abstraktes Bild mit simplen Werkzeug, Nass in Nass, einfache Technik, Anfänger, squeegee

abstraktes Bild mit simplen Werkzeug, Nass in Nass, einfache Technik, Anfänger, squeegee

hello, last time I showed you
how you work with the window puller and today I’ll show you that too
but with a different picture. I have taken an old canvas, have mine there
Glue on it, the protection rescue blanket stuck on it and then have that
let it dry properly. You look good again, with the
spatula pulled away from the middle, pull all bubbles out and the foil sticks
firmly if you have not already done that, there are some videos in my channel about it Now I’m just wearing it my color up. I am working today
only with two shades and wear the first once on and then I take my tool, the squeegee and pull
the colors across the surface. I pull now the color over the canvas and
just about the gold foil, about the protection rescue blanket (gold) and you look completely now
beautiful, as the color in the structure purely goes and if I am against the light now
would hold, then you would the gold see below. it
reflects the light so beautifully. the color is a bit more transparent and
That’s why I see the hue completely of gold. clean the tool and then
Can I really do it like one? Puller or squeegee also work I wipe myself
Take the paint away and get it shade of the canvas, respectively
here the gold shade clean out again. yes, if I am
experiment here now, the color is wet so i can, i have
not many options when i am wet in wet work and so me
have a bit of fun at all, and do not want to be done so fast. I could be very fast in principle
make and finish this picture but I do not want that at all. I
I would like to look, what appeals to me, How do I divide the area, I leave
only the gold flash through, I draw lines or strip in and I can do that
ok with the wet color experiment. so, I’ll try here now
a little bit around but in the reason I now know how they are
Slutty behaves like the foil behaves, how the color behaves, then
it is always something new and me just give it a bit
color, because I’m just another wants to draw shade with. if I
paint a different shade with pure I want, then I work wet in wet
and then I do not have it like that after that many possibilities because then I know
just that I dry the paint then would have to let. I’ll just take it now
from the bottle white and aim the color with my tool
wet in wet, that’s what you call it. I can pull very well from the bottom, no, from top to bottom. and you look quite nice now mix the colors.
I now have color on the tool because I take the color too
And the contrast is always weaker,
the more I pull, that’s why you have to Just look carefully what you do.
maybe not work so fast pull slowly
but exactly this pattern looks quite beautiful yes and in advance I already have
try how it works. how can I pull the paint off, how can it be
pull the paint away from the foil and now I can just that
use. if you’ve already seen a video of
me, I like to draw the color out again and I have
already presented various tools. How to easily change the color again
can take away and just on the slide the color slides so beautifully and that
tool good and with it you can nice soft lines draw out,
Take out turns, landscapes, man This can be abstract, of course
But now you can do it again I did not want anything now
difficult show. you can just paint lines. no matter yes I work very slow here
because basically I would take now like to have a huge canvas here.
this is not for your videos or for your video and for mine
art education is enough for, for atelier to that
to show you this little picture but I could do so for hours now
continue painting and preferably on one huge canvas yes there is so much color on the edge over it
that just happened with what is totally distributed
no matter you can do it with the brush
distribute or simply to use the fingers, that is not
bad, if the times a bit color abkriegen. Now paint a few lines and then
I have to let it dry that way. if I’m going back over now, then have
I still a single gray after and as I said, the more you do with the
Tool wet in wet works, all the more It will be a uniform color and the
contrasts are lost yes and if you take out lines,
out of the color, then it works lost again,
if you go back with the tool go over it now it hangs on the wall and it is
dry and the light is reflected on the gold foil. this lights up
image. I hope you have that, too video and inspired and you
I am pleased about the like, comment or abo! thank you very much, bye

63 thoughts on “abstraktes Bild mit simplen Werkzeug, Nass in Nass, einfache Technik, Anfänger, squeegee

  1. Great video thank you. Love the result. Am going to try today! Perfect day for painting here – stormy and cold. I think your art is fantastic. Cheers, DEB T (NZ)

  2. Bellísimo…. Bellísimo….!!! Delicado, original, inspirador…… Mis felicitaciones desde Argentina…..!!!!

  3. Sooooooooo…………..beautiful I love your work ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💙💖💕💟💓💞💜💝💛💚💗👌👍😚😘😙🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  4. Wat fijn dat je dit met ons deelt ,ik kijk er graag naar en ben vrijwilligster bij kwetsbare mensen waarmee ik probeer te schilderen.ideen zijn dan welkom om aan te passen wat mensen nog kunnen .bedankt hiervoor.Joke

  5. Super Idee, bin begeistert von der Arbeit. Gibt es denn bei einer sehr großen Leinwand , Probleme mit dem Abzieher,. Spannkraft ?? Abbo . OK

  6. Es ist so schön dich beim malen zu begleiten. Vielen Herzlichen Dank für deine mitgeteilten Inspirationen.
    Liebe Grüße

  7. German is such a beautiful language. And you, me lady, have such a wonderful voice. I could listen to you (and watch you create) all day. =) I fell in love with Germany and the German people a long time ago.
    From an artist in America. Alles liebe.

  8. Ein wunderschönes Bild! Danke fürs zeigen. Würde das auch mit Alufolie funktionieren oder knittert die zuviel beim Aufkleben?

  9. Hey, ich hab dich neu entdeckt. Du bist so super 😍👏🏻 Ich wollte Fragen welche Farben du genau für das Bild verwendet hast

  10. Herrlich, endlich benutzt mal jemand die Finger beim Malen. Ich kann kaum hinschauen, wenn ich Malvideos schaue, bei denen Gummihandschuhe getragen werden. Das ist so eine Verbundenheit beim Malen mit Farben, Leinwand….schön anzusehen. Einmal konnte man in deinem Bild bei 11:34 ein Auge wie durch eine Jalosie sehen, war so geheimnisvoll. Schade….mir persönlich fehlt die Spannung in dem Bild….alles nur waagerecht. Aber…alles geschmacksache. Danke fürs Zeigen. lg

  11. Thank you for a great tutorial! I love the way you just experimented for awhile. Very nice art, enjoyed the music and you have a beautiful, relaxing voice. Very nicely done!

  12. Was für ein wunderschönes, fesselndes Bild!!! Ich liebe es so und es ist immer wieder schön, bei der „Erschaffung“ (oder Geburt?!) dabei zu sein 😍🥰

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