Art and Photo Wall Cluster | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Art and Photo Wall Cluster | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Hey, do you have a bunch of old photos, birthday
cards and other mementos piling up? Let my friend Mitchell show you what you can do with
all these things. Look at all my stuff. I have boxes and boxes exactly like this — these
big messes. So every once in awhile I get some frames, pictures, flowers. And that’s
a barrettes, in fact. I put them together in little groups and hang them up. And I’m
gonna show you how to do a big grouping of stuff that you might have around, like this
amazing birthday card. And you might wanna open it someday, so I didn’t put glass in
this. I just put it in here with some blue tape to match his little — to offset his
little pants — in a found frame. I’m gonna show you how to cover a wall in a bunch of
found stuff so it looks really cool. We’re gonna start off with the biggest piece. And
I am not afraid of putting nails in walls. I’m still using very small little picture
hanging nails. I’m gonna put this at eye level for an average person. And I’m about a little
taller than average. So, I’m 5’9″. So I’m gonna put it at my eye level because this
is gonna be my focal point, the biggest piece. And I love her — she’s a little French paint
by numbers. Put my finger there, gonna stick a nail in, and hang her up. Now this is already
wired on the back. Sometimes they’re not. And I’ve some interesting ways to put hangers
on that I’ll show you as we go along. Next to her, I’m gonna put something darker and
smaller. I’m putting them in odd places. It doesn’t really matter where the first couple
are, but I’m gonna put them really, really close together. And with these, since they’re
all mismatched frames, that’s the whole point, then you don’t even have to do the thing of
leveling them out because they’re all — you can just — or making sure they’re spaced
correctly or anything. You just wanna get the most different frames with different frames.
So I don’t wanna put this black frame right with this black frame. I’m gonna put this
right here. And I’m just marking it with my finger. And I’m really not good at projects
of any kind that can be messed up in anyway. So anything that I ever show you can not be
messed up. Because if I can do it anybody can. Now look, that fits right here. And I
guess I should go ahead and explain because I just realized this is the photograph from
my tattoo. There you go. My kid made that one. Just 3 and a half. I’m building a circle
around this, but I’m gonna go out farther to here. So, because this is here, I wanted
to go down a little bit farther just to kinda mix it up a little bit. You see that — I
don’t like that because it’s three of the same kind of size. So that unframed, I think,
is our best. I always have extras. I usually don’t put up everything that I put it my initial
little cluster. And I’m gonna put this down this low. The reason I can hang this this
low is because I’m not gonna have any furniture in this area. So it is okay to hang it low.
This heavy frame can go right here. This is a very small picture in itself, but put in
this big, giant frame it draws a lot of attention. It’s my mother in 1944. And now, she goes
in. And I think this one is just not gonna — this is a good example of an extra one
because it just doesn’t fit anywhere. I don’t think I need — I don’t think it’s necessary.
So we’ll leave it at that. This is simple and easy and you can do this using anything
that you have, anything that you like. That’s what makes everything cohesive. Just remember:
Start off with your big piece first. Put another big piece kind of off to the side, but not
directly next to it, and build around your main focal point piece. And you can’t go wrong.
And you’ve got a wall full of stuff you love.

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  1. "I'm not really good at anything you can mess up in any way…" Haha I love Mitchell! Not many would admit to that! 🙂

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