A Walk in the Rain Step by Step Acrylic Painting on Canvas for Beginners

A Walk in the Rain Step by Step Acrylic Painting on Canvas for Beginners

hi everyone I’m Jane and today we are going to paint a super moody rainy cityscape with a lovely lady and a red umbrella for a while now you guys been asking for a cityscape scene and it’s something I’ve really been wanting to do for a while but I do not want to do the typical sunset with black silhouette buildings in the front I’m always looking for ways to teach you the things that you want to learn but in a little bit of a different way than what you typically find so I thought this was a really cool way to mesh together the cityscape that you’ve been asking for the rainy scene you’ve been asking for but also the image of the woman with the red umbrella that’s really popular right now this painting uses mostly palette knife but don’t be intimidated by the palette knife if you’ve never used it before don’t think of it as a paintbrush I think that’s where a lot of intimidation comes from the palette knife is fairly simple to use so watch through the video practice on a junk canvas and then come back and try out your hand to add this painting make sure you check out the video description below for a full list of materials and let’s get started first days painting we’re going to use the following colors Mars black titanium white cadmium red DQ and nap pail crimson we’re also going to use a one inch flat brush and two different palette knives so I’ve got a white one here that has an edge a little over an inch and a small pointed one these are just really inexpensive plastic palette knives that you can get in a package for really cheap from just about any craft store and I’m painting on a brand new 16 by 20 inch canvas but as always any size and shape of canvas that you prefer will work the best majority of our painting is going to be done with black and white so I have a pretty generous amount of each on my plate we’re going to start by painting kind of a rainy looking background here using the one-inch flat brush and all of my brush strokes are just going to be straight up and down I want to have a lighter spot in the center here since my city is going to be really big on the sides and moved down I want to draw the viewers eye into the center so I’m going to take my one inch flat brush and wet it in my jar wipe off just a little bit of water on the edge so I’m going to start in the center here and I’m going to load up my brush with a lot of white paint quite a bit and then just a little corner of black since I want it to be pretty bright and I’m going to lay it down there and then start smoothing it in if you’ve got too much black in there then just grab a little bit more white and mix it in go all the way from the top to the bottom leave some of those streaks in there because that’s what’s going to help it feel like kind of a rainy day if you ended up blending out too many of them you can grab a little bit more just smooth it over the top now I’m gonna work out from the sides so I’m going to load up with a lot of white paint again but I’m going to grab a little bit more black and I’m going to lay it right outside of where I left off just scrape it on there and then start doing the brush strokes like I did before once I get to that first section I did my pressure on my brush is really light just to get a little bit of a blend remember heavy pressure like whoa heavy pressure makes your easel escape have you pressure lays paint down and light pressure blends colors together and the same thing on the opposite side now back to this side I’m going to cover a little less white this time and just grab some on one side and a little more black I want it to be a fairly slow transition and I don’t want my edges to terribly dark because I don’t want my buildings to get lost in them and I think the set is a little lighter than this side so I’m just going to grab a little corner of black and smooth it in again some white and I’m just going to pick up more black and in the last section and my last section I’m going to grab just a bit of white and quite a bit of black from here on out we’re going to use pallet nights and what I want to do first is draw where my horizon is going to be and I’m just going to use my pellet knife this paint is still fairly wet and so it’ll scrape a little bit and have to give me an indication of where my horizon is so I want my horizon to be just below my 1/3 mark here so I’m going to take the long edge and just kind of sketch out where that might be it doesn’t have to be perfect we are going to paint over all of this just so you have a general idea all right so I’m going to start by putting my buildings here in the center and I don’t want them to touch because I want this to seem like a Street that’s heading that way and so there’s going to be a little gap between the buildings so I’m going to use my pellet knife and I’m going to use this edge and I’m going to mix up a color that’s fairly similar to here and it doesn’t have to be exact it can be a little lighter or a little darker but I want the color for these first buildings to be pretty light so I’m going to take my palette knife and just grab a tiny bit of black see just a little bit and then I’m going to mix up a bit here I’m not looking for a perfect mixture I’m just mixing it in with my white a bit so can you see when my paint is it’s not on this side it’s not really on the edge there I’ve got a bead of paint on this side that’s going to touch the canvas you see how that is and don’t get too hung up on drawing actual buildings this is really abstract so think of this as it’s a super cloudy day so it’s dark outside maybe you’re sitting in a car with rainy windows and it’s raining outside so everything is going to be a little bit obscured so that’s what we’re going for here is that kind of a feeling so I put my knife on the canvas just to the left of the centre and I’m not putting full pressure on it I’m just touching until the paint touches and then bringing it down and then get more paint when you need your blend doesn’t have to be perfect the edges don’t have to be solid and crisp and it almost makes it look like can you see the two different lines there it almost looks like there’s maybe a couple of buildings in front of each other and then I trailed it off below my horizon so this is my horizon this is where all the buildings are sitting and see how I streaked it down that’s because I want it to look like the ground is wet and that it’s reflecting the building a little bit but I let the bottom of it just taper off now as we go and we build taller buildings that trail is going to get longer and longer until finally the darkest buildings on this side is going to the trail is going to go all the way to the bottom of the canvas so I’ll do some more over on this side and then I’ll zoom me out a bit so you can see how it’s all coming together so again just a tiny bit of black mix it in a bit with some white and on each side of the canvas don’t make your buildings the exact same length you can put in a lot of variation here so I think I’ll start these buildings shorter and maybe I’ll angle the roof a little bit see now kinda looks like there’s three different buildings there now as you work if you want to do one side at a time and then go back into the other side you can certainly do that I think I’m going to work on both sides at the same time like I did with the background just because it’s easier for me to remember what kind of color mixture I did so I want to start on some buildings here that are slightly darker just like we did with the background kind of use your background is a bit of a guide so I’m going to grab just a tiny bit more black than I did before and mix it in with some white a bit and these buildings are going to be a little bit taller and you can even kind of come from one of your other buildings and just scrape kind of randomly even layer a little bit of a darker building in front of the other buildings just have a lot of fun with this since its abstract there’s no way that you can go wrong I might have taken that trail down a little too far but that’s alright more black and just letting that streak and be interpreted however the viewer wants it to be I’m going to do a shorter one here that can overlaps and if it’s not dark enough then just grab a little bit more black and streak it in you start to see the city coming together a little bit here I’ve got about 50% black to white so while you’re using your pallet knife you don’t want to go like that and just stick it straight onto the canvas and scrape it as you go I’m holding it like this see how my fingers are extended past the handle a little bit I’m doing that so that when I go like this my fingers touch the canvas before the pallet knife does and that way I can control how much pressure I’m putting on I’m really just touching it until the paint touches and then smearing the paint down so that sound that you hear is really it’s my fingers on the edge of the canvas toward the bottom here you do hear the palate next scrape I’m scraping it intentionally down there to get that fuzzed outline so let me show you the difference here’s an old canvas and I’ve got white paint on here so what I’m doing is laying it down smoothly like that what I’m not doing is scraping the knife like that can you see the difference you can see the texture through this you can also see the color through it it makes it much thinner it also gives me a less sharp edge at the top and this one just looks more substantial yes the paint actually covers a little bit longer here but there’s no need to be impatient with that in fact the more you layer your palette knife strokes the more full your city appears to be so it’s not a problem that only covers that far you’ll just get more and layer over it again to create other buildings here where I can’t put my fingers on the canvas it is a little more difficult but I’ve got a little bit of practice with the palette knife so I can tell by the way it feels when the paint is touching lots more black see I’ve got a almost a full beat of black there and I’m just going to grab a hint of white I’m gonna leave a gap here because I think that that looks really interesting don’t forget to make your trails longer in these taller buildings on these edge buildings I’m using almost solid black quite a bit of it back because this building is going to be so long I’m going to grab a lot more paint than I have been just a hint of white but this one another angled roof I want this trail to go almost all the way to the bottom take this one from the top one of our closest buildings now I’m only gonna pick up black there’s still some white on my pallet knife but I’m going to fill in this edge here almost solid black this canvas is a little bit loose so I’m having a bit of a hard time getting it to fill in here because my knife is pushing on it and creating little pockets so you might want to restore canvas just to be on the safe side before you start doing this technique if you have little spots in your buildings that didn’t fill in all the way and you can see your sky through it that’s fine just let that be there and let’s finish up this other side lots and lots of black is the tiniest hint of white alright there’s our city how are you feeling about it so far the next thing we’re going to do after we let this dry for just a few minutes I don’t need it to be completely dry but I want to let at least the top layer of this paint solidify a bit this paint is really thick so if we wait for it to be completely dry it’s going to be a while and also we will have a little bit of texture can to contend with here so just walk away from it for maybe 5 or 10 minutes and then we’ll come back and we’ll add some water reflections in the street right so now we’re going to add some little water reflections through here and to make it appear that this is farther in the distance the color is going to be really similar to these buildings in the sky hair and the dashes are going to be much smaller much closer together and as it works its way down they can get a little bit bigger and farther apart so that you can see some of these streaks through it so I’ve got my palette knife and there’s some black mixed in with this white hair so I’m just going to go straight into that I want this mostly to be white now I want you to notice how much paint I have on here very very little and I’m holding it so that my fingers touch the canvas first find your little line you maybe only to barely see it and that’s fine and you just barely want to touch right to that line can you see how much pain I laid down there not very much that’s really what I’m doing I’m not streaking it so much at this point gray or the edge of those buildings that’s going to say that’s the ground everything else is reflection so I’m going to do that a little bit through here that tiniest speck of white and just use the paint until there’s nothing else coming off making sure that all of them are level as you start to get toward the darker buildings don’t put pure white over them you can start to bring it down a little bit so right about here I don’t think I’m going to take and you pure white over that this part of the painting is not quick it may take you a couple of minutes so just be patient with it if you get a thought that’s too much of a blob then just put your palette knife back on top of that blob don’t touch the canvas and then just slightly streak it to the side let me show you what we’re going to do in this darker area and then I’ll zoom you out so you can see how all of it works together now that this is a little darker I’m going to come down here where I’ve got a little bit of black in that white mixture and pick some of that up and if I didn’t get any black I can come over here and grab a tiny bit just a teeny tiny bit and do the same thing and a little bit more black as I get further not that much these water ripples would be reflecting these darker buildings all the way to the edge and they really just picked up black that time there’s still a little white on my Helena right so I’m mostly going to focus on white right now and then when I get done I’ll go back and do some of the darker colors around the edge mostly just picking up white and now that it’s getting a little bit I want it to appear it’s getting closer notice there’s a little bit more space in between each line of white that I’m doing and when I touch it to the canvas I’m touching until I see the paint on the canvas and then just dragging it a little bit until that paint kind of Peters out and again that scraping sound you hear is my fingertips it’s not the palette knife scraping if this is the first time you’ve ever used a pellet knife just grab a canvas and practice all of this before you commit it to your painting and down here we’re about half way I’m using a little bit more paint and I’m really streaking it with some more distance in between each piece just using it until no more paints coming off and especially if you let that the tiny tiny bit of paint that’s left on their trail out into the darker area that’s good so always start with your fresh paint in your lightest area and let it trail off to almost nothing in the darker area a little bit more paint this time you see the difference between this betta paint that I’m picking up now versus what I was picking up back here it’s quite a bit more there’s a little bit of black in there I’m okay at that so if you happen to get a bit of black in your pure white area it’s okay if you really don’t like it just wait until it dries for a minute and then go back over it with some of your white right now we’re going to start working in these darker areas so I’m going to pick up a little less white and a little hint of black I’m just going to kind of run my pellet knife over the top of the black to pick up little snips of it same back here we’re just lightly touching you can bring it out into that white a bit too because you don’t want to line in your street words like white to hear and everything the other side is black let it go into your white area abet pretty much just using black right here but just like here when I had when I was just using white but there was still a tiny bit of black on my knife I’m getting the same effect here so if I feel like that spot is a little bit too dark and just grab a bit of white and gently smooth over top of it yeah so no palette knives can seem kind of intimidating at first but I think once you get the hang of it once you stop trying to use it like a paintbrush it’s really a fun tool to use if you’re a control freak and everybody knows by now that I am it can be really difficult to get started with a palette knife because unless you’re super super practiced at it it takes away a lot of control from you but once you’re okay with losing some of that control it is so much fun to use there’s things you can’t do with a paintbrush that you can do with the palette knife and it’s really fun and exciting to figure out what those things are so again we’re going to give this just maybe five or ten minutes just to let some of this dry a little bit again it doesn’t have to be totally dry and then we’re going to come back and we’re going to add our lady with the umbrella for a bright pop of color all right now we’re going to draw our lady in a red coat or dress with a red umbrella and I’m going to use this palette knife I’ve got my cadmium red and a little drop of nap fall and I’m going to load up the whole back end of this palette knife with the red so it’s not on the edge this time it’s all across the back so decide where you want basically her shoulders to be how high up you want them to be and I think I’m going to put her shoulders maybe right about there so I’m just gonna lay that down and then you can start just lightly almost like you’re spreading frosting on a cake just streak it out get more paint whenever you need and I want it to look like it’s a little bit windy like her dress or coat is kind of blowing and let those lines from the palette knife be in there because I think it makes it look like folds in her in her outfit make it as long and flowing as you want and I’m going to grab just a little tiny speck of black and work it in here for some shadow if you get too much black just adds more red over top of it all right I’m going to leave that for now and I may come back and add more to address but for now I’m going to wipe this off and I’m going to grab some black the same ways I did with the red just right there on the end we’re going to draw her legs you don’t put her legs like in the middle of the dress here because if this is her neck her legs wouldn’t be over here otherwise she’d be like a snake so you want to put her legs pretty much in line with where her neck is so just make a line right about there so you know where to start little more black and I’m going to put my palette knife upside down touch right there where her feet are going to be and just lightly bring that up wiped off my palette knife again and got me a little more red and I’m going to bring a little fold of her dress over top of where her legs are there there now let’s draw her umbrella there’s a little bit of black on here I’m not concerned about that so if her head is going to be right in this area obviously we want the umbrella kinda over it and I want it to be a fairly big umbrella so maybe almost two inches to either side so I start over here and just start drawing the outside edge of the umbrella give the embro a little bit of shape where the little structure is of the umbrella and then we’ll connect those points doesn’t have to be perfect again just like the buildings it’s abstract and then fill it in and that building by there was still a little bit wet so I got some of the gray in there but that’s all right let’s remember just like your frosting a cake if you’re putting frosting on a cake you don’t want to push so hard that you scrape the frosting off and leave a really thin layer you just want it to cover and look nice I’m just kind of using the very point of this palette knife to push the paint into the areas that I want it once we have it fully filled in with the red we can smooth it out grab a little more and kind of give the umbrella a little bit of direction smooth out any little scrape lines you have I think I’m going to add just the tiniest speck of black for a little bit of shadow mostly on this side and toward the middle over here I want a bright highlight you can put your highlight wherever you want I wiped off my pallet knife again got me some fresh black and now we’re going to give her some hair and I want her hair to look kind of flowing like her dress so I’m going to start right here just underneath the umbrella and kind of tap in where her hair is going to start get some more and just start streaking it out a little bit wiped off my knife again and I’m just going to insinuate some of the little lines in the umbrella I’m not scraping it all the way down I’m not scraping it from the top of the umbrella to the bottom just some little tiny spots now we can add the highlight so I know my plate these colors don’t look terribly different but watch what an amazing highlight color the snap fall is put just a bit here just kind of smooth it you’re not trying to blend it I’m just smoothing it over the top and a little inner dress alright last part we’re going to add some reflections down here on the ground of her dress so I’m going to go back to this pallet knife and the same way we did all of these reflections we’re going to do that but we’re going to use a little bit of red and maybe a little hint of black I’m just going to scatter it here near her feet kind of following the way her dress moves and grab just a little more black and put that toward or feet and a hint of this nap fall and just throw in a tiny highlight with it and there’s our rainy day cityscape I hope you enjoyed painting this with me and I hope that you also try this painting you can do her dress in any color you like bright blue bright yellow something that really pops against the black and gray would be really beautiful and fun so play around with that if you’re not digging the red make sure you follow me on Facebook and post your paintings to me there’s a link in the description below while you’re there let me know what you’d like to paint next thanks for watching everyone and I’ll see you next time

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