Art Framing : How to Customize Canvas Pictures

Hi, my name’s Jeremiah Rohr. I’m with The
Frame Shop in St. Petersburg, Florida. I’m here to talk about how to customize a canvas
print. Many canvas prints look great just simply put in to a small floater frame and
hung on the wall. But this sometimes needs a little bit more to enhance its qualities.
This particular unit, I have made up a large frame that this frame will go into. And we’ll
talk about how that goes into that. But this increases the dramatic quality of this print
quite a bit as it hangs on the wall by simply adding another frame. So this is the frame
we’ve already put this piece into, and I’ve made up this particular frame earlier. And
what we’re going to do is simply mount this into the back. And with these brackets, simply
mount that on the back, screw those in tight, and we have a beautiful frame that will greatly
enhance the quality of this picture. So, we got it all put together, and this is how it
looks. It looks great. Hang that up on the wall, and you’ve got a nice piece of art.
My name’s Jeremiah Rohr with The Frame Shop.

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