Abstract Mural with Louis Murillo | Day 54 | #90DaysToMOMA

Abstract Mural with Louis Murillo | Day 54 | #90DaysToMOMA

– All right, so, today we’re gonna focus on a few different things. I want to continue to cold call. We have a potential awesome
introduction coming up, but like I said in yesterday’s episode, sometimes introductions
have fallen through for us. So I don’t want to rely on any one thing. I want to keep cold calling hard for the rest of this project. So today I want to
focus on Twitter videos. I love Twitter videos
for outreach to people. And I’m gonna widen my
search a little bit. So, I’m gonna look for artists
that are either currently or have had work in SFMOMA, people who have worked
previously at SFMOMA because I believe that maybe
they’ll be a little bit more transparent and honest, and not feel like they’re
compromising their job. And then obviously people
that work at SFMOMA. And rather than just trying to go after like the highest influence
people, like the gatekeepers, of course, ultimately
I want to reach them, but I want to go after anyone and everyone that works at SFMOMA
because the way I look at it is like in the breakroom at SFMOMA, I want to be in conversation. I want everyone to know about
this project if possible. It’s okay to me if they don’t like it. I don’t care if they’re
talking good about it, or if they’re talking bad about it. I just want to be part of the conversation because I think if we can
continue to be part of the conversation through
the rest of this project, it’s gonna highly impact
our chance for success. What`’s up, Emily, Jolene,
Claire, Pietro, William, Aaron, Anthony, Sarah, Kiera. Happy Sunday, hope you’re
having a great weekend. I was curious if I
could take you to lunch. I was curious if we could
set up a quick phone call. I’m curious how an artist gets into the new works collection. I was curious about the videos
that you make for SFMOMA. I’m curious what you would
say is the most important step or couple of steps that
you took to get there. Hey, I was curious what your
former role was at SFMOMA. Hey I was hoping I could
talk to you about SFMOMA. So, stay awesome. Stay awesome. Stay awesome. Stay awesome. – [Voiceover] Whats’ up, Emily? My name is Blake. Hope you’re having an awesome weekend and an epic Sunday fun day. – And then later today,
I’ve got a friend of mine, Luis, who actually works
at the paint store. He’s the one who taught
me about spray paint caps and the difference between
Germans and the 94’s. And he’s taught me a lot
about spray painting, and he’s an awesome artist. So he’s coming over to paint with me, and he’s gonna paint this wall, actually, so I’m super excited about that, add more art to the studio, network with him more, talk
to him when he’s off the clock about becoming an artist or
breaking into the art scene, so that’s all gonna be great. So busy day between cold calling and art. It’s gonna be awesome. – We have opportunities where
something’s gonna stay up where it’s gonna look nice and stuff, I really wanted to invest a little more, you know what I mean? Definitely try to put
something cool up real quick. (intense beat music) – [Voiceover] Wow, well
that’s very impressive. It certainly perked up the old bar. (laughing)

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