All Saints Academy Mural – Part 2/2

All Saints Academy Mural – Part 2/2

Hi everyone. I’m Catholic Artist John
McCoy. I’m working up here in Grand Rapids, Michigan for All Saints Academy
on a five by 12 foot mural painting depicting twelve Saints adoring the
Blessed Sacrament. I’m super excited to announce that this painting is finished,
so you’re watching the second and final painting process video behind this
project. Check it out; it’s going to be a joy to watch the painting come together
in time-lapse video, and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. I’m always
creating new content for my latest projects. Check it out. God bless you guys. Okay so first off, just to share a little
bit of information: if you haven’t watched week one, this video as well as
all of the videos on my YouTube channel thus far have been filmed with the GoPro
Hero 4 Silver using a mode on the camera called “time-lapse mode” and it’s a..
basically the camera takes a frame every five seconds and then it compiles
one second of video using 30 frames. I didn’t say that in my last video but that’s
pretty profound how much time is passing and I think in these in this video it’s
actually even more apparent than last video, there’s a lot more light casting
through the window and changing as the day goes and progresses in each day Another thing I thought might be
interesting to share with you guys is the schedule of this painting project for All Saints Academy in Grand Rapids Michigan.
I arrived in Grand Rapids Michigan on February 26th and during that week..
February 26 I believe was a Monday and from Monday through Thursday I just
spent time getting familiar with the place I was going to be doing a piece of
fine art for. I toured the school and met all of the staff and some
of the students I got to know the place I was familiarized with my studio and I
also toured a little bit around the Grand Rapids area and I visited the
parishes that founded All Saints Academy. That would be: St. Jude, Blessed Sacrament,
St. Isidore, and St. Alphonsus. I went back to Cincinnati Thursday of that
same week that’s March first and I went back to start the digital. I also went to
a Baptism and I had a Retreat the next week so I stayed in Cincinnati from
March 1st until the 12th of March and I went on a Retreat that weekend and then
drove back up and finished the digital so I started the digital when I was back
in Cincinnati for that week and then I finished the digital the following week
and I was totally finished with the digital design for this painting, before
I even touched the canvas or built the canvas, I was finished with the digital
Tuesday the 20th of March Wednesday the 21st
I built the canvas and began painting this mural so week one you’re seeing Wednesday the 21st through I believe Wednesday the
28th yeah the 28th I drove back to spend Holy
Week to take that off and to spend Holy Week and Easter in Cincinnati with my
family and friends then I drove back up to Grand Rapids Michigan the third of
April so this video documents April 3rd April 12th that’s what this video
compiles so really this project from start to finish
February 26th to April 12th but a good portion of that was the digital design
and there was a lot of, there was a lot of time where I spent back in Cincinnati
I was working when I was back in Cincinnati on this project as well but
it’s amazing how fast this came together and I am so blessed and honored to be
able to create a piece like this for All Saints Academy. Praise God for the
talents He’s given me and the gift of being able to do this as a profession.
So on a last little note I thought I’d talk a little bit about the symbolism behind
the painting since I haven’t discussed that yet. The main thing is the Eucharist
of course being in the exact center of the composition both horizontally and
vertically symbolizing that Jesus is the center of everything, but the clouds
parting in the middle symbolizes the parting of the Red Sea and you’ll notice
on the altar that the tear the monstrance is set on there’s a tear in
the cloth which represents that the veil being torn at the time of Jesus’s death
but basically that symbolizing that Jesus is the way to the Father and Jesus
takes back the veil and you can see the Father through Him,
but basically a painting of Adoration these Saints adoring the Blessed
Sacrament, and that about wraps up the video. Thanks for watching. It’s been an
amazing journey.

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  1. Hey! I subbed. I just wanted to let you know that you rlly inspire me and I want to be an artist when I grow up😁

  2. It’s me from the school in 5 grade Mr. Kress’s class named Mei! (Francine is my real name but every calls me Mei from my middle name that is in Chinese.

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