Arranging Furniture in Rectangular Room | Interior Design

Arranging Furniture in Rectangular Room | Interior Design

So furniture placement is really tricky, but
especially when you have an elongated rectangular room, because this gives you an opportunity
more than it gives you the challenge. Most people think like, “Oh my god, what am
I going to do with it?” But really what it’s saying to you is that
you have zones. You can section spaces off. So it’s not just one seating area. You can do two seating areas and you can create
a natural transition. You could either do just two groupings of
seating, where you have four chairs or you have a sofa and two chairs or you can create
what I really love, which is kind of this fool the eye. You can have a sofa, backed by a sofa table
in the center and another sofa on the other side. So in essence, it’s creating the two areas
for yourself naturally. Then flanking one sofa in one direction can
be either another sofa or chairs, or you can do two chairs on the other side. You know, you can have fun with it and do
two different seating groups. Think about that you’re getting two for the
price of one. What I love about that is that on the table
in the center of the two sofas, you can do a really great floral arrangement. You can accessorize it. You can change it out. But just remember, in an elongated room you
never want to feel like it’s just one zone and then the rest of it is this big football
field. You always want to fill it up, make it feel
warm and you want to create conversation areas. So that’ll make people feel real comfortable
when they come over and they’re using the space, which is really the most important
thing, that you’re really going to be going after anyway.

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  1. Obviously, if a viewer is watching videos re: furniture placement, they have no idea about things like "zoning."  Rather than laying back on your seating area #1, it might've been nice to show a few examples.

  2. I was listening to you but expecting you to move and stand up to show us what you are talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!chease

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