Affordable Hamptons Style Home Decor Haul!

Affordable Hamptons Style Home Decor Haul!

Hi guys welcome to Hampton Your House. If
we haven’t met before, my name is Belle and my channel is all about bringing the
Coastal Hamptons vibe to your house with DIYs tips and tricks and all on a budget,
so if that sounds like something you’re interested in, please consider
subscribing which is absolutely free by the way, and hit the notification bell,
then you’ll know whenever a new video is up. Today I’m bringing you an inexpensive
Hamptons Style homewares haul. All of these items were carefully chosen. I
tried to find the best value for money and the best quality on a budget, to get
the Coastal Hamptons look without breaking the bank. I have a bonus tip for
you too so be sure to watch all the way to the end. I was lucky enough to visit
the beautiful Early Settler store recently and I discovered they have some
very affordable Hamptons Style homewares, especially ginger jars, temple jars and
blue and white vases and jugs. If you’ve been wanting to add some of these
items to your decor on a small budget, Early Settler have some gorgeous small
items, like this ginger jar for $10, this bowl with a lid for $8, and my
favourite – this cute mini temple jar for only $5. So if you buy small items like
these you can create the same sort of Hamptons Style vibe at a small fraction
of the cost. I should also point out that Early Settler also have a larger temple
jar for only $49 which is also pretty reasonable. If you’re after a large jar
but you don’t want to spend much, check out my video on DIY ginger jars
where I up-cycled some old tins from the local buy and sell page into beautiful
Hamptons Style coffee table pieces. I’ll link it for you below
and up in the cards next up we have Kmart. Kmart has so many great products on
offer these days, but the two things I picked up this time we’re this glass
fishbowl vase and tea towels. Now if you’ve followed my channel for any
length of time, you would know that I make Hamptons Style cushion covers out of
tea towels, and that’s what I’ll be using these tea towels for. If you’d like to
see how to make them yourself, check out the link in the description box below or
up in the cards. These tea towels are great because the stripes on them look
almost like rope – very nautical. They’re going to make some beautiful cushions!
They were $5 for a set of three. And the fishbowl vase is something
that’s often used in Hamptons styling – usually with some beautiful hydrangeas
in it, This one was just $10 and it’s a bit larger than I was hoping for,
but I thought I’d give it a try anyway. Now we’d better talk about hydrangeas
while we’re on vases. I picked up these long stem hydrangeas from The Reject
Shop for around $3.50 each and I’ve cut the stems shorter. I think
for the price point they’re quite nice ones but obviously the more you spend,
the more realistic they’ll look. There are lots of places you can find hydrangeas
these days. They have some quite nice ones at Cheap as Chips for $6
a stem and they have a great range at Early Settler too, which are higher
quality again and slightly on the pricier side, but you can always watch
for a sale to get some bargains! Now I just wanted to quickly mention this grey
faux rattan tray that I bought from Cheap as Chips a few months ago for
$18, which was an absolute bargain price, and it’s really strong and
nice quality, and the fact that it isn’t real rattan is great for me because it
means that it’s so much easier to clean. So if you know what things to look for
for your decor items, then when you see something like this,
you’ll know it’s a great buy. Trays like these are perfect for keeping on your
coffee table to provide a base for decor items and help tie them all in together,
or just to keep your remotes in order. Finally, I picked up a few items from
IKEA. I found this lovely stripey throw rug with a bit of a fringe on it. It was
on sale for $15 down from $20, and everything will be linked for you below
by the way if you want to check it out. This rug will work really nicely with
Hamptons Style decor. Next is this long black frame which was $12.99. I’m not
really gonna talk about this one now because I’m going to use it for an
upcoming DIY, so watch out for that one soon. Next we have this awesome little
artificial plant. It was $5 and these are great, because if you have a little bowl
or pot, you can just drop this into it and it looks instantly amazing. And it
makes a beautiful little bit of greenery that you can add to a shelf, your bedroom
or bathroom, or even an outdoor area. And now it’s time for our bonus tip. If
you’ve watched any number of home design shows, I’m sure you would have
come across the cushion-karate-chop phenomenon – you know, how people karate
chop their cushions to make the cushions look more comfortable? Well, I’m not sure
if this is the same in other countries, but the cushion inserts that usually
come with cushions in Australia are just normal wadding and I’ve tried and tried,
but you just can’t get a good karate chop look with these cushion inserts.
Well I’ve finally found the solution and though this may have been obvious to
some people, I’m gonna share it with you anyway just in case. You need duck
down cushion inserts, just like this one which I found at IKEA for $10. Check
this out. Problem solved! I was super excited when
I discovered it so I just wanted to share it with you guys. Well I hope you
learned a lot from this video. Hopefully it’s helped you to think outside the box
a little bit with your home decor items and hopefully it will help you to save
some money as well when it comes to decorating your house. I had a lot of fun
putting this together for you. If you liked it please give this video a big
thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to Hampton Your House so you don’t miss
anything new. Thanks so much for watching guys, and I’ll see you in my next video.

6 thoughts on “Affordable Hamptons Style Home Decor Haul!

  1. Okay now I am going to get my fish bowls out of the cupboards put my hydrangeas in them and go to early Settler on Thursday. Thanks for the inspiration xx

  2. Hey, Belle. New subbie. I love all blue and white chinoiserie, too. Such a classic look that never goes out of style. The down/feather filling in pillows makes a huge difference in how the pillows look and in keeping their shape. Love the tips!

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