5 thoughts on “Art Storefronts – Who We Are And What We Do

  1. Your hard-core high pressure sales tactics are reminiscent of used car salesmen – when I called I was told that I MUST be prepared to BUY NOW before you would give an in-depth demo and I have to be prepared to BUY NOW even though you would not give me a price before committing – well, that s a huge turn-off. Another turn-off is when your sales team sends me an email and says "I love your work" when in fact they have never seen it – that's dishonest and insincere. Frankly, I'm dubious.

  2. Why do people have to call in order to get more information or a demo? That's usually an indicator that they will be pressured to purchase. If you were up front with everything from the start, giving people what they want to know before making a purchase, you'd get more sales. Price is a big issue for most people as they want to know where they stand … can they afford it, how much will they have to save or budget for, etcetera. Most people want to know this BEFORE they commit to anything, and without having to talk on the phone where they feel pressured to make a decision.

  3. You could make your business explanation a bit more dynamic… It bored me a bit… Seems like the other comments say you are not up front with your pricing structure. I don't have any money to give you but wouldn't mind the marketing help. What about the starving artists with actual talent? Ever given anything up front for free to them? Glad to pay a meager sum once I've made some income… artbylamberte.net

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