Amazing LED Backlit Glass tile backsplash, see it installed.

Amazing LED Backlit Glass tile backsplash, see it installed.

Watch as I install this glass subway tile
LED lit kitchen backsplash this is glass tile this is a glass tile as you can see
and what’s going on here the reason I’m doing putting it up and down is mainly
for those LEDs I going to turn these on right now so that when the LED
LED is turned on you can see this better at night so that when the LED is turned
on the light goes up the glass and then there’s gonna be grout here we’re going to
see if we get some clear grout for here and then the light from the top LED
comes down so this whole backsplash will illuminate you know these color changes from
you know whatever you want blue green red whatever and the whole
backsplash will illuminate and same over here now because as you can see that
these are all half tiles down yeah down here well I thought that these are these
are at all and the reason for that was so that we don’t get a a tile in between
so we don’t get next to a grout line now but this is not gonna be a problem and
it because you’re not gonna see it because the height of the stove is
actually gonna be above the height of this joint so you won’t see that so it
look like it’s a continuous you know that the pattern continues all the way
across so I’ve got this section done here and then I had to put this membrane
on here and because otherwise there would have been too much of a gap
between here and the wall board so I had to fill that gap so I get this all in
plain so it’s all in the same level have to build up the thinset and have it
on an angle so that side is done and now I’m working on that side and then I’m
gonna come across all the way to here now this glass tile no I don’t want to
cut this on on a wet saw because if you cut it on a wet saw of a piece yeah I
think I have a PC though this all all this here all becomes cloudy becomes
like white so they stop the light from shining through so I’m trying to cut all
the tile on this cut of here so just have to squall then snap and then you
have you have to cut the back of it to get it get to pieces so the reason I’m
doing that is so that I keep clear glass and the light can go through the glass
and you know and and wash all the glass gonna finish this up
and then tomorrow we’re gonna grab it another thing I’m doing here as you were
s’alright put this glow tape on here and then I take it off as I go along and the
reason for that is so that I don’t get thin set on the LED and block it so the
woman on track pushes out the tile outlook but from the wall so that’s why
I installed I’m gonna install this membrane so that when I put the tile on
it’ll be even with the try okay so it’s stolen thin set on a wall usually is
messy yeah it can be careful but it’s better to take precautions so I’m
covering all the LED lights with tape before I install the membrane not the
top one just the size and the bottom one because since that tends to fall
so I’m gonna cover all the LED and the track with thinset so don’t get any on
it then I’m gonna install the the membrane and then pull the tape off then
before and some ones how I’m gonna reapply more tape just to cover the LEDs
okay so we’ve got all these LEDs yeah so that when we turn it on you’re
installing glass tile shine through the glass like this you’ll see off the woods
but anyway yeah I’m just I need to throw it out a little bit so that’s why I’m
installing the membrane so just to be clear I did not install these LEDs the
homeowner did that but I consulted with him beforehand to see how we could
figure out how to get this backsplash tile so we can get the light to shine
through the the glass tile and illuminate as much as possible the
entire backsplash okay so I’m wiping down the entire backsplash to get all
the dust on any residue or anything on there on the drywall to make sure it’s
all nice and clean and then I’m gonna use a polymer modified thinset mix it a
little bit loose on the normal to install this membrane to the backsplash
and as I said earlier the reason I’m doing that is to far out the area of the
backsplash where the tile is going to throw it out a little bit so it meets up
and is that the same level as the track which is installed to the shoe so this
is actually a noble membrane I forget the name of it but it’s a thicker
membrane and I’m using a thirty know a Detra trial
with a thin set that’s mixed slightly more fluid than you would use it for a
setting tile but still able to hold a notch and I’ve pre-cut all the membranes
so that they fit probably gonna have to trim a little bit once I got on the wall
but it’s pretty much all cut to size so I’m going to spread this thin step to
this one section and then I’m gonna put my membrane on and push it all in so
that it’s all in contact with the thin set and it’s adhere okay so now I got the since that I’ll
spread so I’m kind of carefully place the membrane in position and then I’m
gonna use a putty knife to flatten all dense that underneath and make sure that
I get all the air bubbles out on the membrane and that the membrane is well
adhered to the sheet rock on the wall okay so I got all the membrane off the
wall all the way around and now I can stop this on the tile yeah gonna clean
it up a little bit put this Y LEDs welcome believe it or not and and a
running bond fashion so one will be full-length and then the other one will
be hop and vice versa and then so the light can shine through the glass and
illuminate the whole thing and when up on it this way because we’d have
multiple through outlines that would block the light this way gets the light
from the top and the bottom so that’s the next step okay so because of my
installing glass tile I have to use a high polymer content then set to make
sure that the glass will adhere to mean the dents that will adhere in the glass
that usually means he thinks that you’re gonna use this in and see a 1 1 8.15
thinset oh it’s actually a dry set mortar but you have to be careful
because not all thin sets of that kind or that standard actually good for glass
there’s a lot of specifics about club then set more to that you use for glass
that have to be met so that you don’t have a problem with shading adhesion etc
so before you ever install a glass tile make sure that you have the correct
since that in my case and this one here I’m actually using tech Superflex there
are other things that you can use like our xx 77 or
my pay I forget what it’s called but it’s specifically made for glass tile
and those are the kind of dentists that he need to you so the last time is very susceptible to
cracking and it moves a lot more than a porcelain or ceramic tile it moves many
many times more in other words the expansion and contraction is much
greater than you would find with a ceramic or porcelain tile so that means
you have to make sure you leave room for expanding expansion and contraction any
way that it meets an immovable surface like the can the cabinet or the
countertop or in a corner also you want to get as close to us 100 percent
coverage on the back of the tile as possible glass is a very finicky product
to install so you want to make sure that you follow all the manufacturers
recommendations to make sure that you don’t have cracking or loose tiles in
the future okay so as I said before I applied more
tape to just the LED so that when I spread my thin set and I install my tile
I’m not covering the L ID with din set so I’m gonna install some time that I’m
gonna pull that tape off to make sure show that you can get it off if you wait
until the next day then it becomes very difficult to pull the tape off because
it’s inset it’s hot and if anything set got got in the corner or something it
had so you want to make sure you pull the thin set the tape off before and you
know it hardens so I’ll be installing a bunch of tile here then I’ll be removing
the tape so on the bottom row of tile where the
tile bottom tile sits on the track I’m actually raising it with the three
sixteenth inch spacer to leave a gap between the LED light and the the tile
itself and then up above I’m just cutting it and leaving a gap between the
LED light and the glass tile above don’t want the glass tile actually sitting on
the LED and you don’t want to get any thin set on the bottom of the last tile
between the LED and the the tile so that you’re not blocking the light that goes
it’s supposed to shine through the tile so you just have to take your time and
be very careful not to block the light that might be that has to go through the
tile just checking the coverage on this tile
that’s cut around the plug because you know glass is really really finicky as I
said it will crack for no reason at all so I’m just making sure that I got
really good coverage so I pulled it off so that I had a hundred percent and now
I’m putting it back in so I pre-cut all my bottom tiles which
are actually alternating full tile and a half tile and I cut the the appetizer as
I go along because they’re not quite full on the hop so I just cut those as I
go along to make sure that I get the exact you know the exact size because
the cabinets are never perfectly level and the countertops are never perfectly
level as well they usually get them pretty close but most of the time
they’re not exact so I just prefer to cut them as I go along so I’m not waiting till the next day to
remove the tape from the bottom which cover the led I’m gonna do that as I go
along once I get a section of wall done the
reason I do that is so that I don’t have a hard time trying to pull it off the
next day then set dries hardens and it makes it difficult to get the tape off
so as I’m pulling this tape off I am removing the spaces and then replacing
them to make sure that the tiles that they are the spaces are supporting do
not slide down this is a high Palmer content thin set installed on an
impervious membrane and with an impervious tile so it’s gonna take a
little bit of time for it to set up and get hot so I just want to make sure that
everything stays in place okay so all the tile is installed and again I I put
tape over all the LEDs and just still just just barely over the tile and
there’s gonna be an aluminum track that fits over that so they’ll all be covered
up and I will be removing the tape after I’m proudly so before I start started to grouting
here what I did was I went over the entire backsplash made sure that it was
perfectly clean and I use a razor to remove anything set the may have been on
the tile and I made sure I removed anything set that might have been coming
up between the grout lines so that I get a nice deep line for the ground now this
is a special graph this is actually Bostic dimensions it’s a grout that has
a this is a urethane grout which actually means a special procedure to to
grout to you know while you’re browning so I’m actually gonna be making a
separate video for this grout boss tix dimensions but for now just
gonna drop this backsplash and clean it up hawk what needs to be caulked and
we’ll call it done okay so the entire backsplash is grouted
I’m gonna remove the tape clean up and then we’re going to put the track that
covers the LEDs and it’s going to be all done and then I’m actually gonna put
some silicone where the track meets the countertop and where the track meets the
glass tile okay so it’s all grounded all finished
gonna remove the paper and install the aluminum tracks over the LEDs and caulk
with 100% pure silicon okay so putting on all the finishing touches the
aluminum track that goes on all the way around goes top bottom in the corners
and then we’ll play the silicon hundred percent silicon okay so caulking
with silicone doesn’t have to be intimidating I have a video that
explains exactly how to do it tells you what I’m to spray on the silicone before
I tool it and I also tell you about other alternatives that you can use as
well so anyway I will put a link in the description and in the cards on how to
caulk with silicone and I will also put other relevant links in the description all of them

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