Anne Hathaway interview for the movie Ella Enchanted.

Anne Hathaway interview for the movie Ella Enchanted.

I don’t need any makeup. I’m already beautiful. Actually they plastered me. You can add that face on your
face. Do you need any water? Oh my God I’m on my like eighth
one. Its Fiji water. It’s free. I’ve drunk like $100 of Fiji
water. I do this whole junket scene
because of the free Fiji water. What is it about Fiji water? It’s magical. It has the best taste. Let me see this. It’s natural Artesian water. I know. It’s just water in a bottle but. Bottled at the source! And it’s so magical. Oh I got it Its the taste of
paradise. Is that what it is? It says so. Speaking of Paradise. This whole movie I feel so
stupid or saying this. Don’t feel stupid. If you happen to anyone
anywhere. What a magical movie. . thank you is that what appealed
to you? When you’re looking at the
script? Yeah! I’m very lucky I get to read a
bunch of different scripts. A lot of really fun smart ones. And this one, for a family film. For the type a character that
Ella is, This is about as good. And as silly. And as irreverent as you can
get. Let’s talk about Ella. Because she’s very obedient. Can you explain to me your
character. Playing with the work is nobody
seen the movie yet. Well Ella as a girl who was in
this kingdom of Lamea In the town of Frell. And babies in this place get
fairy gifts when they’re born, She kind of get the demented
fairy in the kingdom. And she gives her the gift of
obedience. And any person knows that’s not
a gift. It’s a curse. It is a curse! Anything anybody says to your
character you have to do. Anything. So if she’s telling you a joke
and the persons like. Haha get out of town. He’s like okay. Can we talk about that move that
you did. It’s almost like robotic. That’s what I call it the robot. I worked with a mine to figure
out how to get my body to go. Basically under control and look
like someone else. Kind of like oh in a way like I
was a robot and someone else was moving the gears. So I worked with him for a
couple weeks. We had to figure out how to get
to the robot to let people know that this was a robot moment. That I wasn’t just a weird very
stiff girl. So it was like the shoulder
thing. It works very well. And he also talked about how
smart this movie is. What I like about it was. And almost Princess bride-ish. Where the humor was there for
everyone. There’s one scene everybody was
laughing in the theater. And the woman next to me said
why’s everybody laughing. Because the escalator is
manually turned. Yes! Can I tell you. That things showed up on page 9
of the script when I read it. I have to do this movie. This is just too funny. So it’s actually descriptive in
the script. Descriptive. When it was described in the
Frell Galleria you’d have squirrel on a stick. And stuff like that. And everything about it just
seem like so much fun. One thing I was actually little
bit intimidated. Because the Princess bride Cary
is just my favorite movie of all-time growing up. Of all time. Of all time. When I found out that Cary Elwes
was going to be in my movie, I was like. WESTLEY! AS YOU WISH! I was so cheesy. When I met him I was genuinely
starstruck. I went up to him and said just
so you know. Were all here in Ireland and we
had dinner all the time. So if you ever want to have
dinner. He said that’s great my wife’s
here too! And I was like. (laughs) great! Who I met and she’s amazing. And he and I wound up becoming
very close in the film. He so great! And you talk about being
intimidated what about you had some singing and dancing in this
movie. Yet just a little bit. Just a little bit. I wasn’t intimidated to sing and
dance because you know I’m trained in that. And I thought if it’s really bad
they can cut it. What I was intimidated about was
singing a Freddie Mercury song. I mean the guy good! Like he’s good and he’s got the
whole legacy thing going for him. So I was just like please don’t
let me mess this up. Please how I compete with
Freddie Mercury? Then it just occurred to me
don’t try to compete with Freddie Mercury because you’re
going to lose. Just have fun. That was the other thing with
the music. I just love the selection of the
music. Because everything in this world
was just a blend of things you know and things you’re familiar
with. But in a new way that you’ve
never quite heard it that way. So yeah definitely. I was really pleased with the
music choices to. Because we covered a lot a
really classic great hits that we knew adults would like but
kids might hear for the first time. And then you figure that could
spark a dialogue like you know what was that song Annie was
singing? Oh it was Queen. I liked Queen when I was your
age. Really dad? Like that whole thing. While you have another classic
movie on your hands. If there be one not only to see
in the theater but to own as soon as it comes out on DVD. Thank you very much. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you very much.
I just loved this movie.

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  1. great! looking forward to see you make another interview with Hathaway when she's finished with The Dark Knight Rises. that would be epic! 😉

  2. Anne Hathaway and I have the same fav movie!! <3 Princess Bride! "my name is inigo montoya you kill my father prepare to die"

  3. i've loved anne hathaway ever since the princess diaries and ella enchanted. i'm so glad she won the oscar for les mis. totally deserved it. she's amazing.

  4. Baby it's 8 or 18,
    N do u Ve any idea about were it eventually ends,
    Ur like almost Dead,buried,defeated but still M 💓 says ,just not Enough
    Need More,
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