5 thoughts on “Air Diffusers, Registers and Grilles For Your Home Improvement Project – Younits.com [HD]

  1. I'm replacing an electric wall heater (16 W x 9in H grille) with a unit that is slightly smaller (14 x 8 in grille), can I just use a steel air return grille (16×10) to cover the opening since the grille that comes with the new unit will be too small to cover the hole? Is there any fire danger in using an air return grill for a heater vent as long as the grille is made of steel?

  2. you call it a tough box but on your site I put that in your search box and see no link to the product. Also not seeing it anywhere else

  3. found it, even though the google return for your company has it spelled tough box. I will pass though due to the high price

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