Adhesion Promoter – Why it is important

Adhesion Promoter – Why it is important

In this video we will demonstrate why it is important to use adhesion promoter on bare plastic prior to painting. This polypropylene plastic was
left untreated on one half. The other half had Plastic Magic
Adhesion Promoter applied to it. After putting the industry-standard crosshatch
into the paint, we applied masking tape to each side. Without Plastic Magic the paint, will not stick. With Plastic Magic, the paint will stick. Remember to always use Plastic Magic on bare
plastic before applying primer or paint. Now we will demonstrate the importance of
using Filler Prep Adhesion Promoter on plastic prior to applying filler. When filler applied to polypropylene or TPO is sanded,
it is sometimes difficult to get a good featheredge. The edge of the filler will break loose from
the surface giving a stepped edge. This happens because the filler is not
getting a strong bond to the plastic. As you can see, the side without
Filler Prep does not featheredge well. While the side with Filler Prep
has an excellent featheredge. Remember to always use Filler Prep
on bare plastic before applying filler.

11 thoughts on “Adhesion Promoter – Why it is important

  1. I plan on refinishing the grille of my car would this be recommended beige or after a filler primer . I’m newish to this stuff

  2. And we have absolutely NO IDEA how he prepared either side! Complete propaganda. Plastic Adhesion promoters are used because of the various plastic release agents used to separate plastics parts from plastic molds! This video demonstrates exactly NOTHING!

    Prep a Toyota or similar, bumper with soap water scuff etc, on half and the SAME on the other half and add this adhesion promoter, then make this video, then I might think this is a decent product!

    This video shows EXACTLY NOTHING!

  3. I am trying to paint polyethylene hard hats. I need the paint to be durable enough to add and remove vinyl decals without coming off. The durability is so poor. Would this prevent that?

  4. View this video on on our website for more information:

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