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Do you find accessorizing your home to
be a struggle? Well join me because I’m going to be starting a video series that
is going to be dedicated to the art of accessorizing. Today’s video is going to
be all about accessorizing an entryway so stay tuned. Before I jump into decorating this
entryway table, I want to share with you one of my decorating rules and I call it
decorating in threes and what I mean by that is for the entryway table I’m going
to choose three things that are gonna sit on top of that table. I follow that
rule through with trays I usually put three things on the tray. Really what it
does is it helps eliminate clutter and it just looks really visually appealing. I’m gonna give you four easy steps to
decorate an entryway. Your first step is with your choice of furniture. Now I have a
lot of clients that the entryway is is pretty small so I will choose a piece I
have a few favorites but I have one that the depth is only 9 inches and it’s
absolutely perfect. Doesn’t take up too much room. Now some people like an open
consult where there’s a shelf on the top and a shelf on the bottom. Typically I
will choose one that’s closed and the reason is is because I want to put a
lamp in the entryway and I can’t stand seeing cords so I’ll choose a closed
console so the cord doesn’t show. Step number two is deciding whether you want
to put artwork above your furniture piece or if you want to put a mirror. I
go back and forth on those if I have a client who’s dining room is directly
across from the hallway and they already have some art in their dining room then
I’m gonna choose a mirror. If they want the mirror in the dining room then I’m
gonna choose artwork above this piece. But typically I choose artwork. Step
number three is choosing your lamp. Now if you have a wider piece of furniture
the lampshades not gonna be too important this the one I chose for mine
has a round shape however if you have to use a more narrow console it’s best to
choose a lampshade that is more in a rectangular shape and doesn’t come
protrude out from the furniture piece. Now a must-have for me is and I’ve
talked about these before we call them the lamp clicker but I have all my lamps
plugged in because I’m a huge lamp person but yeah. Step four is the fun
part- that is adding the accessories and if you remember what I said decorating 3
so my lamp is one the second thing I added was a floral I’m a big floral
person and then the third thing was the tray in the middle. So in the tray I have
three books on top these cute little cast-iron mice a candlestick and then
one of my favorite go tos is a flameless candle. Okay so let’s
recap real quick number one furniture piece. Number two you’re going to choose
your artwork or a mirror. Number three you’re gonna choose your lamp that’s
going to go on top of your console and number four the really fun part your
accessories. I hope this video was really helpful I
would love for you to leave a comment if there’s a certain area that you would
like me to talk about when it comes to accessorizing just in case I don’t have
that on the list. Be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell because it
will tell you when I have a new video out have a wonderful day.

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