DIY. It may have been even easier if you would have used the word inspired box from DT just scratch off the words with a razor blade, but nice job.

  24. Where did you get the flowery placemat from. The Golden kne is from Walmart I know but where is the other one from?

  25. This is soo cute. I’m going to tell you not really decor savy. You make it soo easy new subscriber💯

  26. Great idea! I have the gold placemat so I will be doing this. You can also paint the cardboard black or white and add a light coat of irredescent glitter to make it pop more. The possibilities are endless!

  27. This is amazing, Treshaja. Beautifully done and I love all the comments with different variations. Awesome!

  28. I was looking for the price, do you know how much it is new? I love the project! I found some placemats that will transform them on something similar. Great idea!

  29. I love your redesign. I was thinking that maybe with the deep frame if it's deep enough to add another glass to the back, the view would be two sided. I'm going to try it.

  30. I have seen the At Home stores in my city. I’ve never gone in though. I gave been using the placemat from Walmart for my projects. Thanks to you I know where to go for more options! Your project turned out lovely. I really loved the black one.

  31. I used 2 pieces of glass. I then created 2 pillars with the large clear glass flat gems to lift the frame up off the base like the original Zgallery inspirational piece. This cost me 0. I had everything in my stash including a beautifull placemat that I never could figure out what to do with it. Thanks

  32. Ideas;

    A raw edge would be amazing, especially on the first placemat. It would make for a larger statement piece as well as make it more visually interesting

    A round moment would be great, with no frame , it would look more like a free standing sculpture than a photo in the frame.

    Filling in certain spots with a stained glass see-thru glue would be so pretty and make a great light catcher ❣️

  33. You can paint the cardboard backing any colour you like so you can see it past the place mat. I could still see the cardboard colour through it, so I would have painted it.

  34. I preferred the black one.
    The white one was nice but not as effective. I would have either painted the backing board or put a mirror at the back to enhance it.

  35. What a clever way to use those beautiful cutout placemats! If there was a way, I would try to mount the framed pieces on the wall to create wall art :0)

  36. Turned out beautiful. I loved them both. I also really like Z Gallerie's look, but the prices can just be plain stupid at times.
    So, make it yourself! 😀
    Thank you for the ideas and thank you for the video.

  37. Hi… Gurl, I love this and will definitely be making this for my Burgundish Red and Leopard bedroom. The way it's decorated… I get a lot of compliments on it. This would be an added accent. Thanks much!!!

  38. Another wonderful and beautiful project 💕
    I wonder if one could somehow use two frames, leave out the cardboard, sandwich the place mat between the frames, (of course-painting and add a ribbon or thin wood piece to cover the crack)
    Then somehow, add battery operated fairy lights to it.

  39. I really like this, to mimic the original I would have used a long door handle.. but girl I really like your version too..I'm definitely trying this project. Thank you 😊

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