Arcade1Up New Game Room Accessories Review!

Arcade1Up New Game Room Accessories Review!

ladies and gentleman boys and girls,
let’s go ahead and get right into it because today we have a bunch of
wonderful new accessories from our cute one up to look at review and talk about
so first things first let’s go with a small item now this bad boy can be found
at various online retailers such as Best Buy Game Stop Walmart calm
protip Walmart calm currently is running this for a $19.99 whereas the other
sites are running this at MSRP of $24.99 I believe so Walmart is the cheaper
route to get this but beautiful-looking a little shift there and on the back
interesting to note it looks like we will be getting some Street Fighter
characters in the hopefully foreseeable future if I had to guess there would be
you know staples like Ryu Ken chun-li maybe Blanca
so we’ll see about that definitely gonna have to add those to my collection but
we already have the pac-man ones that have been released to Walmart as well as
some other Galaga themed ones that are yet to be released so very cool to see
that in keeping with the Galaga theme we have this Galaga arcade light-up wall
marquee now this is not to be confused with an actual marquee that goes in the
arcade one up cabinets this is much larger and much taller looking at the
back of the package we see we’ve got designs for Mortal Kombat 2 the original
Street Fighter 2 cabinet designs so that’s pretty cool we’ve got Galaga of
course space invaders and pac-man again these are all available on online
retailers I’ll put product links down the video description box below but I’ve
yet to see the Street Fighter 1 as of yet and last but not least we have this
giant behemoth itself this Mortal Kombat adjustable stool and should be noted
that I wanted this from Best Buy and this is how they shipped it there was no
outer box or anything like that I also ordered this from Best Buy
and they sent it in a ginormous box twice the size of that so pro on that
con on that because I don’t know what the logic is behind over packaging this
and under packaging this but regardless it looks being well enough shape so
let’s go ahead and open this up put it together and let’s see how all these bad
boys come together this is quite a look at this thing
it is massive put it in a good way and it runs off to different power sources
like I mentioned before D batteries so you’ll need three of them so must have
your old boom boxes and ghetto blasters from the 80s and 90s because I can’t
think of the last time I had some D batteries in my house
so illustrate its brightness and just what this looks like and I will be using
the micro SP that comes with it and basing this off a USB power battery just
so I don’t have to reach it into the wall and it’s got a little switch here
on the side boom let there be light and it is very bright looks absolutely
gorgeous I’ve got a couple lights on here but as you can see this thing glows
beautifully now it is thin plastic so make sure you’re not throwing this round
but it’s got two wall hanging anchors on the back here as you can see right
beautiful glow on the back I’m very happy that they have a little protective
film on there kept this thing from getting scratched up from the postman
overall very excited by this thing again does not fit the standard arcade one up
marquees so you’re not gonna buy this and replace your non let marquee this is
solely for decoration so if you got a gallery cabinet or you’ve got an arcade
room or game room something like that going on you need something like this an
old man ayah so just went crazy on the camera and then you’ve got a plug by the
way we have the Galaga ship so this runs off of three Triple A batteries or
microUSB similar to the Gallagher Marquis one thing I will note on this
one doesn’t stand up on its own so if you want to put it on your desk or
something like that you’re gonna have to prop it up with something because the
shape of the ship and the way it is in the bottom does not free stand it’ll
fall over every time obviously meant to be hang on the wall hence the wall
hanging anchor on the back and this one is actually a reverse type of glow so
you turn on and you’re noticing it’s definitely not
as bright or shining out of the front like the marquee this is actually more
lit up here on the back so this is meant to be hung on the wall and glow around
the wall more as more so than an outward projection of light so keep that in mind
if you were in the market and you wanted to get these and you thought it was
gonna go up similar to the lit marquee these are more for an ambient outer glow
on the wall again $24.99 is the MSRP retail on this but Walmart’s doing it
for $19.99 $59 for this so if you’re in the mood for decorating that man cave or
the arcade room a little more definitely check that out
and then lastly let’s talk about the stool the stool comes with a convenient
pair of leg extension accessories you can go ahead and slap these on after
you’ve already built your stool raising this up from 21 1/2 inches which is the
standard seated height for the non riser arcade 1up cabinet all the way up to 29
and a half which is ideal for a cabinet that is on a riser this should also be
noted that the maximum weight rated for the stool is 290 pounds overall I felt
the accessories were all pretty great the stool itself felt very comfortable
very sturdy the graphic looks amazing although it is a little bit thin as far
as the layer on top so definitely have car keys or a pocket knife in your back
pocket because you may run the risk of puncturing it rather than that I do
think it’s sturdy enough to withstand lots and lots and lots of hours and
repetitive gaming and sitting and use as far as the wall decor the Galaga sign
like I said it’s gonna be a silhouette shadow so don’t go expecting it to be a
bright ambient light that shines outward but other than that it’s really cool and
then the Walmart key itself now this thing is top notch in my opinion this
thing has a beautiful beautiful brightly lit glow and will be a must-have for any
game room so if you’re in the market for any anything like that to decorate your
mancave definitely don’t wait and go ahead and
pick these up when you can as always I’ll put product links down the video
description box below and that does it for this video guys I want to thank
everybody for watching and tuning in if you’re new to this channel make sure you
subscribe and hit that notification bell I’ll talk about all sorts of things
nerdy comics video games toys collectibles you name it if that’s
something you’re into make sure you stick around for more great content and
as always thanks for watching guys

18 thoughts on “Arcade1Up New Game Room Accessories Review!

  1. Great video!!! Quick question… I just ordered some parts from Arcade1Up last week and have yet to receive a confirmation on shipping. With your experience, what would be the average ETA on placing orders with them??? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!

  2. Just FYI. TMNT and Marvel A1UP cabs just showed up on WalMart website last night. They are not active but the SKU placement is there

  3. Any luck of securing any of the first gen accessories that were supposed to release like an asteroids stool and/or light up marquee???

  4. I have a bunch of neon arcade signs in my arcade already and would like to buy 3 of the bigger lights that you showed in your video the galaga type light but is there any way you can measure and let me know how long it is I’m thinking I can get three but maybe only two will fit thanks again great video as always

  5. Bestbuy only has a few over boxes available to ship your items, large or longer items will not have a box or it will be over sized like he said.

  6. I'm gonna have to buy that galaga marquee for my game room I'm in the process of fixing up my game room/man cave yesterday I just purchased this sick scarface picture I mean huge picture I'm trying to figure out where I'm gonna hang him at I love your channel because you always have some sick products for a game room and every video you drop I like it I found out about the marvel cabinet from you I pre ordered the limited edition version now if I can just find the final fight and get my hands on the ninja turtles cabinet I'll really be set

  7. These are some great accessories. Here's hoping they release some Street Fighter II stools as well, or maybe even some Final Fight ones.

  8. As an early purchaser of MK II the Costco bundle has me fuming. I would even consider buying one and reskinning my original modded MK II but I already spent 50 on a lit marquee. 50 for the A1UP riser art from Arcade Graphix, but oh, no red t moulding… And a MK II stool would be nice but wait, they aren't available anywhere!! The there's the upgraded monitor. Seriously pissed. At the very least, offer the stools. C'mon.

  9. Looks like these wall marquees are on sale right now! Just grabbed the Mortal Kombat one for $45 with free shipping!

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