AM I INSANE?? Starting To Remodel My House 3 Weeks Before My Wedding

what’s up guys welcome to my house some of you may be familiar with this
setting considering I’ve sat here before you may remember in this video where I
made this and I made this a couple other things in this room reason we’re in my
house is because I’m literally about to undertake what I yeah I know it’s
definitely the biggest and most ridiculous project of my life
so we’ve been upstairs we just did a couple bedrooms in a closet we found the
fireplace what a surprise which was awesome about four weeks away from my
wedding you know three weeks for three weeks from the wedding
less than a month we are less than a month away from my wedding and I feel
like that is the perfect time to demo your entire first floor right well
regardless it’s gonna happen so before I take you through the house and show you
what we’re gonna be doing I gotta clean up real quick hold on the sweeper is kind of nice it could be
my first time using it not bad decent decently read up we are now in
the dining room and yes that’s a peloton and a desk so you can kind of get the
flow through of the house so to get started what inspired all of this was an
opportunity to do new flooring that’s started upstairs as you guys know if you
don’t know check out this video we want to continue that throughout the entire
house which is kind of kind of the reason that
we’re gonna be tearing the whole thing to pieces so to start out my vision is
to take this wall and smush it this way kind of getting rid of it and as you can
see we got some really tall archways with this beautiful I don’t know what
you call that and to go with it they’re like 10 inches thick so we’re losing a
lot of floor space in the room because of the thickness of the walls so we’re
gonna knock a couple of those down and create a little bit of better egress and
see if we can bring this the whole way up this is not a load-bearing wall
because the floor joists run this way and the there shouldn’t be an issue come
here yeah I’ll show you guys something these are my floors
this is hank by the way say hi Hank this is Duke dukey’s Vicky’s wave right there
I know these are the example watch out dude
these are my floors existing these are those beautiful floors that everyone was
loving and not understanding why I would cover them up in the bedroom remodel
well if you can’t tell from this angle let me get closer you can see just how
awful they actually are pan that’s that’s a massive crater because these
are made of Douglas fir and if you’re not familiar with wood species yet
happen to be a flooring expert which happens quite often
Douglas fir is a very soft wood the dining room flows into the kitchen so
the goal here is we’re going to bring all the cabinets up
get rid of that bulkhead right and then do new backsplash a concrete countertop
to run the whole way across I don’t need new appliances because I
just bought these and Sarah happens to be making just make him we’re making
homemade pasta tonight ravioli she’s making some marinara oh it’s not
bubbling yet but if you could smell it out of the kitchen poop into the
entryway this is where you come into the house so now it’s not a big house you
can see we’re right back into the living room
but because there’s so many damn walls they make it seem super claustrophobic
this is a traditional four square so you walk into the house and it’s just boom
compartmentalized everywhere right boom one two three four like that’s this I
think that’s the concept I don’t really know the concept that before square if
that’s it you know tell me I want to know down
below in the comments but anyway so you can see the I barely
fit through this doorway because I’m very wide so we also want to eventually
I think get rid of this awful closet but be your head and potentially take the
stairwell and turn it so it’s it’s it’s now coming straight into the house and
we’re gonna yeah yeah we’re gonna take care of the closet regardless of what we
do with the staircase the staircase is gonna be down the line let me know what
you guys think about the staircase it’s it’s not in terrible shape I just don’t
like the actual shape of it because it turns down takes up a ton of space so
clip back to me Sam is standing at the entryway that you can kind of see I
started to paint and I started not to paint and it’s got this cool pocket door
that’s actually not that cool yeah it’s awesome it’s a it’s it’s not original
it’s very old and it’s very crappy so I want to what we could what we know we
can do because that is a load-bearing wall is open it up at least to the width
of the door and that would make this whole entry kind of feel a lot bigger
and then you’re back into the living room where we happen to be watching off
the ranch I think we were on an episode of that pretty much the game plan as you
can tell is we want to open up these walls now a bunch of concerns that are
already happening here is if you if you see the
floors like up close we’ve got all of our air ducting and returns are in the
floors that stuff’s gonna be needing addressed fortunately my uncle is a
Union HVAC guy and has already come in told me we should be good and is a
fantastic character I’m praying we can know where it’s gonna force them on
camera we’ll get stuck on camera Hey everyone needs to see uncle’s touch also
got electrical to deal with and the house was redone probably 20 25 20 years
ago Sarah 2007 which was twelve teen years ago and they put some new
electrical in that’s why the kitchen doesn’t look horribly outdated but it’s
literally the only room in the house that they did so we’re gonna be dealing
with a little bit of electrical there’s knob and tube in the walls we think it’s
dead we pray it’s dead hopefully we don’t have any issues there as well as
all of the walls are textured and if you’re not familiar with textured walls
they’re like they’re the spawn of Satan and they’re they’re really difficult to
to mimic and the really difficult patch so we may we may have to stand its
entire house by hand but we won’t know that until we get into it so those like
the most pressing matters right now that are at the top of the top of our list
we’ve got a kitchen coming in from a local kitchen manufacturer it should be
killer we’re really excited about it opening up a house like this isn’t like
the biggest change in renovation we’re not doing any crazy like beams across
the whole thing so I think the timeline of pre wedding
three weeks we should definitely be able to get this done because I’m the most
ambitious builder on the planet so if you guys want to watch me just
completely destroy my house a couple weeks out before my wedding make sure
you’re subscribed and make sure you give me a thumbs up and you like this one and
make sure you’re tuned in to the next episode where we’re gonna start ripping
shit out of this place and hopefully not running into too many issues catch you
guys in the next one

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