American Loves DIY: Home Improvement美国人热爱DIY

American Loves DIY: Home Improvement美国人热爱DIY

In my gas station video I mentioned that Americans love do it yourself I think the best example to show you how enthusiastic they are is through home improvement store so I take you to Lowe’s and there is another similar store Home Depot they are the two oligopolies in this business the products they carry are in the same catogories Let’s take a look what home improvement is If I have to translate “home improvement” into Chinese I will use the word”装修” which meaning close to remodeling or finishing Home improvement has broader meaning than”装修” even adding another storey of house will also consider as home improvement I shot this video at Lowe’s Lowe’s has a slogan “never stop improving” let’s take a look what they carry and how they are going to use them the first time I step into Lowe’s It was admiring How could this kind of retailing stores exist on our planet? Business to Customer will carry these kind of stuff and people really buy them This aisle we are walking through is insolation product there are insulating blanket on the left ladders on the right Lowe’s had never expand their business to China But, Home Depot once had branch in China Its Chinese name was 家得宝 they lasted for about 2 years then shut down completly backed off Chinese market Chinese consumers don’t have the demand of home improvement at least, our house is way much smaller than American’s and it saved a lot of work on the other hand the labor in China is cheap if we have problem with plumbing, electricity we can afford to call the guy I always curious: Does American love DIY or they don’t have choice but to do it yourself Most American families live in single house it’s larger and come with yard from the indoor work to yard work most people will choose to DIY some keen enthusiasts even built their house from scatch The lumbers you see right now are used for building houses treated lumber, wouldn’t rotten this big machine is used for cut the lumber If you bought a big piece of lumber, they can help you cut it large polywood look at the shopping cart designed for large lumber There are not much tall residential buildings in North America beside the foundation and main frame which are made of concrete the walls and the others are all built of wood so the houses are not sould proof well,too those are rebars those bags are cement on the right, are the materials used to build decks these are tools air compressor saws drills these are grinders maybe they use them to sharpen something there are a lot of things I don’t know how to use only you can’t think of, nothing they don’t carry levels difference sized wrenches screw drivers accessories tool bags knee pads this wall has socket wrenches ah, we finally see something normal people would buy lighting equipement these purchases are understandable paints for interior to exterior on plasctic, wood they carry products more than you can think of At first, I thought they only do home improvement when they need to fix something in the house then I realized they also improving when there’s nothing going on like paint or do landscape Here is bathroom supplies sinks, faucets cabinets, mirrors tiles everything in the bathroom, they carry it this shelf is for the bathroom faucets shower heads,etc you can install by yourself once you bought it home Everyone had heard that the labor is expensive I will show you how expensive it is one KOHLER toilet is priced for $239 If you want the installation service they charge you $125 for install a toilet so we installed our toilet by ourselves sinks, shower room these are carpets American loves carpet I will do an episode about the carpet later home appliances refrigerators you can tell the fridges are big I think it’s the result of big house and spread-out urban planing so they need big fridge to store more food because they only able to shop grocery once a week stoves washers and dryers they use a MACHINE to dry their laundary you can tell how wasty American is they even use a machine to dry their laundary Do you only have one cloth? So you can not wait for it to line dry? America home appliance industry started early Native brands developed well and they are very compatible on the market It’s very difficult for foreign brand come into American market I can see Samsung and LG those are Korean companies and some German brand like Bosch Chinese brand, like Haier, couldn’t compete in this market but focus on low end market kitchen supplies cabinets, counter tops and dish washers you can custom order cabinet here the next department I will show you is also very American Garden center for the yard If I have to translate into Chinese, I think “苗圃”(nursery)is the closest word trees and pots flowers and vegetable plants, seeds I took this footage in the spring Spring is the busiest season People shops for the flowers for the yard for decoration they even have water fountians beside retailing They also offer a great kids activity you can get a set of pre-cut wood then you nail them together put on the stickers home depot offers a similar program you got to paint the project you can bring the toy home after you done completely free! see, we made a recycle truck Then I will show you the outdoor section very American, BBQ Everyhouse in my neighborhood has this beside my house They BBQ during the weekend this is a tiller, which is used to loose the soil the ones next to the tiller, are lawn mowers I’m interested, had anyone researched on this question How much time and energy does an average American family spend on lawn maintenance in a year? Allright, Thanks for watching If you enjoy this episode, like the like and subscribe! see you next time!

15 thoughts on “American Loves DIY: Home Improvement美国人热爱DIY

  1. 同意你开始分析的说法,不过我看到一个另外的亮点,就是你镜头里的每一个美国人都是肥胖的大块头,看来跟饮食关系真的很大,高频率的吃汉堡 薯条 油炸 甜食,还一个侧面反映就是大块头造成美国的车大,房子大,猜你可能美国不太好买衣服吧!哈哈

  2. You don't understand the American mentality that much. To call for some Mexicans to come fix something in your house is a sign of weakness. The American man is supposed to be competent and skilled. He is supposed to know how to fix a car, fix the house, hunt, fish.. you are supposed to know how to do everything or your wife will consider you useless and effeminate. .. and YES we use machines to wash and dry clothes, we are busy doing other things and your neighbors will not like it if you hang out all your laundry to dry. That was something from a long time ago and is commonly seen in 3rd World countries today, cities full of lines of laundry. How low-class!

  3. "OneSmartCookie" this is fun to see you "grapple" with this very american activity..
    Think of our DIY as CALLIGRAPHY for the chinese… something ALL CIVILIZED people should be able to do and DO WELL… Now MrGloom does that explain things? I go further … study the lives of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin and most of all Thomas Jefferson … their own houses they built .. the inventions they made .. I say more below in response to MrGloom

  4. "One Smart Cookie"
    The next time you "drive" home in car (designed for women) you examine your house and appliances to see how the AMERICAN MAN has for 400 years been inventing and designing everything to MAKE LIFE EASIER FOR HIS WOMEN … (think of american woman being asked to CARRY water)

  5. "One Smart Cookie" for your next exploration of american vs chinese life … you explore "child punishment" is very newsy right now .. interview neighbors for this .. then explain how china raises kids … this is one area where china moms are much better and also MUCH WORSE !!

  6. Mrs I give you honorific name of "One Smart Cookie" you must explain to china people what this means !! (Ok?) (also has NO relationship to "fortune" cookie which is neither fortune nor cookie)

  7. 要说DIY简直是我最爱,记得初中那时捣鼓过无线电,做过功放机还把普通鞭炮改装成冲天炮,因为不敢点还用无线电遥控引爆,现在想想我简直就是个潜在的恐怖分子,哈哈。我是比较喜欢美国这种爱捣鼓的精神,很多科技创新都是在捣鼓中被发现,国人太欠缺这样的精神。你拍的这些东西在中国大多集中在建材市场。

  8. Great video.  In this video you bring up many topics that can be commented on.  You are correct about the DIY of Americans that labor cost is a factor.  Another factor is American get a satisfaction of being able to stand back and look at their landscaping and saying I did that or being able to teach their children how to build a bird house or change the oil in the family car.  I have observed in China not only is labor very inexpensive but there is a strict "Class System" in that people that are skilled in working with their hands are thought as a lower class as those that do not. It does not matter if a person could do a task if it is task that a lower class of people do they will not do it. 
    On my last trip to China my wife needed to have some minor plumbing repairs.  She did not understand why I would want to do it let alone knowing what was need to repair the problem.   I found a store near her home that had the needed supplies that cost less the 6 Yuan ($1.00) and took 10 minutes to installed.  She said she could call someone to fix the problem, it would cost about 15 Yuan ($2.50) .  I told her in America the part would cost $6.00 – $7.00 and to have a plumber come in would cost $65.00 – $75.00.  
    Liya and me are always having the discussion about drying clothes outside or using a dryer.  Her argument is that the sun kills germs and bacteria.  My argument is if the sun kills germs and bacteria why do all the building, new and old, on the outside are covered in black mold.  Guilin is listed as having some of the best air quality in China. Even though there is no visible indication of smog the air smells.  With all the restaurants and shop owners cooking outside this order is absorbed in the clothes being dried outside.  

  9. 这就是五金水暖+建材市场+苏宁国美啊,倒是挺方便的。这些大件物品你买了他会送货上门么?自己完全没法搬运啊。而且我很好奇难道他们一天到晚都不上班么,怎么有时间来搞这些,而且水电都要自己弄万一电弄得不安全或者凿穿了水管之类的怎么办?这些东西有的买来就用一两次是不是太浪费了= =

  10. Lowe's is my favorite store, HD #2.  I spend all my money there.  I really enjoy making my 120 year old house more beautiful all the time.  Don't forget though, us Americans are very competitive, and our house is a way to show off both wealth and skill.  The problem with line-drying is that the clothes will not be as soft as if you use a machine to dry them.  You should see HGTV channel to understand our interests in home improvement also.  It shows alot of our culture.  Normal people would only buy lighting?……..  I guess you have normal people don't have a house…..  If something in your house in broken in China, even if you pay someone to fix it; how do you know which one to buy?  You just buy whatever ugly new thing the guy wants to sell to you?  Not based on research, but instead based on experience: I think most of us spend 200-300 hours a year on yard maintenance.

  11. "Do Americans do this work for the love of it or because they have to"

    Americans do these kinds of things because they take pride in maintaining their homes/cars themselves. Many American men (not all) feel emasculated when they are unable to fix something themselves.

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