Adventures in Home Improvement #1 – The Brown Bathroom

So, this is the project that I’ve been
working on for the past couple of weeks. This is the brown bathroom.
This was my aunt’s house and she was a smoker, and about ten years ago, she
decided she wasn’t gonna smoke in the house anymore. And, unfortunately,
it’s always either really hot or cold in New Orleans. Just really no in-between.
So when it was too hot, she couldn’t go sit out on the porch to smoke, and
when it was…you know…when wintertime came around, being kind of
elderly, she was cold whenever it got below sixty degrees. So when we got into
winter time, and those frigid 50 degree evenings, she wouldn’t go out on the
porch to smoke. So she decided she was gonna smoke in this bathroom. And she did
that for 10 years with no ventilation just a window open. But no forced air
ventilation. No exhaust fan. And so this is what happens to a closed
room that’s constantly being smoked in. And this is where I’m at now and I’m not
a painter I’ve never been good at, but I think I did a decent job here. I’ve got some
cleanup to do because I splattered paint all over the place. Gotta clean up the
edges a little bit but this is what it looks like with a couple of coats of
Killz, and a coat of exterior latex paint. I’ll put up new light fixtures.
That really illustrates what the cigarette smoke does. I’m going to get a
new switch for that, and new switch plates I guess I’ve still got a lotta cleaning up to
do. This door right here is the closet, and that’s paint. This was originally
painted white. That brown there is just from years of cigarette smoke. And so I’m
going to strip this door down. Just strip all the paint off of it and repaint it.
And then I’m going to do the door frame, because I didn’t do a very good job
of that. Another spot where you can really see.
I’m going to do this door frame separately also. I got this door down already It’s actually freezing outside right now.
The temperature hit 30 degrees last night, so I’m here at 5 o’clock in the morning just
to turn on some heat and get the house warmed up a little bit because I don’t
want I don’t want to have to worry about pipes
freezing. Another thing I didn’t do was this vanity. This has to be completely
painted because it also used to be white. Not the marble countertop. I think
it’s always kind of a yellow color but this is brown. You can see where something splattered on it here and liquefied the nicotine and left some dark splatters. That used to be the toilet paper holder,
and it had kind of a flower design on the part that covers up the screws So this is what I’ve been doing when I’m
not working on 504 Road Trips. Anyway, we’ll have a new video out on the 18th.
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