Aladdin & Jasmine Light Up Canvas DIY (Room Decor)

Aladdin & Jasmine Light Up Canvas DIY (Room Decor)

Hey guys, it’s Kristin! And today I thought
I’d show you how I made my light up Aladdin and Jasmine Canvas, it’s very similar to the
Ariel one that you guy liked so much so I thought I’d show you how I made this one.
So I got these canvases at Walmart and they are very thin and easy to poke holes into.
they have an adhesive backing so you can stick them on your wall or locker, but I just decided
not to use that part. I painted the whole canvas with black acrylic paint and drew out
the design that I wanted to use. I taped the design to the back side of that canvas so
I wouldn’t chip the paint off as badly when I poked the holes into it. Then i grabbed
a safety pin and got to work! I just used my picture as a pattern and started poking
holes along the lines. And that’s really all you have to do! Oh and don’t forget to poke
a ton of holes into the moon to make it extra bright and concentrated. And of course we
can’t forget all the shiny little stars. Just take your time and go slowly, especially around
the more detailed parts like their faces. This project can be kind of tedious, but it’s
definitely worth it when you have a nice pretty canvas in the end. And if your hand starts
to hurt, you can always just take a break. And after you’ve poked all the holes into
the canvas, you can go ahead and remove the pattern. And after that, all you have to do
is tape some string lights onto the back and plug them in and you’ll have a pretty light
up canvas to enjoy at night. Thank you guys so much for watching and i will talk to you again soon!

7 thoughts on “Aladdin & Jasmine Light Up Canvas DIY (Room Decor)

  1. Can you pplleeaassee do one on a frozen picture? My cousins birthday is coming up and I really want to do her one xx

  2. Do you think if I used white acrylic paint would the light show through? Also, do you think of I used white spray paint would the light show through? I'm wanting to make something like this and wondering if either or will work. Looking forward for your reply. P.S really good video I enjoyed it 😊

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