100 thoughts on “An Easy and Cheap Way to Update Wood Wall Paneling

  1. @17 he says he's never had anyone say they want to keep their paneling. Yeah. He needs to meet my son who is 13 and on the autism scale. I bought a house that was built in 1920 and
    " updated" in about 1982…
    He loves the paneling in his room. and begged me not to paint/ remove it. He says it "warm like a tree" and it makes him happy. So yay for paneling.

  2. I had old 1970s faux wood paneling in my mom's house.  Just gave it 2 coats of glidden gripper followed by a nice ivory paint color, looks gorgeous.  Didn't need any spackle or anything else

  3. I had done this years ago, but never have painted it yet. The problem with this is that if you have paneling walls that cover…say..a bathroom, you have to take that piece out to fix plumbing problems, so you should consider that before you do this technique. I live with paneling throughout my home (yuck), but it is a great way to make it look not like paneling if you are going for the solid white look.

  4. He should have used a lower sheen paint. You can see every damn flaw with that satin. Would have looked 10x better with a primer coat.

    Also his not waiting for the drydex to dry is thumbs down.

    I came for tips and left disappointed.

  5. That is still soooo ugly!!!-lol. Horizontal is way nicer than vertical. It still looked dated! Should have done shiplap.

  6. People don't like wood paneling BECAUSE it's dark and makes the room look darker and smaller. This guy decides to choose a ridiculous dark blue that would just make her basement feel like a cave instead of open and airy that white would accomplish. Poor choice, poor presentation. So sad….I hope she chose to ignore his advice.

  7. Dude WTF?! Hope this guy isn't a general contractor or something because he has now lost all his clients with this presentation.

  8. Did he seriously not fill in the lines with the compound on the final project? You can still see the paneling lines….. That didn't seem like the point? Maybe I missed something.

  9. Not sure if the lady is horrified or feeling "did they not understand that I don't like dark paneling?" WTF? Simply awful in every way.

  10. Hey man got to degloss that panel and prime w/ oil first ,then fill w/ plastic wood ,then primer again, then 2 coats of finish,no wonder you come back offen to do maintenance!

  11. The grooves,are showing because of that pink crap youre using in it, got use MH, a oil based filler, not really oily, but certainly not water soluble filler ,shrink a lot.

  12. “Talk really fast and don’t give her a chance to ask any questions tht will make your presentation look bad.” I still see paneling🙃..


  14. ……And what about the ugly trim pieces that are at every corner and seam?
    If you say Paint It Also! ……Wouldn't that look weird? IDK 😕😵

  15. I don't like it at all it still looks like paneling, you can still see the grooves, plus that is too dark of a color for basement or any other room.

  16. THAT MOMENT WHEN HE SMEARED A PAINTY ROLLER ALL THROUGH THE WET MUD. What was the point of his already-dried demo stripe?!

  17. If you are going to paint wood paneling you should Step 1: Clean the walls, Step 2. Scuff sand the walls, Step 3. Clean Walls Again, Step 4. Bonding Primer, Step 5. Paint

  18. this is so stupid, first of all, its look ugly and still looks like panels, and 2nd shit if have to do this for the whole house, this would take me 3 times longer than installing drywall over it.

  19. I like the look of my wood paneling but I seem to be the only one. I will try this method with a lighter color.

  20. 1:10 "Please stop talking about what the spackle looks like and tell me how to fix the damn wood panelling." -the lady that phoned in (you can literally see her eye twitch XD )

  21. Quick, easy and helpful! I have two bedrooms I have to remove wall paper from and behind it is faux wood paneling. I’ve been outing it off for 8 years. I finally got easy answers in a short video. Thank you!

  22. First I thought it was REALLY going to be some different way to update paneling which I have. Second, what is the point of spackling or even sanding when you can use chalk paint? Third, it's just painting paneling.

  23. What's wrong with wood paneling, it reminds me of the 1970s…

    I was a kid, teen to young adult in the 70s… I miss the 1970/80s.. better times…

    My parents had some wood paneling,

    Now I just feel tired for sad…

  24. You can still see all of the grooves… WTF is this? Looks like this guy has no clue and is just making shit up as he goes.

  25. Just paint the paneling with 2 coats of paint & primer in one. Painted paneling looks nice because of the texture. If it's in a basement, go lighter for sure.

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