hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I am going to take you through basically my entire house they’re also going to be hit cleaning out and reorganizing my fridge but I figured this would be perfect timing because I know a lot of you guys have family coming in for the holidays or it’s just a really busy time of year and our housework definitely kind of goes to the wayside so I wanted to give you guys some clean motivation in a lot of it so let’s get to it okay so the first thing that I wanted to do is just go around the main level and empty out all the trash cans let me know if you guys usually are the ones to do this or if you have someone else in your family take care of the trashes usually this is our kids job but our trash is just really need to be taken out and they were at school when I was starting to clean today and so I just went ahead and did it myself and then once all the trashes were taken out I moved into the kitchen and started tidying up all the countertops if you guys watch my videos you know that I pretty much always start in my kitchen I feel like I’m such a creature of habit when it comes to cleaning but like I said in the past the reason I do this is because it is definitely my domino chore again if you have been with me for a while you guys know exactly what a Domino tour is when I talk about it but a Domino chore to me is just something that really kind of motivates you to continue on so once you start this chore it motivates you to keep on going and just start tackling other areas in your house and for me my kitchen is definitely my Domino chore let me know if you guys have a domino tour too or if you just kind of clean whatever you see is sturdy for me it definitely makes a huge difference if I clean starting out with one of my domino cards gotta get it right now yeah for sure so if you saw my recent video where I shared several healthy meal ideas for Thanksgiving or the holidays or honestly just any time in general if you want to get some new meal ideas a lot of you guys had asked me if we just basically made a whole Thanksgiving dinner early and the answer is yes I really wanted to share those recipes with you guys and just give some different ideas so I ended up making a Thanksgiving dinner of last week and that way I was able to film that and share those recipes with you guys and after we were all done eating my kitchen was a disaster because of course I was filming and cooking all day long and so I figured that would be perfect motivation to share with you guys so I actually filmed a cleaning video after that and I will be sharing that later this week for you guys so please let me know in the comments would you guys like to see that on Thursday which would be Thanksgiving or would you rather watch on Friday morning let me know in the comments I would love to put that up whenever you guys are ready for it and I’m also going to be sharing putting up a Christmas tree in my office in that video and I cannot wait to share the entire thing so just let me know would you rather see that on Thursday or on Friday when I see you my heart starts racing I don’t know if I like this Jason and it’s a shame that my hands are shakin this all right once I had all of my dishes and my countertops all cleaned off I just started emptying out my fridge back onto my countertops this is how I do my fridge I will just pull every single thing out and that way I can go through and see if there’s anything that has been expired anything that we are no longer eating and I also just have a clean slate that I can just really wipe everything down pull everything out and get in all those little crevices and some while it makes a huge mess all over my countertops I feel like this is just the easiest way to get this done and the most thorough for sure unfortunately I do not clean this as often as I would like I feel like I’d go several months without really cleaning it I of course wipe down here and there but I don’t pull everything out on a super regular basis and I think you can definitely tell that when you see the inside of this fridge but let me know in the comments how often do you really clean your fridge like pull everything out and get everything totally clean so why so to organize my fridge I really wanted to do it on a very very small budget and so I got everything from Dollar Tree but I did even better than that because I also got cash back on my purchases I use the app top cash back and if you guys have been with me for a while you guys have probably heard me talk about them before I have been using them for probably close to a year now and I just love them if you are unfamiliar with them they are an app where you can basically just earn cash back on your online purchases they have over 4,000 retailers on their website like Hobby Lobby Walmart Target Dollar Tree I Kohl’s and the list just goes on and on so what you do is you just go on to their website or app and you search for the retailer that you’re looking for today I was of course looking for Dollar Tree to get the organizing bins for my fridge so once you start to the retailer that you’re looking for it will take you directly to their website and then you can just shop as normal and you will end up receiving the cashback for the items that you purchase and I also want to share with you guys something that I found out this last time when I ordered from Dollar Tree online so they have a new category at Dollar Tree called pick in pack I don’t know if this is actually new or if it’s just new to me but I was not aware of this before this but it’s really really neat because a lot of times we order from Dollar Tree online you have to buy things in large quantities but this way you’re able to buy items in smaller quantities like quantities of four which just makes the whole thing a lot nicer but either way I do love shopping at Dollar Tree online because they seem to have a larger selection and they also have more neutral colors online that are not always sold out another thing that I love about top cashback is they have no minimum payout so anytime you earn some cash back you can get that whenever you would like so I’m super excited to be teaming up with top cashback for this video and they are actually offering you guys a $10 signup bonus when you spend $25 through their app that is a super good deal because not only are you going to be getting your cash back for your purchases of the $25 but you will also get an additional $10 so you can save a ton of money that way top cashback is going to be super useful on all of the holiday shopping because I know that it can get really expensive this time of year so I will leave the link down in the description box so you can go ahead and get that $10 back and also let me know in the comments if you guys have ever used top cashback before and if you have where is your favorite place to shop online with them there’s something so the way that I like to organize my spaces is I will usually take empty bins and I will just set them in the fridge or whatever area I’m organizing and then I will kind of see how those bins are going to be spaced out and how they kind of fit in the area now the way have them laid out might change as I go but I have kind of like the rough layout figured out and then I can start filling out the containers and seeing how everything will actually work out no one’s gonna steal we don’t have the same much let our lab start I will stay with you until again we pay the back I want you close to me you give me what so anytime I show our fridge I always get a ton of questions on what kind it is and it is a samsung flex fridge we really love it because as you can see the bottom right can either become a fridge or a freezer and we definitely use it more as a fridge because we do have a deep freezer out in our garage and this way it makes it really easy to keep like kids snack foods and everything down here and that’s really how I wanted to utilize the space down in this bottom fridge was to organize all of this and accidently kids can just easily grab and everything is not just kind of thrown about everything has its own little place and I love how it turned out okay so how I have everything set up is I have veggies to cook deli meats and cheeses an empty bin to let us have room to grow veggies specifically for meals snacks and prepped veggies a container for all of our raw meats horse eggs a leftover bin and this is to keep all them in one place so nothing goes bad and then down in the bottom part of the fridge I just have some miscellaneous items in the bottom drawer and then of course we have some fresh first in the other drawer and then some kids snacks on the top shelf next I just wanted to give my counters a really really quick wipe-down because I did have all the food on them and then I’m also just wiping down the fridge and I’m just using my e-cloth general-purpose cloth along with my glass and polishing cloth to shine it up okay so one of the messiest areas in my house right now is my office I feel like it has become the biggest catch-all in our house and especially with like all the Christmas decor coming out and I’ve been kind of waiting to do some Christmas decor the items have just been kind of floating around the house like sometimes I will bring them out to the shed and then I’ll bring them back inside the house and then they’ll go in the basement for a little bit and they’ll bring them back upstairs and back into my room and then in the office and I am just so excited to finally get all of our Christmas decor out put all the bins away and just enjoy the house not feeling so crazy cluttered right now but seriously it has been a struggle the last few weeks so let me know if you guys have kind of felt the same I feel like by the time January hits I’m gonna be so ready I will just want to get rid of everything and just declutter so much and I just cannot wait to brought it on myself I was lying you’re falling to your still I was ringing the walls and never so to mop I’m just using my cloth aqua spray pop I love this mop so much I feel like I talk about it all the time but he’s just made mopping so much easier especially with having so much hardwood in our house it has just been a game changer it’s undeserving I just wanna know you wanted deserve it was available you were carried along the balls gaming we were crumbling going on the grid cleaning this and doing my fridge took so long on this day especially just because I had to keep stopping and going I know you guys didn’t see that a lot but there were just a lot of personal things going on on this day and so it definitely took me a long time to get all of this done however once I got all of it done it just felt like a big breath of fresh air and it felt like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders I don’t know about you guys but when my house is clean and tidied up it just feels so peaceful to me and I feel like I can conquer a lot more and I like I can just deal with the stresses of life a lot better Oh by this time it was actually getting dark out now this was not really late at night when I was still cleaning but it was kind of in the evening it was about five o’clock or so at this point and it has been getting dark way earlier now especially with daylight savings time so that’s why it’s pretty dark but let me know if it is really late in the day and you haven’t got around to making your bed yet do you still make your bed or do you just let it be I personally will still make my bed because it does make me feel a little bit more accomplished throughout the day and also there is something so amazing about climbing into a fresh-made bed it just feels so good after a really long day and so I kind of do that as a little reward for myself just for getting things done throughout the day is I will make sure to make my bed and that way I know I have a nice cozy freshly made bed to climb into I just Oh leave me and my cool and chill fur but I want you close Oh I just you only say love and just always made a little wind rain down some day I’m away repowered and my heart is made of dust and gray mists for champagne I’ve got troubles I got says are my worst enemy but I’ve still got a two kids oh I said hey won’t you come come she bashes I say hi so just like the Domino chore that I was talking to you guys about earlier in this video I also have a finishing chore and this to me just kind of signifies that I am done and my finishing chore is pretty much always my floors it’s pretty much always the very last thing that I will do and once I start that I feel like I can just start to relax and feel like my house is clean and I’m about to just be able to sit back and just kind of enjoy everything does anyone else love vacuum lines so much that if you mess them up you will go back through and redo them let me know if you guys ever do that or if I’m just a little bit crazy I don’t usually do this but I don’t know sometimes I just love vacuum lines and it’s just worth going over it one more time to make sure that you get some really good ones for about five minutes until everyone walks all over them so I hope that you guys enjoyed this cleaning video and I hope this gave you tons of cleaning motivation for the week ahead and for all the busy holidays coming up this season I hope you guys have an amazing day do not forget to subscribe down below if you are not already and also don’t forget to go check out the top cashback link in the description box like I said that will give you a $10 signup bonus with your purchase I will have all that information linked down in the description box I hope you guys have the most amazing day and I will see you in my next one bye guys


  1. Hey family!! Have I told you how seriously thankful I am for you!?! I may be a bit emotional today 🤪 haha but I am so beyond grateful for all the love & kind messages, comments & support y’all always show me! Let me know what you’re up to today! And if you use this video to tackle something in your home or on your list, let me know that too!! Love you guys!! XO ♡amanda

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  3. Thursday please.❤

    I clean my fridge every time I need to grocery shop and intermittently. I hate having redundant items because I'll get so annoyed and just throw it out which wastes so much money 😭😭😭 so I'm good about organizing and cleaning my fridge because I was wasting so much money and space when I didn't.

    I make my bed as soon as I wake up for the same reason, I love climbing in a freshly made bed!

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  15. I clean my fridge the night before payday usually. That's when my fridge is most empty. Haha It also helps me meal plan for the week because i know what's expiring and what needs to be eaten. I love your videos Amanda. You put alot of time and effort into your work and it shows. Wishing yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

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