Almost had a Pool Session, Home Improvement, and VideoCreators: ROMAN CASTRO VLOG #81

Almost had a Pool Session, Home Improvement, and VideoCreators: ROMAN CASTRO VLOG #81

Hey its Monday Great start of the week it would be a short
week for me this week I’m going on that freediving course that I hopefully would be able to get
down to a hundred feet on a single breath so its gonna be fun We guys start earlier it was me putting together
the stand for the tv that goes to the master bedroom Lan has a little office up there and
a little nook and we take forever to take the tv up and we finally find all the pieces
to the stand and the tv and all the cords so now its up and that’s one of the things
that I have to do its one item off the list So now Im ready to go and meet Laura and Megan
at the pool for what probably be my last training session before the actual class so that’ll be fun Lets go Yup I’m back home the pool session pull through its a public pool and they decided to close those lanes today so I was halfway there but
its okay we’re taught because I saw youtube video creators talks a little bit more get
on a live youtube stream and he help with the people with the question and ask question
its kinda fun actually got to jump on there and be part of the conversation so that was
awesome Tim thanks for letting me do that Alright guys that’s it for the vlog tonight,
today thanks for watching Please give this video a thumps up and if
you have friends here in San Diego or into spearfishing free diving fishing, kayak fishing
send them everything that my vlogs all about, send them link to my channel and ask them
to subscribe you if this is your first video, this is your first time watching my video
subscribe Thank you for doing that and if you are somebody
that is following me like Marie, Dr. Z thank you so much for following my vlog I really
appreciate you two for taking the time on comment on them so thank you The question for today is… since we’re going on a vacation soon Where would be the place you would go on vacation
if you anywhere in the world, where would your vacation leave them in a comments Thanks! See you guys tomorrow Wait see you guys on Thursday but I might
put a video tomorrow I don’t know I’m feeling extra motivated today, I’m feeling extra motivated
this week because its a short week like I said earlier and I might even put out vlog
everyday this week I’m not sure but if not Ill see you guys Thursday Thank you for watching See you guys Thursday Bye!

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  1. Thanks for being a part of the live stream, Roman! Appreciated having you join us. Glad it worked out for ya.

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