Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Pixar Characters From Memory

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Pixar Characters From Memory

guess what Kevin what today we are drawing Pixar characters from from our brain it’s funny because the minute that I heard it was Pixar everything blanks out of my mind yeah yeah I mean you say Pixar and it’s like you know every kind of scene Toy Story yeah I feel like I’ve seen most Pixar movies as a kid your character today is all Frederickson I may have a distinct advantage I have a t-shirt of him no okay he is complicated can we met give us another one nope okay um let’s start the head yeah I haven’t watched this movie in a long time so I really got to remember he’s got binoculars fries yeah I recall just gonna rely on the cuteness factor again if you do it wrong but you make it cute sometimes it’s okay it’s just like murder wait say that again so hey Jun what’s your favorite Pixar movie that’s a loaded question I mean I really like ratatouille actually eat yeah yeah it’s really good ratatouille is solid but I feel like it’s not really the one people pick when they talk about their favorite my favorite Pixar movie is really quali for me wall-e was like a little preachy really I absolutely loved it I watched it in all its it’s like this movie barely has any sound yeah and it’s like it’s doing it for me do you remember what Wally’s purpose is to find the vegetation no no to like squeeze things and box yeah yeah so he’s got like a little trash compactor he’s a triangle right he’s a square boy I think he’s a rhombus he has like underwear on like he has like a barrel body and then undies well cuz he’s an action figure so he has to have points of articulation you need points of articulation he has like three fingers right yeah no oh and um and he has like a roach yes that he keeps in his box did Toy Story make you cry I don’t think the first Toy Story made me cry I think I was a kid so I was probably like I don’t have emotions yet cried in the second one super hard yeah the montage it’s just so sad what’s what’s keeping the binoculars on the box yeah that’s why is it just like there’s some like mechanism that causes the that lets the eyes curl a little bit oh yeah like kind of em oh yeah this is feeling a lot harder than I thought no not we got this I’m feeling good about this pose I’m feeling good about the construction and now it’s just the details it’s just where it all falls apart yes this is like looking more like grunkle Stan from gravity falls no square men oh you know what I remember that’s a really weird detail he has the swirl on his chin Oh does he remember he or is it does he now that you’re questioning no I’m not sure no he very well may I just I don’t feel like I tricked you ah yeah this work gets tough man I don’t like 100 all robots like a whole lot right now I’m just drawing binoculars on a box yeah he doesn’t have hair right the hair is so hard to remember I’m just improvising he has that thing that astronauts right it’s over his head oh yeah yeah good thing good thing okay he has like a battery schematic on them right I mean like to let you know how much energy energy yes yeah we yeah he’s got the Sun thing I can’t remember this character from the knees down but I know he has like army tank wheels kind of yeah oh yeah yeah yeah he’s got like tank treads feel like he’s got like like his his legs are kind of like bent under him from said I don’t know what to call these types of feet he’s like boom feet so he has boots I’m like so hesitant to commit to any details down I think maybe we should stop trying oh we have to keep going to infinity and beyond Jackie Jackie come back whoo I got a good little detail do you remember he has like a little laser thing in between and that’s how he cuts things oh I’d like a little laser diet I didn’t know that yeah that doesn’t look right but you know Jackie come on how you doing Jason I think I’m almost there you know say I drew a Wally like substance a holy like okay time to color all right yeah very dull but I’m kind of making him right I think you’re gonna do way better at this than me because I’m really not confident I’m giving him blue gloves even though I’m gonna give him some highlights and like chrome highlights you’re already on highlights yeah get on my level I feel like there’s so much wrong with this I’m just kind of making it up and hopefully it looks okay okay I think that’s uh as far as I’m gonna get I think I did super good I don’t remember ever drawing Wally but he’s like he’s pretty simple like if you can draw a couple of inanimate objects I think you’re like already 90% of the way there uh-huh so I think I captured this essence but I kind of made him into more of a commitment yeah I I think I got his essence as well but I’m sure all of the details are wrong yeah I think once I see what he looks like I’m gonna feel like just a just a big old fool yeah can’t wait to reveal this one oh yeah oh man yours looks a little sinister yeah oh my god the shade you got him like way closer than I did your car looks like he has had enough of business screw you Corporate America just looking at yours I can tell you what’s wrong with mine oh you got the the ear covering okay you got the three colored things on yeah the thing I remember the most for some reason is those buttons yeah I would say I think you got his legs pretty good cuz now now that I see it I remember like the lines on his boot the boots yeah goofy yeah Jackie I think you’re gonna be surprised with how well you did okay I hope so I mean a much more colorful like leg you got the drab color palette much more oh and I forgot he’s got a little he’s such a complicated character like toy stuff yeah like he has like the shines yes the screw holes in his legs yeah even like the little air vents on his forearms and like how are you supposed to remember that it’s too much I have one brain I think it’s like an iconic look it’s made up of really simple shapes yeah so like works I think we both know what Wadley looks like in our head yeah both of them you could clearly look at them and say that’s Wally yeah we made a lot of mistakes this time around we did but you know what you don’t improve as a person without making mistakes positivity Jackie PMA positive mental attitude thank you thank you [Music]

100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Pixar Characters From Memory

  1. i hate when people attack other peoples art. its his preferred style and everyone has a different preference.

  2. After I've watched a few of these at first I thought Jason was a bad artist but I just realised he probably doesn't use digital mediums, checked out his insta and he's actually good but he uses traditional medium. I remember how hard it was picking up a tablet first time round

  3. Can y’all stop talking about Jason cause he’s on a famous YouTube channel and you’re not so please stop coming for him

  4. I feel like Jason needs far more time than 20-30 minutes to actually get a good drawing out, either that or hes trying to not incorporate too much of his style, Judging by his Insta (jasondreamsstuff) I think his style is awesome and he should just go all out with it.

  5. Jackie has improved in her responses in these videos. I just started watching them last night and she's learned to help and see what happens instead of teasing and not helping at all. The…. workmanship/companionship/camaraderie has improved leaps and bounds here, lets keep it going! Love this so much! The new format is so much more easier on the eyes as well.

    AND! Keep up the damn good work Jason, different style but still belongs in these videos.

  6. brent's walle is way too cute i teared up a little
    also immediately thought of barbie's P.A.C.E. at the ending (positive attitude changes everything!)

  7. I just saw this series yesterday. I freaken love it! I'm going to watch every video! 🙂 damn I've been under a rock lol

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