AliExpress Gadgets review | Electronics and home decor items

AliExpress Gadgets review | Electronics and home decor items

Bonjour, my dear Aliholics. Today we will see some things from AliExpress
that I have around my house. There is about $150 worth of different stuff
that I have in transit to me right now and if you haven’t subscribed yet, welcome,
and consider following my channel for more cheap useful and useless things. As always, links to all products are in the
description of the video. This realistic dog pillow is something that
I bought for my dog, Lady, so that she doesn’t feel lonely when she’s home alone. Turns out she doesn’t care for it, but the
pillow remained so I placed it in the corner of my room on Lady’s bed. During a house party I found a group of my
slightly inebriated friends standing next to it with tears in their eyes. Turns out they thought I got another dog that
has no legs. Some lulz were had, so I have kept this pillow
for purely entertainment purposes. Here is a moon mousepad that I use as my main
pad at home. My table has a glass see-through top so the
laser mouse I currently use doesn’t work with it. The mousepad has been around for over a year
now, and it hasn’t worn at all. I have recently started playing Counter Strike
again, and I find that the pad is a bit too small for gaming, but is okay for general
browsing and video editing, which is what I use the computer the most for. The next thing is this Divoom timebox speaker. I have a dedicated video review for it if
you want to learn more about all of its features. It has 121 individual pixels that can show
time or images of your choice. It works as a clock, alarm, it shows notifications
like text messages when connected to the phone. For the images that it shows you can either
pick one from a ton of available options from the library, from which I much better prefer
the ones generated by other users, or you can draw your own. There is an option for the background sounds
like nature, rain, ocean and stuff like that for people who need extra help going to sleep. As a speaker it does a decent job, it’s
relatively loud and the bass is acceptable. The plastic case is strong and sturdy, and
it overall feels like a more high-end speaker, except for the sound depth, which is pretty
average for this price category. Here is an LED strip that makes my table look
like one of those cool YouTuber gamer tables. There is a ton of different LED strip cable
option on AliExpress, I have paid around $8 for this particular one. I have previously had it on the TV, but recently
decided to relocate it, hence the additional tape on it. The length is 2 meters. I have it in waterproof coating, which isn’t
really necessary but it would help if I spill something on the table, and the waterproof
option costs only a dollar more which I think is fair for the extra piece of mind. This is a Xiaomi Mijia light. It is motion-sensitive and is operated by
3 AA batteries. But since I only had 1 AA left, I used AAA
with some tinfoil in between which is a pretty handy lifehack. The light has 2 intensity modes, and can be
placed anywhere you need it. The thing that is probably my favourite out
of this entire video, apart for the last item is a memory foam pillow. I have 2, the more expensive one is the firm
one. Both pillows are shaped in a way that lifts
up my neck and relaxes the shoulders. It is amazing and really helps me sleep. I generally sleep on my side, and it works
for any type of sleep. The soft one was purchased for my new lady
friend, Anna, who likes it, but I prefer the firmer one as I feel that it provides more
support. Here is a clothing organizer, something that
I have never thought I would ever buy from AliExpress. I can’t find one like that on sale anymore,
but I wanted to show it anyway to help you broaden your horizons and see that there is
a lot more things than you can think of. I will link a very similar one. It comes disassembled, and you can put it
together according to your needs, and make it taller or shorter. I don’t really use it anymore as I have
reorganized my room and I have no place for it, and since my ex has moved away I have
a lot more room in the main closet, but when needed I can easily put it back together. It takes about 10 minutes to do that. Once assembled, it is reasonably sturdy, but
I wouldn’t overload it with too many heavy winter coats as it might get crooked. Flash drives from AliExpress sometimes have
bad rep, but I have never had any problems with them. This one, shaped as an ice cream has a 4Gb
capacity, and I use it to move smaller files between computers. The only problem I see with it is that a flat
earther might eat it. And here is mini unboxing video that you may
have seen on my Instagram. Here we have a Pepe flight mask that I has
adjustable eyes. I really hate the fact that Pepe has been
hijacked by some alt-right groups, and to me he still has a good old meme feel to it. There is a playlist dedicated to all the unboxing
videos linked here, and on the left is a video suggested by YouTube algorithm specifically
for you. Cheers!

10 thoughts on “AliExpress Gadgets review | Electronics and home decor items

  1. The dog pillow just freaks me out Hahahah. Cool video though, I did see some things from previous vids like the motorcycle 3D light. I do have the slightest idea that there's not much "new stuff" being put on aliexpress, all I see is the same things from the last 4 years. Can you maybe make a vid about new aliexpress thingies?

    Thanks again for a few minutes of my time well spent/wasted, I really like your content

  2. Hey Aliholic, just wanted to say thank you for these awesome videos, they're really helpful. Just ordered my first couple items of AliExpress because of your videos!

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