[Andy Stanley ANXIETY] What To Do When Anxiety Attacks: 4 Tips #WisdomRevival Wednesday (Anna Szabo)

Recently, I watched a sermon called WHY WORRY
by Andy Stanley on WORRY, ANXIETY, FEAR, DOUBT, FUTURE, and GOD. I loved it! In this video, I will share with you my
4 takeaways from Andy Stanley on How To Overcome Anxiety. Coming up! Welcome to our #WisdomRevival Wednesday! Here we practice God’s wisdom to help us
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to encourage and empower you! Today let’s talk about what to do when anxiety
attacks… Here are my
4 takeaways from Andy Stanley and his sermon WHY WORRY. The first thing I loved
was how A day Stanley reminded us that Jesus said:
The things you’re most devoted to are the things you’re most worried about. In other words, Andy said,
The thing you’re most worried about is the thing you’re most devoted to. And then Andy Stanley brings it all to the
verse I love the most: MATTHEW 6:24
No one can serve two masters. Andy Stanley’s Anxiety perspective
is something I had a breakthrough about last year. He summarized the verse
saying no one can serve both God and stuff
Where stuff is anything that’s NOT God. You will simply be devoted to the one
and despise the other. It showed up so clearly
in my 2 divorces in the first year of marriage. I wanted to honor God with my marriage and
was willing to do whatever hard work was required. Michel – on the other hand – after 4 months
of marriage filed for a divorce saying all he wants
is to be an IronMan and complete in Kona. I became so obsessed with praying daily asking
God to save Michel and our marriage that eventually the idea of saving the marriage
became my master and I was angry at God for Michel’s 2 divorce
filings in 2016 and 2017. When I read through my journals after some
time, as we were preparing for our divorce jury
trial in 2017 and I had regular anxiety attacks,
God revealed to me that without my noticing,
I became devoted to saving this marriage and Michel
ALL THE TIME MY LORD IN NEAR AND BY HIM MY LIFE’s DIRECTED You can buy this canvas on Amazon,
I’ll share the link with you in the video description below. Andy Stanley reminds us to focus on everything
God had done for us and His sovereignty. He recommends that when anxiety attacks,
we focus on God and His promises instead of the things of the world
that make us worry. So, here are my 4 takeaways from Andy Stanley
and his sermon WHY WORRY: #1 Examine your anxiety. Whatever you worry about
IS your master. #2 Remind yourself
when anxiety attacks that we can’t serve both God and the world. #3 Decide to serve God
and be devoted to Him, even when anxiety attacks. #4 Trust God’s sovereignty and His promises
and do not worry. I followed Andy Stanley Anxiety advice while
going through 2 divorces with Michel in my first year of marriage. And I did a Vlog about it. It’s called GOD’S PROMISES
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