Adam Savage’s Live Builds: Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Kit (Part 2)

Adam Savage’s Live Builds: Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Kit (Part 2)

are we live let’s see here I’m gonna put
you in the holder there we go see ya maybe that’s maybe that’s right
let’s see here okay am I on question Park this is just a tad
closer and get the horizon better this is all the stuff that editors take out
we put it in yes I’m on excellent hello everybody welcome back to the cave
it’s 1 o’clock Pacific time I’m Adam Savage and like I hope as many
of you as humanly possible I am on lockdown the entire state of California
went on lockdown yesterday that is everyone’s been asked to sequester in
place that is to stay in their homes and not leave except for critical things
like groceries and gas and other things I truly hope you are following this even
if you’re in a state in which they have not yet declared that social distancing
is one of the most powerful ways we can flatten the curve of this thing
I will admit I am just as scared as everybody I’m reading up on this every
day I am now not leaving the house without gloves on and a mask I have I I
have just enough masks for the family and yeah so we’re here in my cave to
give me some place to go because I needed some place to go and I figured
I’d share it with you I have I spent a couple of hours yesterday working on a
Ghostbusters kit where is all that where did I put all my information ah here it
is under the laptop alright so what I am building is a giant put together model
of the Ghostbusters vehicle the ecto-1 when I am done this
literally will be this big I cannot wait for that day despite the fact that that
day is two years away in the most optimistic frame imaginable so this is
how large the act of what I’m building will be it’s all mechanically connected
and a bunch of parts arrive every month usually a box or two from the from the
company from hero collector Eagle Moss every month and I’ve two months worth of
kits so far and I was just gonna save him I was gonna put him up in deep
storage until they’d all arrived and then this seemed like a perfect
opportunity to start building and so I am yesterday I was able to put together
the headlight arrangement with the fog lights and I did a lot of weathering as
I went and if you want to see close up just how cool the black oil paint looks
on the chrome how much depth and scale that it gives I noticed on the fog
lights these guys here that there are there are bulb shaped protrusions inside
the fog lights but no actual lights and funnily enough there are lights in the
picture well I’m not sure what that means I’m not sure if that means they’re
gonna send me new replacements for the for the backs of these lights and then I
put those in later I don’t know but the fact is I’m here and I have some little
bulbs these are pre resisted 12-volt bulbs I have a whole bunch of them and I
had four in orange and I decided to actually drill out the back of one of
these fog light reflectors and sock in one of these little bulbs all right so I
have a power supply on the other side of this workbench it’s set to just over 12
volts so we’re just going to do a little power test on this and make sure that it
works oh test your circuitry the circuitry
every time how is that Hey look at that that is a light that lights
what could be better hey look I’m taking all the simple pleasures I can get at
this point but anybody who’s a veteran of lots of different electronics
projects knows that the light that lights is a delightful thing in doing so
I was going to start by painting the the the engine parts that I’ve got but I’m
actually gonna start by installing four of these bulbs in the reflectors of the
fog lights and then we’ll go from there how was everybody’s night last night I
we have so we’ve done a bunch of things to hopefully Wow how does that fit in
there we’ve done a bunch of sorry I should say yesterday when I tried
streaming we had a lot of trouble with the streaming it was cutting out all the
time buffering all the time even my mom complained hi mom today we are trying a
bunch of different things I am using a different Wi-Fi network my phone had
latched on to the another Wi-Fi network by accident so we’re trying a different
Wi-Fi network we have turned off chat which is not
totally ideal I recognize but it is a potential source of the problems so
we’ve tried to eliminate that and then we’ve done a couple of other things that
shut out all the yeah what do you call it the apps on my laptop which is also
on this network so now there’s nothing on this network but this phone and if
we’re lucky we’re gonna be able to stream together for a solid two hours if
we’re not well we’ll figure something else out I’m hoping to be able to stream
for something other than my phone at some point in the future we’ll see so
now I’ve got to get all the way in here ah there we go
so we’re gonna install this and then we’re gonna take a look at it behind
once it’s installed just to see how we like it
so again do a little power test here it’s the ground comes the hot lead I got
a hot lead look at that look at that there we go
I can’t actually even see it in the camera all right here let’s hold the
subsidy you see I don’t even know what that was it just fell down but I’ll
figure that out in a second yeah that looks great I’m very very happy with
that well it’s my bandsaw oh great I’m hearing that this looks good I’m very
pleased about that ah you know it’s funny about the tools that you keep
common – you’re like your main squeeze your main workbench because like look
makers we all have different shops we all have different spaces big and small
and in those spaces we end up with different work surfaces that we like and
we don’t like and we gravitate towards something this right here is my main
squeeze is a work bench and it may change recently my mom located my
grandfather’s original woodworking bench my grandfather in addition to being a
surgeon was also a woodworker and did a lot of stuff in their house and his
workbench top which is similar to this one a big thick piece of wood with a
vise and I think some dog holes along it will eventually become my main workbench
but right now it’s this one that I bought on can’t remember I think I
bought this on Etsy I have since covered it Chris at clickspring inspired me to
cover my bench with a piece of seven ounce veg hand leather which is a great
surface it’s really nice it’s a great service to work on it doesn’t harm my
tools yeah I’m really diggin it anyway I’m going on way too long about this but
what I was going to say was this workbench because it’s like my
mission-critical workbench has a lot of tools that are on regular use for
instance I’ve got all my my combination squares my start my dovetail things
little tiny angle finders and things like this and then below
that what do we have we’ve got some trout and oh yeah the bench dogs below
that I have planes all set out nicely yeah I’ll show you the plane tour hold
on just a second yeah let’s um let’s go we’re gonna
trying some now that the streaming seems to be working I’m gonna try moving
around the cabin a little bit here is the drawer in which I store my code
let’s do a reveal here’s the drawer in which I store my planes isn’t that
satisfying everything in its place everything there’s a home there’s no
nice it just fills me full of calm just to just look at it alright alright and
then at the bottom I have some really nice chisels that are kept super sharp
but hanging to the side of my workbench is this guy and like I know that may
seem extreme but honestly the cordless portable bandsaw is just one of the
greatest tools ever invented I love this thing so much I bought the very first
one I think the first one that was made was in Milwaukee with their 28 volt
battery I still have that one although the batteries crapped the bed a long
time ago this is a Dewalt this is the world’s big one they make a small one
and now I think most companies make a cordless and courted version of the
portable bad son there’s just if you came up like I did
cutting metal with a big abrasive wheel chop saw horrendous sound oh my god I
mean I just think back to building the bathrooms at George Coates performance
works in on that 110 McAllister on Market Street in the early 90s 1990-1991
cutting dozens and dozens of dozens of pieces of 2-inch thick wall steel for
these 20 foot tall stalls that David Ireland design that sound just haunts my
dreams and I own two of those chop saws and I keep giving
I had four and I gave two away because I just can’t stand them because after you
cut steel with this here’s the sound of it at full speed that is so gentle and
you cut through a piece of bronze yesterday cut through steel cut through
brass aluminum whatever you want nice and gentle I still haven’t done the
thing that a lot of people do which is to make an upright stand for this so it
sits on your workbench which is really dumb of me because I actually have a
need for that on a frequent basis and I haven’t gotten around to it and honestly
maybe that’s a bill to do next week while streaming with you that was a hell
of a deal let’s get back to installing these fog lights okay so I’m gonna pull
out that that was a successful test of that one and I I guess okay so I’ve got
this thing where the I might run into fitment issues later on about this
because I’ve got this heat shrunk part below the bulb below the bulb right here
and it doesn’t like I may end up with a piece of the bumper of the actual car
that that gets in way out before I start bending it to get out of the way I don’t
think that’s a problem I’m going to worry about solving until I actually
need to solve it so let’s pull out the second one and see if we can’t get a
nice little assembly line going here there’s one screw I like being precise
but one thing you don’t know about me is I’m ridiculously clumsy
I like drop stuff all the time like I was eating some chips and dip last night
while talking to my wife and my mom and I just holding on to this ramekin of
salsa papalote a salsa if you must know my favorite salsa and I was just holding
onto this ramekin of salsa dipping a chip into it and somehow I just like
opt out of my hands and the ceramic ramekin dropped on the floor and sprayed
Papa loved a salsa everywhere really the tragedy of this story is that I lost
some poeple at a salsa in the in the melee that that that’s the tragedy
that’s what you should feel sorry for me about okay uh I’m gonna do this one at a
time so I don’t dismantle everything normally I like to assembly line stuff
but these these pieces were tricky enough to get in them the right
orientation that I’m not going to do that so now that I’ve got this you see
it’s got this little nubbin where you see the nubbin there you go okay so
there’s a nubbin I would like I’d like my bulbs to be
accurately placed and on the first one off-camera I drilled it from the back
trying to get it close but that wasn’t perfect so I’m actually gonna try
snipping this one with my flush cutters I mean if I mark up the reflector that’s
still not a tragedy because again this ecto-1 is beat-up hey you know what
stuff that’s weathered and heavily used you can hide a lot of crimes that’s the
phrase you can hide a lot of crimes okay so now we’re gonna try drill actually I
think I may need to hold on to this just a little more securely I can’t remember
if we get a tested video on this this is a really nice jeweler’s clamp I think we
did do a testing video I just don’t think I’m not sure if we’ve released it
yet but this is a tested jeweler’s clamp so it’s two halves on a rocker and I
grabbed the piece I want to work on in that jaws and then I use a a wedge on
the bottom there we go to give myself some holding power and then I don’t have
to hold I don’t have to hold something tiny with my fingers while I’m drilling
it which as you can imagine has been a very common source of injury over the
course of my life was that my door knocking just a second
it’s gonna double-check that David were you knocking okay cool Oh Maggie okay
thank you ah that was not the front door it was just me being hard-of-hearing a
really nice note about drilling holes carefully which is a lot of cordless
most cordless tools have a variable speed drive so you can turn the drill
very slowly and this is actually really key especially for model parts because
what you can do with that is you can start and once you get purchase you can
actually angle the drill to kind of aim that aim that hole if you think of the
tip of a drill as a as a wedge like this I’m tip I somehow forgot how to spell
tip there if you think of a tip of a drill as like a wedge like this right
and that’s about the angle that the drill is that and what that wedge
describes is two cutting edges that are spinning and peeling off bits of plastic
or metal as you’re drilling it well the fact is is that if you’re drilling
straight it’s just peeling from both but you
actually have a lot of room to be able to re aim where that hole goes and you
have to be honest a lot more latitude than you think you do this is something
I didn’t always know but more recently have found that if I see that a hole is
going off angle I can actually redirect it and you know if you set up work right
and you use Center drills and you’re marking and laying out correctly
that’s usually not a problem but if you’re if you’re you know if you like
working fast like me and you don’t do setup every single time you can end up
getting yourself into some trouble so all that was a long way of saying you
can actually aim your drill bit as you’re drilling if you’re careful there
we go and now we’re almost all the way through and again I’m you know once it
breaks through the other side it’s gonna grab it’s gonna pull itself through oh
no what’s doing good ah yep I grabbed it oh it’s not that bad okay so now I’ve
got my got my reflector with a hole in it I’m just gonna clean up the edges of
that hole with an exacto then we’re gonna pop bulb in the back oh let’s make
sure this bulb works before we glue it why not I can’t even tell you if you’re
doing anything with electronics my main there it is that one lights up so we’re
good actually let’s do the other two while
we’re here and then I don’t have to keep doing this whenever you’re doing
electronics the more often you can test your rig as you’re putting it together
the better off you are seriously at every stage success at every stage you
should be testing your electronics every time you’re attaching another part to
the build man because there’s nothing worse than thinking you’re done that
one’s good too there’s nothing worse than thinking you’re done and then turn
the thing on and it doesn’t work I’ve been there so many times boy does it
suck but boy have I been there so many times okay so now I’m gonna suck it in I
measured this with my calipers and it came out to like 1.15 inches so I
grabbed an eighth inch drill bit that’s 1.25 a little bit of latitude and I’m
throwing a little bit of CA glue now normally I’ve been using this
aerosolized accelerator however a couple of days ago
I put together a house tool kit as you can imagine I packed many of my favorite
and less useful tools in case there was a point in the future which I was not
able to leave my house so some of my things are not here including my
aerosolized zip kicker all right that one’s good let’s get this in here let’s
see does it go like that it does okay oh now it doesn’t even want another now it
doesn’t want to sit correctly you know what I think I’m gonna pre put in the
screws and try that try bringing it close there is so much parity between to
me the idea of being a ah a model maker and performing surgery I I don’t know
why but I mean no I do know why I mean it always feels like this right like
surgeons especially the ones who work on bones and stuff I mean they’re using so
many of the same tools and techniques I’m like fascinated by that I had a
relative who had a fixator on their bones and I was just completely
fascinated by the technology there it is there’s another one okay
let’s light them both up and to get yeah I think I can get both in one clip let’s
let them both up the other reason to light stuff up as you’re going is morale
I say this in the book a lot but momentum is super key tortue to making
oh look at that so nice now here’s the thing you can actually buy these will
will will find the link and put these up you can buy these bulbs normally when
you’re using let’s see normally when you’re using LEDs you need to add a
resistor in line to the power supply to meet her out there amount of power going
to the LED but you can also buy LED are pre-wired and he trunk with the
resistor built-in so all you need to hook is to hook them up to 12 volts of
power and this is great for the electronically challenged
I am electronically challenged I like understand electronics like I understand
mechanics which is to say you know medium well
but I’m frequently calling Jeremy Williams for advice and support when I
get out into the weeds which is anytime I get past like switches as soon as I
get to any kind of active circuits that need all sorts of different kinds of
metered power I’m a little bit lost luckily I have always had people that I
could call or frequently I’ve had people that I could call okay there’s both
screws and there’s that guy I’m gonna label ya just give it a key honestly
labeling your stuff as you take it apart so completely vital one of the one of
the other techniques that I like and actually this kit is laid out this way
is to lay out your parts in the order that they’re going together or the order
that they came out and this is actually Robert Pearson talks about this
technique in zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance he talks about
taking a front of motorcycle engine and laying the pieces out like when you pull
out five bolts you lay them on the towel in the order you put them in just like
everything gets laid out in the way that it was oriented as it was attached to
the machine that is a very very useful technique okay
slice the nubbin let’s flush cut it does a pretty good job of getting to the
bottom of that and again you can also like you can also use your finger to
support the drill it’s not going to cut you at a slow
speed okay come on no okay good that was not being initially as cooperative as
the first one but I persevered and I just let it scrape away some material
and again oh yeah you know what I wanted to talk about why the black paint does
such a neat job on the Chrome and it has to do with shininess and the reality and
the fantasy of shininess and I’ll put it this way they had the golden okay
picture the golden idol from Raiders wait you don’t have to hold on I’ll get
a I’ll get a teaching aid over here Raiders self this is a pretty good one let’s see all right so if you if you
picture the Raiders Idol like this and this is a pretty good model it’s got
glass eyes it actually separates like what the real one did on set one of the
ones they built for the film had moveable
eyes but what I want to talk about is the shininess of this on film something
this chrome II actually ends up kind of disappearing on film it’s not that it
disappears but it’s that it’s so shiny your eye doesn’t have any idea what it’s
looking at and it takes a minute to sort of parse it in layers whereas the moment
you and I I don’t actually have one that’s weathered because my other idols
at home in my home office at the moment you add weathering the moment you add
darkness into the corners what you’re starting to do is actually make details
more visible and so funnily enough on raiders they actually had the idols
chrome-plated but for the scene where bellick holds it up that one’s been
sprayed with dulling spray it’s not much shinier than gold spray paint in that
shot because it was so reflective they needed to kill
some of that reflectivity in order to make it look properly reflect reflective
on camera I have an example and I think I can actually post some pictures of
this I have an example of my Rocketeer backpack when I I built a rocking chair
backpack from acnes kit and it’s stunning it’s a beautiful piece and I
had it I actually had a metal plate and I sent it to a plater
and it’s got a heavy nickel and chrome plating and it’s heavy like it’s an
amazing piece but when I first got it back from the planer I was so excited to
open this box I was thinking this it’s like it’s the Sirius x1 man it’s gonna
be metal it’s gonna look so amazing and I opened it and it was so disappointed
because it doesn’t look great at all it was way too shiny yeah I will
Christon norm will make a note we can post this on Twitter after the feed I
had to take down the shine of the metal plating because it looked awful
genuinely awful and I wouldn’t have called that it was like this whole
education in one moment and so then I realized okay well I’ve got to kill the
shine and so I grabbed some some scotch brite you know the green scrunge on your
sponge that’s a 3m material scotch brite and we buy it in shops in many different
grades for different hardnesses and different kinds of polish and so I
grabbed some of the standard brown stuff I use and it wasn’t making a dent in the
chrome and that’s when I realized why they chrome plate stuff because chrome
is a really hard coating and actually taking down the shine of my Rocketeer
backpack took hours and hours and hours of the most exhausting scrubbing with
the hardest of the scotch brite pads yeah it was a total nightmare I’ll post
those afterwards all right so we got a nice hole in that let’s put a put the
bulb in yeah okay it’s a press that’s what I really like I liked the
press fence Oh see clumsy I tell you not everyone loves the smell of this stuff
of the zip kicker I personally love it but that’s not all right I’m really
looking forward to actually moving on with this build yes it is okay I had
good success I’m looking forward to getting to the transmission of this
because they got this great picture of a old greasy rusty transmission
bellhousing and I am going to replicate that puppy I’m gonna make it look super
old I’m looking forward to my engine compartment to feeling very familiar you
know to a mechanic all right get in there oh good come on that’s it nope
nope you’re not in there you are excellent okay three out of four the
other thing about doing building and weathering the Millennium Falcon kit in
situating it is that so many people were releasing so many additions to that kit
in Ex brass and form printed stuff and injection molded stuff and extra sticker
packs my god the fan community was so amazing on the D’Agostino Millennium
Falcon but amazing sorry amazing but also totally overwhelming there was like
way too many options and I was like overwhelmed by them because it’s like it
was hard to keep up with what people were generating and of course like I’m a
completist so I kind of want to know everything that people are doing and
sometimes if I can see that I won’t be able to wrap my head
around something simply I kind of like will stay away from it and I did that I
was like trying to wrap my head around the fan community for the falcon and
what they were building at the same time I was like man I’m never gonna get to
the bottom of this and I can’t just keep ordering everybody’s kids it’s like you
know that gets expensive after a while all right
nothing gone by the way these little Makita no longer makes these specific
12-volt drills I know that people have talked about the ones they’re currently
making us fine I don’t know but man I just love how how lightweight these are
they’re not super powerful but that’s again a function of their size but sorry
thank you cough I have a couple of spectacular injuries from drills over
the years a couple of weeks ago I was sharing some gross pictures with Anne
Wheaton because I lost this fingernail right you guys saw it on the videos I I
smashed my middle finger trying to hammer a piece of wood under the back
tire of my Land Cruiser the day that it got stolen
good god that feels like months ago but it was December 28th it’s not that long
ago at all at any rate yeah I smashed my middle finger and it looks horrendous
for a while and then it it looked even worse and then a lot worse than that and
then the nail fell off yes of course I kept the nail no I have not shown it to
anyone yet I have all of my kids baby teeth you know that every time one of
them lost the tooth I I’m a collector I’m weird that way I
just I I like having all the all the detritus at one point we came back from
our friends farm in Petaluma and had to do a D taking we had to take all the
ticks off the dogs because it was that particular season up there and I pulled
14 off of Huxley oh my gosh it was amazing and you know I get really into
repetitive tedious tasks like that so I pulled all 14 ticks off of Huxley and
then I was like this is fabulous and I had them I had like this dumb screw top
glass test tube that was about that long about that long about five inches long
and about inch in a quarter in diameter and I just kept on pulling out the ticks
and with the pair of tweezers I dropped a mint so these ticks were all sort of
like doing a battle royale inside this test tube and I was like oh let me show
this to annoying kids because kids love gross things and they’ll think this is
hilarious and so I brought thing to over to my office and I was like dude check
this out and I like held up this test tube of ticks sealed and that’s when I
discovered the thing to phobia of dicks he literally was like he was so unhappy
I felt terrible I didn’t I that was not the thing I was hoping to elicit I was
just excited I had 14 of them in one place maybe he didn’t even know that he
was didn’t like things until that second when he saw them all and was like man
that is gross look I know everyone thinks that’s gross but still it’s also
kind of cool this is why I love that this is why one of the reasons I love
grad student Twitter I follow a lot of grad students on Twitter who are doing
field research on birds and lizards and other things and I love that I love the
gross stuff that turns out to be really fascinating right
that’s one screw in its get the other one
anchored come on mm-hmm you know I was engaging in Twitter the other day on a
description a discussion between the Phillips screws drive system it’s the
cross and the Robertson Drive which is square which is different than square
Drive that makes me crazy there are square drives and there
Robertson which also happened to be square and woe betide you if you get
them mixed up because square drives one of the two can get stuck in the other in
a way that’s really egregious okay now we have all four fog lights installed we
we can test them I guess I wonder if I can get all four lines on a single no I
think I’m gonna have to well let’s let’s try it
nope that’s not the one okay let’s see if I can get all four on a single clasp this is again this right here this is me
being lazy right like I could just grab my wire strippers and go and then I’d be
sure that it would work but I always want to try the quick and dirty solution
first I mean maybe this is a remnant of well that I learned from Jamie Hyneman I
mean the thing about Jamie and the reason what makes Jamie such an awesome
engineer is he does not reject any idea out of hand even based on his own
intuition or institutional knowledge he does not prioritize his own intuition
which is kind of amazing because it allows for a tremendous lack of bias
then and he is looking for the popsicle stick and boogers solution that would
make it work alright a look at that we already have
some lights I think that looks beautiful that is a nice successful modification
first thing off the bat and what do you want to bet that there is going to be a
replacement for these reflectors at some point in the future
and then I’ll have to redo this but I don’t care that’s fine
all right now I can put this away I don’t need that there I can live down
there I don’t think I need that as I move around the shop on the chair and
like go check stuff out when did someone send me oh oh sorry
friends sending me an email as I move around the shop on this chair I’ll tell
you who I feel like I feel like the old man from witness what’s her name the
girl’s father that the Harrison Ford’s character John book stays with and
they’re a mich or they’re Mennonites I don’t want to get it wrong but I really
can’t remember exactly I think the catch-all of Amos is not necessarily as
accurate as it should be however they live in that part of Pennsylvania and
obviously as such they assume modern technology and don’t have any except the
old guy has this chair and he’s like serving dinner around the house on this
rolling chair because hey wheels I love that it’s it’s a it was a good laugh
when the film came out all right so now we are assembling the gearbox and
bellhousing for the transmission of the ecto-1 and that’s gonna go that’s going
to go over here and we’ve got some parts and some pieces and I will tell you
after downloading there’s one of the pieces and this is actually this
actually cast metal but the thing I really like about it is it’s not an
inaccurate blue actually I’ve downloaded a whole bunch of pictures of late 50s
Cadillac engines and some pictures of the engine compartment
some specifically 1959 Miller meteor caddies and sure enough yeah this this
color is is pretty darn close so they’ve done a ah that was a little fast they’ve
done a lot of my work for me is this lamp annoying anyone yeah there there we
go better that do so that’s great that
they’ve actually done some of that work for me okay let’s pull these pieces out
and let’s start assembling them and then we’re gonna get into weathering oh right
so let me show you the picture I have so here is a picture of the part that I’m I
this seems surreal that I’m showing a laptop to a phone so that you can look
at it on your computer or phone alright here is the beautiful transmission I
found from a late 50s Cadillac in the correct color you’ll notice there that
that color is not too dissimilar from that I know this looks darker but trust
me I think it’s actually pretty darn close we are going to we me me are going
to assemble it and I’m also going to weather it and paint it and this is
actually some great opportunity to talk about things you can do to get even more
scale added or scale parts for instance like these are two halves of the of the
gearbox that go onto this thing and my recommendation is going to be and I’m
gonna actually follow this is not to assemble all three of these together but
to paint them as two separate parts because that saves me from having to
mask later I keep touching this earbud because it’s me I think oh I think I may
have to go get my air pod case and put a slightly larger rubber thing you can
still hear me right well someone will text me if I can’t be heard pretty sure
I can all right so the first part is actually
this thing insert the long end of the bell housing connector what
oh whoops sorry that’s the first part and then there is this guy which is
different than that guy okay so I don’t need to cover I don’t need to hide my
work under a bushel I can show you what I’m doing that goes like that
this is bilaterally symmetrical there is no orientation that matters
so he goes there and you get screwed in with 2 d-m screws de vm2 just pull out yeah pull out what I need go ah but but but I see okay that part
gets buried so yeah I can install that without painting it oh you know I went
to Oh comes from the inside I was walking Maggie yesterday afternoon
past Dolores Park which is near my house and a little uncomfortable with how many
people were out and about to be honest um it’s a beautiful day and you know
Dolores Park on a beautiful day is a it’s a pretty amazing place but holy
hell people are supposed to be practicing social distancing and there
was like few hundred people in Dolores Park a few hundred maybe maybe 200
people I don’t know a little more than I was comfortable with I think they really
only have threaded most of these holes so that you’re kind of like
doing this last wedge fit as you plow it past the pot metal okay so that’s step
one moving on to step two ah okay here’s that other piece and that
piece go seems like a convoluted bit of engineering this piece goes through like
that that’s the sometimes I see parts on
these kits that it’s like you literally just oh they’re all DM screws for these
steps so one two three four five six seven eight eight one two three four no
they’re DMZ DMS okay I’m gonna stop trying to make efficiencies let’s just
pull out what I need so two DM screws in the back of that mmm I hope that all
your friends and family are safe I only have one person I know who’s seems to
have contracted the virus but that will change over the next few weeks but
that’s a you know look we’re all reading up on this all the time it’s not
something I have to talk about here this is this is we’re doing some
self-soothing here hey here’s a piece of advice don’t look at the news after her
like 8 or 9 p.m. in that way lies madness you need your sleep you need
your sleep this is really key at this point in time
our stress levels are elevated and that also harms our immune systems when our
stress is elevated and so one of the best things you can do for your stress
levels making sure you’re getting enough sleep if that is an option for you it’s
it’s it’s real so I hope you are getting enough sleep let’s see here okay eme
meam those are three e/m screws okay so that goes just like that all right eeehm one two
three yeah three one time I’m a big believer that if I need three screws I
get four just because like you can be holding on to something and they can
drop and frankly if I dropped a screw this big a missile or you wouldn’t see
it you wouldn’t find it this floor eats things for breakfast and there’s a
showdown jamie and i had on set once he was like up on this crane i think he was
up on the screen building something and he was like dory hand me six one quarter
twenty screws and I knew that Jamie had six holes to bolt through up there I was
like Tori grab seven or eight and Jamie’s like no Tori get me six screws
now I was like alright Tori has been six screws and Jamie was
not the first one goes doing more right into the water it was delightful to be
so vindicated okay let’s see here now I have that now I turn this around and I
what’s rattling oh oh that’s rattling that’s bad okay I have to pull that
apart and tighten those two screws clearly I didn’t tighten it up enough oh right and now I’m about to actually mmm
I’m about to paint these guys which means I may not want to add that next
step until I got some rust textures on here oh and I’ve got some good rust
textures i when you might not know this but Jamie Hyneman Jamie Hyneman shocked
I can see this a little better hold on there we go I love this little table
Jamie Hyneman worked on monkey bone did a bunch of beautiful props for Henry
SELEX film monkey bone and he used a ton of flow quill weathering paints for that
production and when he when we closed down the Mythbusters shop he was
actually getting rid of a whole bunch of it so I have a whole bunch of really
nice local weathering like dust and concrete and dirt and grime and railroad
tie down like all these colors specifically to weathering train sets
and they’re in the focal lacquer which like look you know lacquers it’s really
hard to use lacquers in the state of California they’re highly volatile
they’re dangerous to work with they off gas like a mofo and I miss them I miss
them so much lacquers are just so great to spray they dry like that oh there
there there was this primer plastic coat with a cave plastic coat you can still
get it just not in California I have some old cans here that are so old that
particulate in them has settled to the bottom and in order to use them you
can’t just shake them up you actually have to soak them in warm water for like
90 minutes I just take them every 10 minutes or so while you’re doing it to
break up all the particulate and even then they still clog all the time it’s a
total nightmare okay time for painting I have no idea actually what time it is
how are you doing here oh we’re almost done with our first hour how cool all
right let’s see so the bell housing is a lot less weathered than that metal part
I’m gonna get some dirt and grime on there see some dust and you’ll pull out some of the barnard
clay move this over here I’ve got some grime excellent in a real like working
model shop like a big one like Jamie’s or ILM there’s often a rack of local
paints that you can draw from I’ve got one of some Tamiya
over there that I bought a few years ago it’s still serving me well but there’s
just nothing like a complete rack of all the colors of local – to make a model
makers heart sing honestly so those are 2 d-m screws before I forget where they
go put them there all right okay well these files are for the other thing I
was working on it okay I’ve got dust and I get dust and grime okay there’s dust
and there’s crime but some get those stirred up
oh yeah there’s still a lot of stuff on the bottom here yeah okay on these old
paints you just you can’t stir them too much you just gotta keep on going oh
yeah ah that’s smell that’s smell of lacquer thinner it’s not good for you no
I know it’s not good for you my boy it smells good I mean you get affection for
this stuff even sometimes when it’s awful smelling just because of what it
can do and don’t worry if I was spraying this I would be wearing a mask it you
know it feels weirdly appropriate right now that I collect space suits as a
hobby because I feel like I’m not too far from wearing one out in public on
the daily basis okay we have some dust and we have some grime
and then we have engine black no railroad tie brown maybe some maybe some
burnt umber here let’s get a little bit of that going right got some rubbing
buff ivory black this is still song oh yeah that’s still plenty soft burnt
sienna go for that excellent oh you know what I need I need one of the most
important painting tools there is my blow dryer
yeah super super fabulous the Industrial Light and Magic painting room so awesome
so awesome such a fabulous scene sitting there in the spray booth with Lauren and
Melanie Peggy all the incredible paints that I got to work with there and you’d
be sitting there painting and painting and painting and then the blow drying
and telling stories and blow drying and painting just on and on non super
delightful right okay if I’m going to be using the focal I need the lacquer
thinner about tone there it is okay and I want a cup for it just making sure I
have enough to clean my brushes you live there if you actually go back in there
Wow and which brushes you know these heavy acid brushes may be perfect for
this let’s try it let’s try a little grime just see what we get out of this yeah I’m just gonna really really yeah
grime it up that’s a brush I don’t need to clean see
what’d I tell you clumsy clumsy I tell you okay because
I’m clumsy where did I put my um oh I put it back and here I thought I didn’t want my
jewelers clamp anymore but I did I do alright so we’re gonna do this great and
look at that so ah yes yes okay so this is awesome the the lacquer dries quickly
and it’s flashing well so I’m doing a base layer here now of the grime and
this is just accumulated dirt that’s all that it is this is like you know the
kind of sun-drenched crap that your car collects then we’re gonna hit it with a
little bit more some irregular irregular spots of it right like I’m not trying
the often I do a first weather pass that’s that’s that’s somewhat uniform
just to give myself a base to play with and then I do a second one and that’s why I ABS a random it’s
really important to remember that as human beings we are really sites at
making things with random all right so the grime is good I’m gonna
now go for I’m gonna go for some of the dust now see I don’t think that it’s
mixed up enough actually you may see I think I’ve got to stir this up a little
bit more it’s just trying desperately to shake paint without looking suggestive
at all yeah we want to be a kid-friendly kid-friendly stream here this this
little cart here that I’m rolling around I just think I just picked this up on
Craigslist it’s basically like a doctor’s medical equipment cart and it’s
got like honestly what looks like a 16 inch baking tray just bolted to the top
of it which it might actually be it’s terrific for for portable tool surface
around the shop okay let’s see if that gets me something a little bit better okay so this is a much more subtle paint
color yeah it’s a little thinner it’s mint I think to not take over a paint
job but to still make it look yeah okay I’ll try drying in person
the shuttles into the tiny corners and it lends great detail model makers tend
to really like certain model making companies castings for instance I loved
Mia because the precision of their castings means that when I add a black
wash to a Tamiya model I just know that it is going to I just know it’s going to
look awesome I know it’s going to settle in and pull out all these details I
didn’t see before because the folks at Tamiya have like paid careful attention
to the accuracy and the crispness of their of their tooling and lacquers are
fantastic for exactly that for exactly all right I think you know I I’m I’m
going heavy on this but I think it’s really appropriate this is a hold the
paint job back I can put a little bit of lacquer thinner on a rag and immediately
start pulling that paint and grime are fairly similar color and given I’m
actually gonna retire dust I’m not that interested in it I don’t need that
subtlety I get it myself and yeah there’s a million different
blow dryers I don’t know why I still love the cotton
air Pro Yellowbird to me this is like the herb-lore dryer that’s why when
Michael Peters and I can bring candy around the country and we made a
hovercraft on stage every night the key thing was that it be powered by the
yellow blow dryers all right I’m feeling pretty good about that as a first pass
now I want to do these guys so this is even heavier duty so I’m gonna go real
heavy on these and I’m gonna actually use my piece of paper here ah exacto
blade yes I have had an exacto roll off the table and imbed itself in my shoe we
all have it’s a part of a rite of passage I actually at one point I was
working as a graphic designer in New York that’s probably 80 87 88 and I
dropped an exacto blade and I went to pick it up and as I picked it up I was
not looking where I was going I’m sort of looking away and I picked it up and
drove it right up to its hilt in the back of my calf I still have this little
keloid scar you can see that’s the thing about many injuries is the ignominy
the shame of how dumb the injury was why’d exists alright let’s get these
guys on here and we’re just gonna mix this up a little more and we’re just
gonna doused them yeah yeah we’re just totally going to cover this because why
the hell not then we’ll blow-dry it and if we have to we’ll pull it back off but
it’s going to get a second Brown pass as well of some rust as in addition to this and I’ll probably do it a second passing
this exact paint starting to spray around and actually look not quite great
oh I keep forgetting hi it’s Adam I’m in my cave it is March 20th 2020 and I am
building an echo 1 and contrary to parks delightful overselling of my skills I am
not building it from random crap out of my shop I am building it from a kit that
I bought online that is getting delivered a few pieces
at a time once per month when I am done with this ecto-1 it is going to be large
it’s gonna be like like that large gonna have whooping light and if it doesn’t
have light from the dashboard I’m putting light from the bathroom why
honey night I guess if there’s not lights in the probe they come there some
I think am i right there are proton packs that are part of this hold on
no that’s issue too hang on I think I think I think there’s the gurney the
proton packs sit on is it possible that there are not that yeah it’s possible
that there aren’t proton packs for this so I guess some of us will have to get
on making a run of those ourselves all right we’re gonna keep on hitting this
with paint because I want to get it really really gummed up yeah this is these under engine parts but we’d all be
sure like you’ve seen those shots of me and Tori working on the focus city
buildings and episode to the big wide flying saucers ball cap high scale those
had to be painted by the painting department I think in less than a week
that is a ridiculous amount of work and it’s crazy accelerated timeline and they
get it but it’s like you’re just sitting there with a blow dryer all the time on
each part masking painting drawing masking painting during masters in
design moving on and on I might have laid it on a little bit
thick but I’m pretty happy with that so let’s pull the wedge out of this guy and
take a look at this step which is eeehm screws no no no a DM a DM
holds that to that and it’s this one and this goes yeah if I put a thumbprint
in and I’m fine with that ooh oh it’s warm yeah okay so you’ll see
what I’m talking about here about painting things before assembly and
exactly what it Nets you oh also the metal parts that I’m heating up with a
blow dryer are actually really hot Wow Adam you were applying heat to metal why
didn’t you think it was gonna get hot in answer I just didn’t realize it would
get that hot okay still need to tighten this screw one more there we go nice and
solid okay so now you see this extra scale kind of look I got by painting
these two things separately I show this dividing line and that’s gonna add scale
later on that’s that’s gonna be a nice bit of scale I’ll probably pull some of
this paint off this middle section but that scale is nothing but good for me
okay so that connects there and then that was a DM screw and that’s bad then
now I mean 2 BM screws 1 and don’t worry this is the last of this
kid I have and don’t get me wrong while I really hope that Eagle Moss wants to
send me the entire thing at once so I could just start building the whole
thing hey Eagle Moss I would the fact is I also have plenty of other things that
I can build while we’re waiting for if when I finish these I have lost a little
brush and I’ve lost my ass oh there it is I thought that was massive brush
thought I lost my mind alright now we’re just going to do this
to bring the two pieces together a little bit give it some time alright so
now there’s this piece this is the oil pan the oil pan okay I’m just gonna do
it quick I’m gonna do a quick look or I just I just want some reference here we
go okay Miller BP or oil oil pan I just want to
see what a some reference for a Miller meteor oil pan okay yeah alright you
know oh I’m not looking necessarily for the
exact one here but I just kind of want to see how let’s do 59 Cadillac Wow well
pen okay that’s the one right okay yeah rusty grimy your basic deal cool
so I’m also gonna hit this some of this stuff but I think I’m gonna add just a
little bit of brown just just to kind of break it up that’s kind of one of the
things I do when I’m mixing yeah I’m a drummer you don’t I’m not actually a
drummer I don’t know how to drum but I am a drummer in that I’m an annoying
person who is kind of always tapping on surfaces in 2002 before Mythbusters ever
showed up if you had asked Tory Belleci to do an impression of me at ILM his
impression would have included that because that was apparently something I
was doing all the time I think I was a little annoying pretty sure all right so
a little bit of that yeah so this is the oil pan it’s made of plastic and again
it’s the right color blue in fact they’ve injection molded it in the exact
right color which is no small thing to be honest to match a color between a
diecast part and a plastic part that’s um that gets my respect I mean yeah
that’s 99.9% that is a really nice work Eagle boss people all right so this guy
lives like that and is it the goes like that
so yeah let’s say the oil pan it’s gonna look slightly different and get a little
bit of grime on there I mean what am I saying we’re gonna get a lot of grime on
there and we’re gonna take some of that crime off and then we’re gonna add some
of this crime yeah yeah yeah sometimes just getting that other color nearby and
then getting it on your brush so it can start to add some tonal changes is
enough yeah we’ll let that one sit there and try this guy off because that’s a
lot of heavy paint and I’m gonna keep on pulling it off here and I keep on
removing it and attaching it oh yeah cool that’s looking pretty good occupational hazard
things move let’s get that on my hand oh wow yeah very lightweight in the manual it says parts are delicate
and you should do all your assembly over a soft cloth I’m like yeah no that’s not
how this is going to go let me get I’m gonna the same thing I
did yesterday where I took a q-tip and I kind of abused it until it had a kind of
a weird funny head I’m using that as a kind of way to sort of add some grime
here yeah so I’m just adding a little bit of grime detail and and and let’s do let’s do we took some time there you are
hidden behind my rag always like this hey everybody it is a Friday March 20th
2020 I am here in my cave and I am live-streaming the build the building of
a the building of a ecto-1 1959 Miller meteor ambulance hearse give you some
place to go I know that we are all cooped up in our houses and that is a
less than ideal situation and I’m sorry about that Joe because we’re all in this
together I am doing these builds from my cave and we’ll be doing this on the
regular so now I’m adding some I’m adding some rust to my own pan in the
oil paint oh man I’m really pleased with how this is going so I’m just going to
I’m just going to put it where the rust would bother
I’m gonna try and be a little random about it remember I said humans are
terrible about being random we totally are the oil paint lacquer not by I mean
by league’s literally one is meant to drive fast and the other was meant to
take forever to dry but it will that the you know those different drying times
gives me all sorts of different freedoms for playing around with the textures and
adjusting pulling it back okay so let’s see wonder huh see about this understood okay that was terrible I was tracking a
little bit of lacquer dinner on and pulled off way too much paint that was
that was that was problematic so I’m gonna add a bunch you know so nemesis you know while I’ve got this brush with
some of the some of the brown oil paint on it I’m no that’s lacquer thinner
I’m getting my solvents mixed up that’s what I want you live over there all
right yeah here we go I’m also going to add some rust accents to this guy here just all the different car engines I’ve
looked at the way they look inside you know there’s no right way to do this
kind of paint job there’s just a way that ends up feeling right also there’s
a great way to kind of see how it feels right and that is do you believe it and
like part of that is composition right the composition of the dirt you’re
putting on but how do you tell whether the composition of the dirt is working
in your favor or not well that’s why you have to kind of take a step back and
take a look at it and you know I’m looking at this bell housing for
instance like right here I’m looking at that part and I’m thinking you know the
long spots could be a place where water collects and rust could gather so I add
a little bit of rust there on the sides and I’m really pleased with how that
looks and all of a sudden now I’m starting to see that it’s telling me the
story that I want it to tell and that’s all that this process is is I’m just
sort of like doesn’t communicate the story that it’s a dirty piece of metal
that it’s human-sized and that it’s undergone similar things to other things
that I’ve seen weathered and beaten up there’s not a ton I’m not
doing a huge amount of restaurants although I will add a kind of a singular
rust patch at some point because those can be really useful and I’ll add a
secondary color because again like I said no no paint job is a single color I
know I’m dipping my paint filled thing in the turpentine I know but since I
mostly use this for weathering I think we’re okay on that front there’s no good
that was bad that was a bad call Ripley oh yeah yeah okay so now I’m gonna do a
big big patch right there cool I feel I feel like this
I still haven’t there’s still a couple more passes to do again closer so now
the oil pan goes in and the oil pan sits that little nubbin that way yeah okay so
the other thing about this oil pan the oil pans made of metal and the rest is
too but the oil pan tends to get a little more abuse than the rest of it so
I actually want to do a little rubbing buff here I’m going to use the silver
leaf rub and buff and I’m just going to put a little bit out here I’m gonna get
some on my q-tip and I’m gonna hit the high spots of my oil pan with a rub
enough and this will make it feel more metallic okay so let’s show you the
control this is the oil pan yeah pretty good okay this is look at the lighting
see that look at this I’m bringing you production value today that it’s the oil
pan before I’ve done this metallic pass and get some again some rubbing buff on
my on my q-tip and I’m just gonna hit the high points here and some of the
bolts with the metal yeah oh yeah you’re so amazing look at dad like magic
seriously seriously want to show you this your heads gonna explode it’s so
much fun so let’s get some yeah just gonna make
the corner stand out oh yes all right I know I’m making lots of exclamatory
noises but I really am having this much this much fun with this okay so here is
the oil pan after I have given it that silver pass I wish you could see it in
person because it’s really good I’m really happy with that it came out okay
so oil pan goes on there and there’s an e/m screw and I think there’s one
sitting there there it is okay so eeehm screw goes on and screwdriver that’s okay now I think I want to do a
little more rubbing and buffing before I move on to yeah
that’s okay so that’s the that’s the oh wow doing a whole 1/2 of the engine nice
okay so now I think it’s time to do some more weathering on this guy let’s see
how we’re doing time she I can close that quit good yes
I’m hearing that it’s going well hello everybody
and we were host Adam Savage your host of what your host of whatever you want
uh I used to host Mythbusters Mythbusters junior Unchained reaction
dangerous toys savage builds now I am hosting my own build of the ecto-1 here
in my cave and the stage that we’re at with this ecto-1
is that I haven’t assembled part of the bell housing for the engine and I’ve
done a couple of rust passes and I’m about to do you know what I’m about to
actually do a black wash in acrylic and that will be curly
oh yeah there we go get a little acrylic tube there we go I have this particular thing you heard
that right you heard of my bunk bunk which meant it didn’t make it where I
was tossing it I am like the anti Steph Curry if I aim for something I’m gonna
miss it even if it’s right here if it’s right
here I throw it I’m like the opposite of the guy and wanted I can’t hit a fly’s
wings off in fact if you showed me a fly and aim the gun I would not be able to
shoot its wings off not that I would want to but it’s a that’s my point is
that I like have this this this I have this particular superpower and that I
can’t hit a basket no matter what so there we go there one second time’s a
charm I want to do a black wash on this because I’d like to pull out some of the
details I did a rust pass but it doesn’t quite work the oil pan looks great I’m
very happy with that but the rest of it still could use a little work I’ve got a
little rubbing alcohol here yeah okay so I’m gonna put some down on the sheet and
I’m gonna get a little bit of paint in the alcohol the rubbing alcohol helps
the paint get really really thin and because the rubbing alcohol is a
different solvent that doesn’t work as well on the lacquers I can give a kind
of a pass of the alcohol to this and then when I hit it with some black paint
as a wash it’ll settle into the corners so that basically kind of the alcohol
helps the black paint scale a little bit does that make sense
now I’m not positive that the rubbing alcohol isn’t gonna screw my lacquer
paint job well frankly I’m kind of okay with that there we go let’s see you know
what I kind of want to do I don’t want to hit this with compressed air that wasn’t bad at all one thing you
don’t want to do it’s like you don’t want to use the same solvent that’s
working on your paint and then it’s going to start yanking your old paint
job off right you’re happy with that paint job yeah so now I’m just gonna
like start to use some paint to haul out for separating details now it’s telling
a story yeah see anytime you see a cool look mostly what I’m doing is I’m
looking for the high spots I’m looking for anything that catches my attention
in the right way or the wrong way and which one is though is the is the
whether it’s right or wrong that it’s catching your attention for the right or
wrong reasons that’s just something you learn over time but really any designer
when they’re looking at anything is simply looking for the most obvious
problem to solve and then moving on from there okay that’s better you may have to
tackle that again a little later but that’s not so bad
okay so now I want to do again the the rubbing and the buffing is that the
rubbing buff pass/no there it is there’s my brother buff past cute kid so get
that on the q-tip and now we’re gonna just sort of hit the hit the high spots
again this is what’s amazing about the rubbin buff is when you put it on like
this this is a tech this is a sort of a modified dry brushing technique is that
you’re laying a metallic sheen over a paint job
and yet the effect is that it looks like the metallic is being revealed under the
paint job that’s the kind of magic trick that happens with rub and buff when you
do it like this is because your q-tip or your brush or rag you’ve got to rub
on because it’s hitting the high spots it’s actually hitting the parts of your
build that would have been worn down by average by normal use right and
therefore when your eye looks at it it tells us very convincing story to your
eye that this is an old part that has been handled many times and is
weathering so that the paint comes off and you can start to see the metallic
sheen underneath now I’ve worn out this q-tip so ya miss the garbage can right
over there that’s my skill all right oh it looks like we’re about to have a
visit from my shop assistant so now I want to do these guys these the long
lines on the bell housing that it’s gonna be look at you hi Maggie how are
you sweetie she uh she has this preternatural
ability to tell to come over and tell me it’s time for her walk she’s been
wondering why everyone’s in such a weird mood I wonder sometimes when dogs see
humans like you know I’m sure all of you dog owners out there your dogs can tell
that you’re stressed but they’re not sure why and they kind of they’re
looking to you quizzically for like what is the what’s the frequency Kenneth they
kind of they want to know what’s going on with you alright so now I’ve added a
metallic pass to this and I feel like now it’s looking much more like a
awesomely beat-up piece of engine hardware I know I’ve gone really
overboard with this but that’s that’s my prerogative we’re gonna wrap this up soon mm-hm and
then I’ll take you for a walk around the block
and then it’ll be time for dinner Oh sweetness she’s an excellent shop
assistant she’s getting he used to be a few years ago she did not like the sound
of the tools and would basically like be standing by the door like I don’t want
to be here and so I didn’t bring her to the shop for a long time and then she
went to be honest okay so I’m gonna put that there I’m pretty happy with it it
could modify it and I might but for right now it’s fine I’m not gonna put
too much away cuz we’re just about to get back into this now that’s great
missed again this is the last tray tray number six of all of these parts stage
six left engine block dipstick and ignition wire Junction look at that I’ve
got a head cover that’s gonna be fun that’s going to be fun okay so the first
piece is this piece which looks like that and then there’s this thing which
goes there and it’s 2 d-m screws 1 and 2 and that’s it’s in the inside yes okay
so there we go I don’t know what you guys have been watching lately – by the
time I myself have found a tremendous solace from the incredible ensemble cast
of the West Wing yeah I’m finding that show I think it should be classified as
fantasy at this point but holy hell does it make me feel good to watch it
we’re in the middle of season 4 will Bailey’s season Josh Malina Josh I Love
You Man I loved you I like particularly I love
Josh Malina from sports night one of the greatest shows ever made
okay so now we’re attaching this one back back here and it goes to the all
right so this is bilaterally symmetrical and it’s another DM screw and that sits
right there oh my gosh I had a lovely conversation just before I came on with
Ken Patton Gail my friend who’s half of the milk carton kids he’s in Nashville national hey my heart is out to you
Nashville hit by a tornado and a coronavirus all within the same freakin
month well learned a lot about people all right the next one figure C is each
time all right that goes there and then this comes that
goes in there like that oh okay that that I’m gonna catch later
because I’m gonna paint that oh that’s the dipstick yeah I’m
definitely gonna paint that how are we doing on time
we’re 235 all right we’re gonna do this for another 25 minutes until three
o’clock and I’m gonna do this next week I’m not sure on what schedule Monday
Wednesday Friday I’m not sure but there will be more building here and like I
think I’m not sure I’m gonna get all this done today I can still keep working
on it and again
maybe maybe eagle Moss hello maybe eagle Moss wants to send me the
rest of this kit that’s fine if they don’t I can wait I can wait I’m a
patient man all right this is the exhaust manifold and they’ve actually
shot the exhaust manifold in a different color plastic a more metallic color that
is really awesome and this is the cylinder head cover is that what this is
yeah there it is okay so yeah let’s see I I think this is
a case right that’s it’s in there like that
yeah like that but see now I’ve got to make some choices about painting this
mofo and this once it’s on where does it sit it sits there yeah it sits there and
then this goes on top of that that’s the cylinder head cover yeah okay so I’m
looking at this arrangement and I’m thinking it’s time to it’s actually time
to look at more engine pictures so I have my neighbors having a smoke
I can I can smell my neighbor smokes outside but it drifts in here always
tell when it’s happening okay so the cylinder head covers are that blue yeah
underneath that it’s really hard to see it’s gonna get covered by the ignition
wires and oil pump and the air filter so you’re not gonna see a ton of that stuff
so I guess I couldn’t leave that and worry about painting it later
not the exhaust manifold should absolutely be a little more color varied
and in that regard that one went in the garbage can and bounced right out okay
so I think I’m gonna hit the exhaust manifold with a little bit of rub and
buff and maybe that’s going to be enough for me on this one and I’ll just like
I’ll wait until I have the whole engine together
because I’m definitely gonna paint the cylinder head covers as more of a
weathered metallic and I may make the two of them look slightly different so
now I’m just hitting the exhaust manifold with a whole bunch of rub and
buff I’m not trying to be subtle about this what I am trying to do is make it
look less monolithic less like all one color it’s been shot in a plastic that’s
a slightly metallic color of plastic which is good for accuracy but the
real-world most things I said this yesterday aren’t all the same color they
are they’re variables so just by hitting this a little rubbing buff I’ve made it
look a little less uniform now that goes there and this goes on with three AP
screws hells bells margaret we haven’t seen those in a while
one two three oh come now ah stop resisting that’s not a funny joke all
right I don’t know why this is being so recalcitrant okay there you go that’s it ah I see right the dipstick sits below
the exhaust manifold that’s why it has to get painted like that okay we’re
going to paint this dipstick we’re gonna paint this dipstick and we’re gonna do
it with do I have any local silver oh oh yes
with the molteau liquid chrome that’s what we’re gonna do here yeah we’re
gonna make or we’re gonna make our dipstick all chrome I believe that’s the
subtitle of Mad Max fury road I’ll let you work it out all right man this molto
chrome is you know what after sitting like this my back was killing me last
night I’ve been working hard today that sort of sit up straight yeah I had to
take some ibuprofen and a hot bath and a heating pad last night and I’ll tell you
about the heating pad Maggie can smell from about six miles away that someone’s
plugged in the heating pad and she like push you out of the way to get to that she’s sleeping on a sound blanket right
now so I don’t have to worry about the bottom of the big fixes you’re never
gonna see it and again what I’m really trying to do
is just to keep adding variation and variegation of the on the paint job so
that it feels more correct to scale yeah that’s just shoved in there all right all right there’s two more of these
eeehm screws that go in here yemm’s know a piece by I mean now I was glad that it
that they magnetized it because it held onto it didn’t let it go so back on the
in the old days of Mythbusters we we did the episode about pepper spray yeah we
didn’t episode about pepper spray right and in order to be able to work with
pepper spray they bought Jamie and I a pair of hazmat suits
this was a full kind with a big hood and a big shield and so for reasons that
should be totally clear I went to my storage space the other day to find that
hazmat suit and lo the bag is there that says Adams hazmat suit inside it is the
wrong house Med suit shit sorry uh yeah that’s kind of surprised so I don’t have
a hazmat suit I thought I did I was actually kind of really you know I like
having I like being well stocked as you could imagine it is it is a key
identifier to me all right so now this goes on right really okay yeah I guess I
have to put this on first okay that is the last part from this tray and
another tray tray number six bites the dust this has this it’s like that and oh okay
there’s this little tiny doohickey there would that lives yeah just like that and
then this oh yeah so it has that high spot
okay let’s cylinder head let’s hit this with rubbing buff yeah okay that we’re
sure brother enough huh I think a little bit of lacquer thinner yeah yeah rubbing
off resolve rook I actually put the part in painting you might know okay so lacquer thinner definitely thins
out rub and buff so I’m going to hit this with some lacquer thinner
excuse me some rub and buff to make the cylinder heads look metallic yeah and
then I’ll hit them with some rust nice go in there too too too much too much
too too much egg sole and yeah yep yeah get it slightly more uniform yeah that
is looking like a part excellent okay so I’m happy with that right out a little bit now that we
rubbed it dry it out and then yes Maggie we will go for a walk soon I promise okay oh yeah okay that it’s actually
pretty darn good-looking take a look at that that is that’s kind of great I may
change my mind about that later but that’s my prerogative because it’s just
some tiny screws holding it in so this puppy goes let’s see here that puppy
sits there and this is on top of that and these are BP screws four of them one
two three and four one a-two whoo you know I am a little
surprised that at the end of the day after all the episodes of Mythbusters we
did that we never did that how many licks does it take to get to the center
of it to the role of a Tootsie Pop that just strikes me as an egregious dereliction of our duty we even talked
about it at one point about making a moistur a constantly moisturized
motorized cow tongue that would lick a pop on a regular basis and that we would
calibrate that to a human’s I mean the machines that we could build for this
would be disgusting in the best way we never got around to it
can i I considered a kind of a personal failing and I’m gonna add a little more
of this rubbing buff here just a yeah that’s it ah screwed it up screwed it up
hold on I need more that’s it okay better better
that oh yeah yeah yeah good good all right now now that I’ve got the brush
all done I’m gonna defend it do some dry brushing here of the engine pieces yeah
that’s good and if I could do the pieces that
separate out from the other pieces that actually should help me with some
textural difference yeah that’s great so forgiving this process now oh yeah
and I can do the same thing on this guy here again as your brush dries it just
makes everything look even better oh come on come on
okay now – a peace Cruz a pig go thank you
for excellent and then this guy lives here and right
through this okay so see if I can get this in here I have such giant hands
giant fingers I got to get close to the light why is this so difficult
ah alright I need a new approach yeah so let’s get one of these up on here there
we go and then we’ll bring it up to this hey
that worked it’s almost like they magnetized the screwdriver on purpose
amazing it’s science okay there we go
second one is in the second red sport there’s a way okay we are doing really
well here this is attached to the other thing it does holy cow right so now
actually that we get to attach them we need a DM screw that is this one they’ve
been very generous with the screws so far I must say usually on the D’Agostino
Falcon each time you were done with the system you’d end up with just like a
couple of extra screws for each step you can go there and you can move back there
right this guy this guy sits like this and this guy comes over here like this
and lives like that yes yes yeah okay so we’ll get the DM screw on there and
we’ll get it up into the perfect dude it’ll be real fun to add all the
sparkplug wires and everything into this later on
once it starts to really get going but that right there is the rudiments of
part of the engine of the ecto-1 see how we’re doing on time
ah eight more minutes that is delightful so I’m gonna use that time to shake up
my grime get a little bit of that on here and in fact I think I’m gonna try a
little dry brushing of the grime so I’m gonna go for a kind of a rough brush
here and I’ll load it up and then I’m going to dry it off and just see about
yeah uh-huh I’m just gonna see about getting the grime on here in a lighter
pass well that’s it yeah you know it’s like you’re each of our intuitions about
what would actually yield the best result you know I I’m just guessing that
I wanted a harder brush but oh man was I right yes I wanted a harder brush for
that it gives me a little more control over how the grime sets down but I can
also see I’m in desperate need of some rubbin buff on this yeah okay we’ve got
some grime on the front there and I think actually so yeah I’m using two brushes now one is
the dry brush that puts on the grime and the other is just the one that moves it
around a little bit and creates a little more of a uniform you know you don’t
want anything that looks like a brush mark when you’re doing this so here I’m
just gonna show you up close here we go so this is a spot that I think could use
a little bit of grime so I’m gonna go in with a grime see how heavy the grime is
then I go in with a drier brush you see how much that kind of evens it out and
again that’s a fundamentally different texture than this and that’s what I’m
looking for I’m looking for my textures to kind of keep telling me the story
that this is an engine of separate component parts and pieces and that is
the story that I feel like it’s telling me so I’m pleased with it
so here I’ll show this again this this part could use some grime so I’m gonna
go into the grunt there it is that’s really heavy grime I’m gonna go in with
a second brush that wasn’t even dipped in paint this happens to be dry and then
I’m going in and now I’m taking off some that grime and I can even take more of
it with the claw off the high spots yeah great okay so now I think it’s time for
a little more rubbing and the buffing I sometimes like to lick my q-tips before
I dip them in the rubbin buff it just makes them a little more coherent as it
were and I’m just gonna be hitting some of this stuff all the bolt heads again
it really can’t be overstated how much during a rubbin buff pass on every bolt
head on your model is like a radical improvement over not doing it yeah I
didn’t really have a complete idea for that sense when I started it
oh yeah it’s funny it’s like are you ever gonna actually open an engine with
this many giant Phillips head screws probably not you know let’s get those
caps going mm-hmm and yeah ladies and gentlemen I
think that this as reasonable a place to stop as any
we now have a completed bumper with four of the fog lights wired up we’ve got a
hood with some excellent weathering if I say so myself weathering that I am very
pleased with let’s say on the front and the back and again there are many many
many many more months of pieces of this kit to assemble but this is the first
bit the next thing that will happen is it off-camera I will build a box that
sort of holds this project and allows me to put it away for periods of time and
then pull it back out I’ll probably build a foam core tray to be honest
probably about the size of this table about five inches high with some handles
on the side and that’ll allow me to kind of keep these parts together there
because I’m gonna put this away for whatever a month before the next pieces
arrived if they do and this is one of my key project management techniques is
making custom boxes for stuff so often the first passes that stuff will go into
a regular cardboard box so I could just keep it all together and then as I get
to understand the project and I see the periodicity that I’ll be working with it
that’s when I start to build custom cases for it and that just that makes
picking up a project much easier thank you for joining me everybody this was a
real pleasure and if I’m counting correctly we did not have a single
buffer today so all of your helpful suggestions yesterday work gangbusters
and maybe even we can turn on chat next time we do this I am I’m delighted to be
able to work a little bit alongside you all in your houses and your homes and
your hotels and all the places you might be stuck stranded or sequestered again
it’s vital that we social distance we have to flatten the curve of this thing
if we’re going to make it through this and we will make it through this it’s
going it’s going to be tough but we will make it through this
see you everybody it is my pleasure to invite you into the cave for a couple of
hours and I’ll do it again next week look for my Twitter feed and my social
channels for the announcement of the schedule and probably once we’ve got it
in burned in next week we’ll keep on going on that schedule until somebody
tells us not to or there becomes another kind of lockdown in that case will end
up in my house and I’ll be building in my house on multiple days per week thank
you have a wonderful day stay safe wear your masks wear your gloves and keep
supporting each other bye everybody all right let’s see here how do I stop

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    The other mods I got are from else where but not made specifically for this kit. I got a set of RC mini bolts in M1.6x4mm and M2.0x4mm in black to replace the phillips head screws in the engine with. I also got a bottle of model master Ford/GM Engine Blue to touch up these bolts for the thermostat housing and the valve covers while leaving them black on the bracketry.

    I also got a set of decals coming in for under the hood in 1/8 scale as well. One thing I will be doing different is the AC oil filter decal for the filter canister is supposed to be transparent showing white letters but this decal is printed on white decal paper so no transparent. I am going to try to use a hobby knife and cut the lettering out to transfer to a piece of masking tape to take and paint the lettering on instead.

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    4) under hood decal set (on ebay)
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  23. Uhmm, maybe mount the hairdryer below your bench and hose clamp a vacuum cleaner hose to it and see how the switch access works to be convenient to reach. The decibles are just a bit high in contrast to listening to your voise level. But having fun all the same. Great plan during these times I'm working on my videos and projects too and have you on too Ha! Thanks Eh!

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