Affordable Home Decor

Think you can spot a bargain. This living
room is filled with affordable home decor ideas you can use. In a room without any built-in
fireplace or trim work, add structure with a two-tone paint jack. Use a light and dark
shade from the same paint strip. Create your own artwork. We made these using crafts paint
and vegetable stamps. Pillows out of pop. It can be bought for a saw but it’s easy to
saw your own. This white bolster was made from a table runner. Mirrors work wonders
in any room even a simple one paired with a few accessories can make a statement. Don’t
be afraid to customize. Sometimes, bargains can be Plain Jane but paint or embellishments
can add a pop. These metal etageres were updated with spray paint. For added color, the undersides
of the glass shelves were coated in vibrant orange spray paint. Trim out simple solid
curtains with wide grow green ribbon for easy customization. Shop clearance racks in secondhand
stores and get creative with DIY customization for truly unique and affordable home décor.

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