AliExpress Unboxing and review: Home Decor and Gadgets | + 4 UNIQUE products

AliExpress Unboxing and review: Home Decor and Gadgets | + 4 UNIQUE products

Howdy there, my dear Aliholics! The Anniversary sale is starting tograbday,
there are some sweet sale deals to be taken advantage of, and if you were quick enough
to grab some $2 coupons, congratulations, you can start spending them. There is another coupon game going on, the
link for which I will leave in the description of the video. Today we have a few new products to unbox,
and after this there will be 4 more interesting gadgets that you can scoop for yourself today. The first item arrived in this plastic envelope. This is something I have seen in other people’s
homes, thought it was pretty cool, and decided to get it for myself. Here we have a magnetic knife holder. There were options for different lengths,
this one costs around $7. The holder comes with the mounting hardware,
which are these two plastic clips that I ended up not using, and 2 bolts that I have screwed
into the kitchen drywall. The knife holder is a little over 1 feet long,
and it can hold 5 to 7 knives depending on their size. I have 5 that I use depending on the task
and their cleanliness, and the holder is able to support their weight. The magnets is really strong. I left the knives on it overnight and from
what it looks like, they have not even moved. The second item today is this dumb thing that
we have seen in the last $5 AliExpress best-sellers video, which costs less than $2. Here we have an emergency crank charger. I say emergency, and it might be the first
world privilege talking, because I have a strong suspicion based on my personal experience
that nobody in their right mind will be using it as their primary charger. The device is quite portable. The handle can be tucked in so that it’s
harder for it to break off. What I found interesting that it works only
when you crank it forward. There is a small bulb on the front that lights
up to indicate that it is working. I couldn’t find the USB voltage meter, but
when I tested it with my phone it showed that it was being charged pretty much right away. Based on the information in the listing, if
my calculations are correct, it would take about 8 hours to charge the phone to full,
but if it’s the only option, it will definitely do the trick. The third item is an LED strip which I was
quite disappointed with. The reason I bought it is because the product
picture showed it as a 4-piece light that would go on each edge of the screen or a TV,
but what I got was just once piece. To be fair, the description clearly states
that the 1 meter piece, which is what I bought, only comes as one piece, and I should’ve
done more due diligence when buying it. I could’ve gotten a better deal because
1-meter strips like this usually cost around $3, while I paid $5 for this one. The strip however works fine and I don’t
think that I will be making a dispute. It is not waterproof, and it comes with a
remote control, that did not have a battery inside. The last item is something that I have been
thinking about buying for a while now. I will shut up for a little bit before it
is out of the box to create some mystery. It came with the tripod, which actually a
selfie stick with a small tri-legged stand. The selfie stick was nothing special, the
stand was quite nice and sturdy. The light comes with a ball bearing, which
gives it more flexibility. The light can work with a power bank, which
gives it more practicality. When the selfie stick is extended all the
way out, it tilts to the side which is something to watch for. The light is 16 cm or about 6 inches in diameter. It has three color modes, and a brightness
adjuster, and it is pretty bright at the maximum setting. Since it is quite small, you have to bring
it way up close to yourself if you are looking to get the cool halo effect in your eyes,
you need to bring it up way close to yourself. Overall, for $15 with shipping I did not thin
it was a bad deal, and I can definitely use it for future unboxing videos. Now for other stuff. If you tend to forget your sunglasses or think
they are not convenient to carry around, this might be a solution to your everyday struggles. These glasses fold in the middle, and also
have foldable arms that you can spank, I mean slap around things for portability. When not folded, the arms are sturdy and seem
to have functionality akin to the regular glasses. I have ordered a pair to see how they work
in real life. A sub-$3 dollar deal is a pretty sweet sale
deal. Night acrylic lights can be bought between
$4 and $14 dollars. There are options that just have one color,
and some of them have several color options. This is the first item that I have tested
on this channel. Some models come with a remote control. They can also be powered by a power bank. I will link a store that specializes in them
in the video description. Smartphone and action camera stabilizers used
to be expensive, but now they are not anymore. I remember seeing one about two years ago
for $100, and now they are half that price. This 2-axis model is battery-operated, and
it turns on by a single button. Here we have a very peculiar device that will
turn your smartphone in a small TV. It is based on the principle of Fresnel lens. It gives a magnification effect, which makes
the smartphone more convenient to use for watching stuff.

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  1. Hi Aliholic, great video. Enjoyed this just as much.
    One question, what's the song you used starting from 3.30 till the end?

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