Arabesque Tile: How to Install a Backsplash with Floor & Decor

Arabesque Tile: How to Install a Backsplash with Floor & Decor

(#sponsored) Coming up on this episode of designed to
the nines it’s the girls can use power tools challenge and I have got something
very special planned for you I’m going to show you how to use a wet saw to put
in your very own tile backsplash in your kitchen if that sounds good to you stay
tuned welcome to design to the nines I’m
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power tools challenge and I have asked Casey from coffee with my sunshine to be
a co-host this month and I am so excited about this episode because I’ve also
teamed up with Lauren decor I’m going to teach you how to use a wet saw I’m gonna
show you it’s not as scary as you would think you do have to be careful and
mindful but you can totally do this so if you like the idea of girls using
power tools but hit that like button below and let’s get started when it came
time for me to select tile for my backsplash I really did my homework the
best thing for the box that’s what I’m looking for I found the most amazing
beautiful arabesque tile in this kitchen I wanted something a little different it
just didn’t feel like a subway tile type of kitchen and so what I really liked
about this tile were the metallic accents and how it brought the dark
cabinets with a Venetian gold granite all together and then I saw the price of
$6.99 for what it is that is a fantastic price if we were to find the same tile
in a big-box store it would be probably three times as expensive and so I
reached out to floor and decor and said hey do you want to team up to empower
women to use power tools to use a wet saw and teach them how to put in their
own backsplash and they said oh yeah so we are gonna go on a field trip to my
local floor in decor store so let’s go get all the supplies we need all right
here at Florin decor and ready to go inside and do a little shopping this is
like my heaven there is so many tiles to choose from and their prices are like
insanely low okay so this is the one that I’m getting and I’ve already got it
on my cart I am so excited about it I think I found everything I need it for
my project so time to check out so I just finished up and amazing great
experience they were really nice really helpful and really friendly they have
free design service so if you’re like intimidated by picking out tile they’ve
got four professionals there that can help you with your project for free so
that’s amazing so check it out so now we’ve got our
tile and now it’s time to show you how to install it how to use a wet saw and I
promise we can do this ladies let’s pull our hair back and take off all our
jewelry and get to work so I’m fortunate enough to be starting out with existing
granite countertops and these granite countertops were in it when we bought
the homes it’s not necessarily one that I would have selected for myself but
it’s branagh and so we’re going with it and we’re actually going to make it all
tie together so much better and become something that I really love I am not a
huge fan of taking tile and setting it on top of existing backsplash I just
think that that makes it look choppy and less professional-looking and so the
first thing that we’re going to do is remove this existing backsplash here
we’re going to do that by taking a utility knife and scoring along the edge
just so you can get like a putty knife in and try to pry this back so this is
stuck on there really really good and so while my husband was on a business call
I snuck and stole his heat gun we’re going to use this
heat gun to kind of help us get this off be careful because this does get quite
hot alright removing this granite backsplash
is by far and away going to be the hardest part hopefully you don’t have to
do this part hopefully you don’t have it there or you have something that is not
like cemented onto the wall basically it’s not the end of the world it’s just
gonna add a little time to our project so while we’ve got our patches drying I
wanted to get the remaining silicone adhesive removed so I patched the walls
I let it dry overnight so it’s nice and sturdy then I sanded it down to smooth
it out as well as I sanded on top where it has been painted so this is the
tricky part with laying air best child is getting the pattern layout and I’ve
got kind of this tricky corner here this area needs to look good because it’s
gonna get a lot of visibility what I’ve decided to do is go a little bit above
to the cabinets here so we can get a full tile and then we will get as much
of a full tile as we can on this outside edge I spent the past little bit drawing
different patterns on the wall to make sure that it turns out right and I think
I’ve got a plan and I’m gonna start in this corner here and then go up this way
before we can start tiling we need to unscrew these outlets and make sure the
power is off to them since you’re working with wet things and exposed
wires I left my more stylish glasses inside
and I got these like the super cheapo ones but that what I like about them is
they’re completely sealed to my face so I look like a mad scientist like crazy
person but you know what would be crazy is not wearing something like this and
not wearing a mask and getting something in your lungs or in your eyes that would
be crazy so a couple of safety tips obviously you want to wear some
protective eyewear always and wearing a mask would be a good idea as well
because you don’t want anything to get into your lungs so using a tile saw can
be pretty intimidating but it’s just like any other saw you just need to be
careful take your time don’t feel in a rush don’t feel flustered just be calm
and very hyper aware we’ve got our tile saw here and we’ve got a tray with water
in it this lifts up and then we’ve got this piece right here so it stays right
where we want it to let’s get this tile cut let’s line it up make sure it’s
lined up with our blade and once we’ve got that lined up put this down turn it
on and here we go I went around and round and round trying
to figure out this corner area because it’s going to be tricky I think that
I’ve got it so I’m gonna actually start here I’ve got it traced to where I need
to set it I am using it moppy moppy I don’t know if that’s pronounced right
but type 1 it’s a tile adhesive it’s the stuff that’s white I prefer this for
backsplashes because the gray stuff tends to just drip off the wall and make
a real mess so we’re gonna take our towel and get a little bit on there and
then just on a 45 degree angle get some of this on the wall this trial is a 1/4
inch this first one I’m doing kind of weird I’m doing it weird because I’m it
is kind of weird this is not normal how I would we normally approach this as I
would start on the outside edge in the area that has the most focus on it and
then I’d work inward unfortunately because of this bowl nose area that has
the drop below it it just kind of created an interesting dynamic so that’s
why I am doing this area first but I took my time to really plan it out so I
assured that I would have a full tile where I needed it and everything would
line up so now we’re gonna take our tile and it comes in sheets I actually cut
out a section so we will get this in here it is really important that this
first one be level because it can mess up the entirety of the rest of the
project all of this right here since we are not ready to lay a tile there we’re
gonna just rip off and we’ll just have to back butter these pieces right here
you will get messy tiling this is a messy job that’s gonna have a beautiful
result and line it up okay so we’ve got all of our little
pieces that we’ve cut so they can fit in here and then we’ve got our little ones
/ up here and so now we can start installing them and the way we’re gonna
do this is by back buttering and back buttering is a technique where you put
the mastic on the back of the tile I’m super messy Tyler but in the end always
looks good reason 567 why I don’t have a manicure however after this I think I’ve
earned one if I’ve learned anything in life I have learned to get the hard
stuff out of the way first because my natural instinct is to avoid all these
tricky spots and just move on to the fun stuff but I’ve learned that if you get
that out of the way it makes the fun stuff like way more enjoyable because
you don’t know how about hanging over your head so we’re gonna take care of
this now awkward corner I am totally gonna eyeball this I’m probably gonna
have to make more than one trip to the tile saw to get this tile right and
that’s okay there is a tool that I’ve been seeing online or you can kind of
mold the shape of something and cut a tile off of it I’m really wishing I
thought that right now I’ll show you what I’m gonna do here and you need to
be super super careful so we’re gonna turn on the side and then I’m just gonna do a series of
cuts trying to meet to this line here we’ve gotten the hardest cut out of the
way I am so relieved okay so we have gotten through the most
difficult part I’ve now made several cuts and we are ready to kind of bust
this out you’ll notice that I took one of these big pieces and I put it here
and they removed one for this socket and then I went ahead and precut a tile that
will fit right in there well let’s just get Thailand alright now we get to do
our first full piece uninhibited no weird cuts so let’s go to town so it’s now time for me to do my little
last area I want a full piece on the outside over here and then I also want a
full piece on the outside over here so we’re going to work from the outside in
and hope that it doesn’t look too funny in the corner if it does I’ve got a
toaster oven that goes here so you’re really not gonna see the corner but
we’re gonna do our best so we’d let the tile sit overnight and I am so excited
look how pretty it is so now it’s time to mix the grout and you can buy it
pre-mixed and ready to go and just skip this step but it is significantly less
expensive to go with the powdered grout so that’s what I’m doing today is we’re
gonna mix about the amount of grout that we think that we need if we end up
needing to mix more that’s okay so just to follow the instructions as far as the
ratios of water to powder and the ultimate end result is we’re looking for
the consistency of like toothpaste or peanut butter so sticky but still easily
spreadable so there’s two types of grout that are sanded and non sanded I’m using
non sanded because my grout lines a little bit smaller as well as we don’t
want to the sand to scratch our shine off of our beautiful metallic tile now
it’s time to start grouting once you start this process you cannot stop until
the job is complete first you are going to take your float on a 45 degree angle
and move in a 45 degree pattern back and forth pushing the grout into the cracks
until it is in there nice and tight after about 30 minutes it will start to
dry and then there will be a haze over the tile at this point you grab your
sponge and wipe off the excess and then let it dry fully then you’ll go back and
clean it one more time so we’ve let our grout fully dry and there’s still kind
of a haze across fit so we’re going to take some paper towels and I like to use
a window cleaner and I just spray it on take
my paper towels and you can see that beautiful metallic coming through now
there’s gonna be a couple spots where grout doesn’t really want to come off
you’re gonna take a straight edge blade and just very carefully scrape it off
comes off super easy finally you want to replace all of the electrical plates and
tighten everything up turn back the power do touch-up paint and then you’re
done our backsplash has done and I am
absolutely thrilled with the results now you may be asking yourself why go to all
that trouble because it’s a lot of work to be honest with you I’m not gonna lie
about it it’s a lot of work why do it well there are a couple of reasons first
is this cost savings if we had hired this out it would have been around $800
to maybe $1,000 more realistically especially considering the intricate
pattern that I chose for this backsplash when you couple it with the savings we
got by buying our tile through a floor and decor while looking at a savings of
anywhere between 1,500 to 2,000 dollars if you do this yourself is a real equity
opportunity another reason why I decided to do this is every time I walk in this
room now I get to say I did that it’s almost like that little girl and me but
it’s like See Mom look what I did do you think that I’ve earned that long
overdue manicure cuz I’m thinking I did with this for watching and with all the
high cost savings I can afford it now I’m not a professional okay I get that
if I can do this you can do this I still have all of my
fingers no accidents we used a wet saw and we didn’t cut anything off have I
convinced you you can do it let me know in the comment section below I just want
to thank floor and decor for sponsoring this video for to having the vision to
empower women to use power tools because we’ve got this ladies we do we can use
the power tools and if you think we can let me know in the comment section below
I hope you enjoyed this episode I hope you feel empowered start small then work
up to something a little bit bigger if you found value and learn something from
this video hit the like button and if you haven’t already subscribed to my
channel and turn the notifications on because I have so many fun things were
just starting out in the holiday season from me you know all the fall holidays
and then going into Christmas it’s going to be
back-to-back-to-back fun and exciting episode I promise you so I really hope
you join me thank you so much for watching we’ll see you again soon

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