All My Love Mini Sampler Home Decor

All My Love Mini Sampler Home Decor

Hey everybody it’s Rick from R. C. Kinsmon Studio. Thanks for joining me today I’m gonna share with you the gift I made my sister
for Christmas and she just recently got married back in October this last year
so I thought I’d be cute to make her a little sampler so I’ve picked up a frame
from Walmart the mainstay and that’s what I’m going to be using as 8×8 so
I’ve cut a piece of eight by eight lovely lipstick cardstock and I’m gonna
be using the forever love stamp set which is new in the occasions catalog
which will be out January 3rd excuse me okay I have three pieces of crumb cake
that is cut at two by two three pieces of flirty flamingo which is cut it two
by two I have a piece of another piece of crumb cake that I cut at two and
three quarters by four and a quarter I also have another piece of Flirty Flamingo which was cut at four and one-eighth by two and five-eighths then
I have six scrap pieces of DSP from the all my love a designer series paper
which were cut at one in three quarters by one in three quarters
I’ve already die cut one of the the fancy heart die from the
Be Mine Stitched Framelits I’m sorry I can’t remember stitch Shh I
can’t remember the name of things I’m still learning I’m sorry and I also have
the irregular heart and a stitched heart cut that we’re going to be using and the
name of those framelits are right here Be Mine stitched framelit dies and if you
haven’t seen them this is what they look like they’re really intricate that’s what we’re gonna be using and
I’ve cut a photo down that I stole off her Facebook page my goal I had it
printed and I cut it down to four by two and A two and a half so when we move
this out of the way the first thing I’m gonna do is do my
photos because that’s gonna be my main focal image so I’m going to layer my
flirty flamingo and my crumb cake together then I’m gonna go ahead and layer my
photo this is a photo of her and her husband and their daughter in order to keep my fingers off the
photo okay okay excuse me
now I took two of the one of the crumb cake and one of the for the flirty
flamingo pieces of cardstock and I ran them through the emboss the big shot
with the tin tile textured impression embossing folder boy that’s
a mouthful so I’m going to kind of place those where I think I’m gonna want them okay now let’s see let’s layer some
stuff together and I think we’re gonna move this one up here you can separate
these two yes a lot that much better okay so I’m going to go ahead and we’re
gonna put down some paper so let’s figure out what paper we lock kind of like that I know I like this one
I think that should go right there I think we’ll put another piece of that
right here just so we kind of come hear it
so we’ll switch that to hearts I think we’ll do another cell pattern how about
we do this one yeah that’s better okay so I’m gonna go ahead and layer these up so I’ll be right back after I get all of
these pieces adhere to the vases mmm okay I’ve got all my designer paper
attached now zoom in just a tad for y’all a little too much okay so now we’re
going to start laying all these pieces down so I do have a template that I’m
going to kind of line up here and I just took a piece of cardstock make sure that
it’s even I’m just gonna line it up right there I kind of cut the cardboard
down so that I could get this rise another thing you can do is take a
t-square and kind of misery where you want it which is right there so I might add some
liquid glue here it’s kind of a bow on the bottom I move it around okay let’s go ahead and attach our top
pieces and a little more clue there check this side okay here’s a remind that really good okay now let’s go ahead we’re going to
attach our photo okay now I’m gonna add my heart right
here and I chose this because I wanted you to
represent the love they have I thought it’d be sweet for a Christmas present and I’m making this before of course I’m
making it before I give it to her but I’m hoping it’ll make her cry yes yes I
am that name and probably make her husband cry more
than her which be funny okay I’m gonna take my detail doc hurt and I’m gonna
use my dye brush and I add and get all those little pieces out and yes I keep
my die cut my dye brush in a box i paper pumpkin box now we’re gonna add a little
liquid glue behind this takes very very little I had that
right there I kind of intertwine okay now we’re
going to add a sentiment so I need a strip for that I’m gonna use a piece of
one-inch whisper wah and then I’m gonna cut it down to what I need so I think
I’m gonna put it right here with a little flag but I’m not sure yet my move
this out of the way I’m gonna use the sentiment from wishing you forever
lovely and it said the sentiment is says I love you until the day after forever I thought that was really sweet since it
was further wedding so I’m gonna use lovely lipstick and I’m just think that
up and I’m going to stamp it down hope we’re straight okay and I’m gonna cut
off how about right there we’re gonna flag that and okay it’s gonna go right there and I’m gonna
put that on a couple dimensionals okay now to finish that off I have some
extra little hearts that I’d I cut earlier from another project and I’m
going to attach those and I’m going to use my take your pick tool to do that and start with two go ahead add one more here we go okay I’m gonna add one more thing I’m
gonna add just a little bit of ribbon right down here so we have just a little
bit of texture going on down there okay so I’ve pulled and the all my love
ribbon combo back and I’m gonna use a some of the flirty flamingo ribbon and I
just want to tie just a little bow so I’m going to trim this off and attach that with a mini glue dot here and then we’re gonna add this last
little heart just right there I’m actually supposed
to have one more but it’s going AWOL so that is project for today and I don’t
know why I’m putting my mini glue dots back in my three pain pack so all these
supplies will be available on January third you can pick those up in my online
store then I’ll look forward to showing you more projects with these new
occasions catalog make sure you come back and make sure you subscribe make
sure you subscribe to my channel and I will see you later bye guys
love you you

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  1. Love, love, love, love❣This makes such a beautiful scrapbook page or card too. I can't wait to try to make this one. I didn't see a listing in the description for the filagree heart die cut. Can you please tell me what you used? Thanks so much.
    Your faithful follower,
    Kathy B. (Fairylady0227) 💜

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