Air lift cleaning a well 100 gpm

Air lift cleaning a well 100 gpm

Cleaning a well with air 1/8 speed The engine and hydraulics were cold so we had to start slower the second time The well is 13′ to water and 36′ deep 6″ pvc casing with 20′ .020″ perforated The blower is about 300 cfm at 15 psi We had 1 1/4″ pipe down the hole that limited our air somewhat. 1/8 speed 100 gpm + – After 15 minutes blowing. After 1 hr 15 min. blowing Thanks for watching

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  1. Hello. We are a well service contractor and interested in way you connected the pipeline. Could you please show me how the pipes are connected and what are used in it? Thank you sir.

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