Algonquin College Interior Decorating Program

[MUSIC]>>My name is Shannon Smithers-Gay and I am from
the interior decorating program. A new student coming into the program can
expect to learn about color materials and finishes, for commercial and residential
applications, everything from auto CAD to basic drafting skills, color rendering,
drawing techniques. It’s a really wide range of of information
in two years that they, they gather. The work placement aspect of the interior
decorating program takes place in the final semester of the program. It is for one day a week for eight
consecutive weeks, and we assist them finding the area of the
industry that interests them the most, and that could be anything from kitchen and
bath design to new home design centers. The program is best suited for students
that are fundamentally creative well organized, have the ability to work and
enjoy working in group and team settings. And our students are backgrounds of all
different kinds, whether they’re coming straight from high
school or moving into second careers. [MUSIC] Subtitles by the community

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