AFFORDABLE ROSS HAUL | Room & Home Decor Haul !! 2019

AFFORDABLE ROSS HAUL | Room & Home Decor Haul !! 2019

she’s so cute guys! look at her! Just look at her ahhhh Hey guys! welcome or welcome back to my channel my name is Johanna and on today’s
video I will be doing a Ross room decor haul for you guys! Of all the current
things that I purchased at Ross recently So I hope you guys enjoy this

69 thoughts on “AFFORDABLE ROSS HAUL | Room & Home Decor Haul !! 2019

  1. Wow, I love those baskets that you got I’m a big fan of wicker things!😍 I never shopped at Ross, but I’m gonna have to go and see because I wanna redecorate my room now🤣🤣

  2. I'm allll about having a GOOD pillow lololol😊💖🌻💛 Love your curtains too! You got some great things to store things too! They would be cute for brushes!😊💖🌻

  3. Nice video dear.. And your doggie is so adorable. Hey new friend added in your YouTube family dear all the way from India and I would love if you could also be a part of my YouTube family dear and let's just stay connected

  4. this is so pleasing to watch i love this!!! also ur dog is the cutest omg💗💗new subbie hope we can support eachother 👼🏻💗

  5. hi! i'm also small youtuber like you. so subscribe my channel, I will subscribe you back.❤
    if you interested please reply.☺

  6. Aww you have such great style! ❤️ I cant wait to see more videos! I just subbed and I hope we can support each other’s channels! ☺️

  7. aloha friend,
    lovely stuffs youve got from Ross..
    they have a lot of great stuffs at affordable rates
    your dog is pretty😍

  8. When I saw your LAPTOP DESK I was like oh cool she has a mini table so she can have lots of snack in bed and then it came up with typing saying laptop desk and I was like oh oh cause I’m thinking about food hahaha

  9. awww your dog!! plus i love your purchases! now i just need the money to fulfil my dreams HAHA love your editing, personality and vibe! Please oh pls post more soon & keep up the great work!! P.S. Another small YouTuber here, and I would love your support! ❤️

  10. yess i needed some inspiration for my apartment! love your channel just subbed! let’s support eachother 🥰

  11. Fun! I am a new sub and I have tapped the bell for future videos. I have a channel too if you want to come check it out that would be greatly appreciated! Thank You❤️❤️❤️

  12. oh girl i love the gold pencil holder and the wooden baskets you got!! I feel like they match everything!

  13. Hello Johanna. nice content. a cute dog and great stuff and decoration. Thanks for sharing. keep it up. and i am hoping to be your friend. thanks love. hug from Philippines

  14. Love the stuff you got there 😍 Just joined you here hope we can support each other and stay connected. 💖

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