All About Picture Framing : How to Fit Your Canvas Into a Picture Frame

All About Picture Framing : How to Fit Your Canvas Into a Picture Frame

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Debbie Reeves
at John’s Design Center and I’m here to tell you about custom picture framing. Now we are
going to fit this canvas that we built the frame for. So what we do is, we put the canvas
inside. We do not use glass whenever you are using a canvas. And what we are going to use
is offset clips (they are these little tiny clips here). We just need to put four of them,
it doesn’t take very many. I put little bumpers on them because these don’t fit just right,
so we have to make it fit. Okay, now we take our drill and we want to drill these into
the frame. This is going to hold the canvas in without damaging the frame, the wood or
anything. It is nice and safe. Be very careful with the frame because it is face down and
you don’t want to scratch it. So, we put all four on, okay. Now, you find the top and you
want to have that next to you. So, here’s the top. Now what we want to do is put paper
on the back. You can either use brown paper, or I’m going to use black paper. So I’m going
to tear a piece of paper off, and I’m going to set it right here. Now because this is
a canvas and it’s higher here than here, I’m going to use that double stick tape like we
used when we were putting the mats together. So, what I do is I just put it all the way
around the frame, and press it down nice and tight. You don’t want to go right up against
the frame because otherwise, then you are trying to peel off the paper because it sticks.
So I put it about an eighth of an inch away from the edge of the frame. Then, I take the
little paper off. Again, try to keep your table clean. Now I take my paper and I just
put it right on the edge. Then I get to this edge. It’s a little tricky because it has
some height up here. So I start in the middle and work myself to each end (each corner)
with a little crease.
This makes…what it does is it’s called a “dust cover.” If you didn’t put this on this
oil painting, you’d get spiders and dust and all kinds of things in the back of your picture.
Take a regular razor blade and I use my finger as my guide and I cut all the way around.
Now, I’m going to use my thumb as my guide and the paper should just peel right off.
See how nice and clean the back looks?

27 thoughts on “All About Picture Framing : How to Fit Your Canvas Into a Picture Frame

  1. What I don't understand, though, is how you frame a canvas when it sticks out of the back. I'm trying to figure out how to frame a canvas that sticks out about a half an inch from the back of the frame.

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but surely that black paper isn't restricting air to the oil paint any more than the layers of sealer/gesso under the paint would be?

  3. this is from the AIC website: "One of the simplest and most important preservation steps you can take is to have a protective backing board attached to paintings. A Fome-Cor (or archival cardboard backing) secured to the reverse of a painting with screws (not staples or tacks) will reduce exposure of the canvas to rapid environmental changes, keep out dust and foreign objects, and protect against damage during handling.

  4. Be sure that the backing board covers the entire back of the picture; do not leave air vent holes, which can create localized environmental conditions and lead to cracks in paint. The backing board should be attached to the reverse of the stretcher or strainer, not to the frame. Have a conservator or reputable framer attach it for you.

  5. How are silk-screen prints usually framed? I had a silk-screen framed before and they used the white foam-core backing that's like clamped into the metal frame with metal bits (sorry, I don't know the terminology). While my most recent print (a very valuable one) had a thick black paper type material glued to the back of the wooden frame. This frame was larger than the previous though… and the print was matted.

  6. You don't put a thick canvas inside a frame that doesn't have enough room for it so that the canvas sticks out past the frame in the back! Fail.

  7. This was very helpful as I am starting to do this myself as an artist for the first time but thanks Bandmom010 for the common sense comment of making sure the canvas dont stick out of frame!

  8. thanks for this great tutorial.  I would like to know though what is the black fabric on the back of the painting and how was it attached?  Thanks

  9. I made it yourself thanks to woodprix plans. I think it's the best way to learn how to build it in the cheapest way.

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