All About Picture Framing : How to Finish the Back of a Picture Frame

All About Picture Framing : How to Finish the Back of a Picture Frame

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Debbie Reeves
at John’s Design Center and I’m here to tell you about custom picture framing. Now you
always want to have bumpers. What bumpers do for your picture is keep it away from the
wall just a hair, so that you get air circulation back there. If you didn’t do that, and your
wall got moisture in it, it would put mold in the back of your picture. So, now I’m going
to put hangers on it. I use these little kind of hangers here. They screw on. The way you
do it is you take your tape measure and you measure your frame. It comes to twenty seven
inches. You want to go a third down. So, you have to divide that into approximately a third,
so that’s about eight and a half inches. So, you put your finger at eight and a half and
you get a little all, and you poke just a tiny little hole. Now, I’ve chosen the half
inch screws and just put my little screw in there. That’s really important that you don’t
put this too high or too low. You want to go one third of the way down from the top.
Okay. Now you have to choose which type of wire you want to use. This is a very light
picture so I’m going to use a number four wire. You put it through, but it’s real important
to put it through a second time. This way it’s going to be very secure. Then you just
wrap it around very close until you get to the end. Then you want a little bit of an
arch on it. So, I just put a little dent where that’s going to go on. I give you about that
much; about three inches. I do the same thing on this side; put it through a second time,
wrap it around and now I want you to be able to go home and hang this right on your wall,
so I give you the proper size hangers. On a picture like this, I like to use two hangers.
So, when you put it on your wall, it’s going to stay nice and flat. So, I put these on
the back for you. Then I normally put our little tag, so you know who to call the next
time you need something framed. There you go. You have a beautiful back and you have
a beautiful front, ready to hang on your wall.

17 thoughts on “All About Picture Framing : How to Finish the Back of a Picture Frame

  1.   I too would like to find a tutorial on what the material is that you put on the back and how you put it on. I couldn't find any when I searched.  Thanks

  2. Great video, thanks for sharing your expertise! My question to experts is [for original Oil Paintings] if using the back paper is necessary at all? or if Yes then cutting a hole in the middle of it is necessary (due to concerns of temperature and humidity differences in the room and the space between the canvas and paper)? Please, write only if you know from experience. Thanks

  3. I'm actually trying to remove an old painting from a custom frame and after removing the brown paper from the back there's another backing material. Almost like canvas. I'm afraid to start ripping but don't know what the best way to get the picture out would be.

  4. I'm looking for how to finish the backing of a framed item, not how to install wire. Do you have a video like that?

  5. You can use Woodprix, it has the best handbooks and ready instructions. You can learn much from them and make it yourself.

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