Art Studio Tour My New Drawing Setup & Supplies

Art Studio Tour My New Drawing Setup & Supplies

I Rearranged my whole art area or drove my drawing doodles and video creation, so it’s going to take a look at that This here is where I store some of my pins While I’m drawing, so I have a different assortment of pins. I can select for me I’ve got my fineliners sharpie technical pin Different fountain pens torching ice a graph with the microns. There’s more sharpies there Some pencils and then I have inside of it This is the newest Ahab and this was a pen that came with Some ink that I’d have bought with the nearest heart of darkness but all kinds of pens assortment of them there and This here is just some paper that I have laying here I use it to UM rest my hand on a piece of paper or I need it to UM Try to depend to start working if things not flowing And then I have here with my sketchbook and then over here I’ve got one of my can lenders this is the 18 to 55 millimeter So doesn’t zoom in very far but pretty good Lens for getting more things in view and this is my 55 to 252 zoom lens Like you use that if I’m Outside somewhere if there’s some big birds of stuff. I want to record it on then in here I’ve got Or I store some of my drawings. Um Like all the ones that are the loose sheets of paper. It is throw them in there and then over here I have my DSLR Microphone I use this area for drawing and then this is one of my uh My headset I had used actually just have this as a it’s a For baking and all that for like grabbing pots and pains or anything. It’s hot I actually just use it to store my headphones on so that I never accidentally set them on the table to a heart so I don’t I don’t damage them and then This here Would be my light box that I use it’s got five bulbs in it puts out a lot of light and This is a little tripod that I’ve got for my DSLR and This tripod here. There’s a much better quality one as you can see. It’s um this one was about 170 bucks So a lot more expensive than that one. Um, I was a monitor that I use I use this for a video editing setup so I have this monitor here in that one and This was actually a drawing big drawing tablet and that it connects to my computer and Then I can use it as a monitor I can draw on it and then I have this one as my other monitor for and I’m streaming or if I need a second monitor for video editing there now if you’re one of my other own lights that I use and That’s useful for if I’m using my webcam If I’m doing not talk with another artist And I have back here some Other speakers for my surround sound set up just one over here as well Keyboard mouse and then Random stuff here my glasses and then this is a little Adapter for micro SD I Have another little camera there. This is the Yi action camera And it’s pretty good for slow motion, and it’s really good for Taking out and about with you if you want to go somewhere to record something and then have here card reader my external hard drive This is my whole computer that I have built. It’s custom-built you’ve probably seen it in my other videos of Me showing the area but this is the new setup I have now that I’ve rearranged And I’ve got posters up there And then that’s where my Skinner is. That’s king my artwork and this is the drawing I did this is a light pad that I can just plug in and I can just put a piece of paper on it. I like to use thin paper so I have to have it on so bright and I just plug it in I Had my camera recording like that and then do some doodles but um That’s currently my setup. The war my desk is and I set right here and This chair got that one. Uh maybe six months ago because I want to add before with falling apart that I had the chair for like maybe ten years so it was uh, it was due for a new one and that there is my Audio interface that plugs into my microphone and Then it’s time for the mess of wires that I have behind my computer Yes, this is a lot of wires back there you can see but uh, I Managed to UM Figure out what wire is what? because I’ve been taking this apart and Doing so much with this for so long that I don’t really have a hard time You know figuring out what wire goes to what or what connection is what like that one there That goes to my hole light right here for my um hot wax makes my apartment smell good and that one’s gonna be my phone use that one for charging my other headphones and Those are different ones to make computer monitors and all that And had it set up behind there. So it’s kind of hidden away from everything so it didn’t look all cluttered and then this is where I usually Will put one of my cameras and recording like if I have I’m setting it here like I said and record Si here. Sometimes I like set my camera right there and like you’ll have that view of it so I’ve got all kinds of options for uh putting cameras in different places and then This is my bed. I moved it from in my other room and my bedroom was and it would fit out of here and I like to UM just keep my Blinds open sometimes so that the Sun I just wake up in the sunlight and then so it forces me to wake up earlier That’s that area and down here. I’ve got my little dehumidifier I’ve got a bunch of canvases At that from blick online got a good deal on all those and Don’t think I’m missing anything over in that area. I mean I showed you my keyboard and all that. I showed you oh, this is my um, I Just have this laying down so that uh It doesn’t damage the table like from when I’m painting or drawing and all that And then this over here is where I keep a lot of my papers and all that but first It’s going to take a look at all. These art supplies and stuff that I have so I have here Sharpies, it’s all kinds of stuff these here Gel pens erasers and all that. These are my old Business cards ink for Road train. I’ve got a bigger Thing I think here you got measuring tape tape more business cards bigger sketchbooks And I have here Big brushes different times. We’ve got these for oil acrylic watercolor make your own ink acrylic inks, we’ve got some different things there and then moving over here is some more pens pencils markers sharpies ballpoint pens gel pens fineliners technical pens and Pretty much everything you can think of of Different assortment of pens. I’ve got all kinds of different colors unlike this here I’ve got a lot of different sharpies, so I’m not really worried about Warning out of those and I’ve got plenty of ballpoint pins You can tell me I think I don’t I don’t know how many’s here. This is pop. I think this is like 100 There’s like a hundred over here. There’s a red ones and then I’ve got More black ballpoint pens some blue and blank ones. These are some technical pens. This is an old Artist loft Illustration I had this one since 2012 I’m surprised I think like two of them work out of the whole set. But the rest of them don’t work in these these are the Old alright Signal uniball white gel pen Like to use that on black paper stands out more and then here got all kinds of pencils. I thought using um Ticonderoga pencils for drawing of all the time they’re cheap and they work pretty good. I don’t have to use 50 different types of pencils so it makes it convenient. But um, oh I did a review on these Put a video in that and I’ve got some painters pins and then Get crayons in there as well And it keeps it These are cute. I’ve some time for drawing like from blending things scissors stuff for Crafting wood cutting into wood Here there’s tape on it, but all this is Pentel Conoco pencil lead The Erasers is Russia this was that I so Morris but they don’t work me other as good as um Routine arrested graphs kneaded eraser. Do you needed an eraser? It’s needed time to races in there got like a this is a Racers that’s uh can push it out more Sorry, like racing more details the extra pin cap, it goes to somewhere or something and I’ve got these little racers here Stick on your pencils and you’ve seen my business cards already Part of Darkness ink And Traditional Chinese Ink you’ve already seen all the brushes So I’ll give you a top view of everything And I’ve got there a ruler and coming down here is more sketchbooks lots and lots of sketchbooks All ranging from my different kinds from watercolor I get I’ve got it pretty much set to where it goes from largest guest books to these smaller sketchbooks And I’m actually getting to Fort Worth. I kind of run in a room I throw up smaller ones up here. And that’s one for like writing notes in there’s like these little planners and whatnot And then down here. I have where I store some of my drawings and These are my own handmade Sketchbooks. I just took I took a binder and um, I hope punched some cardstock paper Put that into these here So it cost me like each of these alone cost me maybe a dollar to make so cheap and then down here I’ve got some pink this is house paint and I’m not gonna run out of that a little in a long time because I don’t really do that big of paintings or pretty tiny painting so That should last me a while and that there’s actually something that used to mixed in with Tacky glue and A couple of other things. I can’t remember there was one other thing that I used I didn’t make a video talking about that but how I make it but anyways, I use that and then mix it with this and um like type of calcium stuff and what it does is it allows me to put a texture on a Canvas, so that like you can feel the canvas texture From that being on there so you can make shapes in it if you want to and then I have Easel here bigger one then that there is a Repenting paper I’ve got Tiny little easel. So yes, I could go through all the sketchbooks, but it will take a while Maybe we’ll do a quick review of them So, let’s see here Get to Canson. I’ve got color pencil So, let’s see. Okay, I see You can see it I’ve got the canvas and I’ve got colored pencil and then I’ve got the cancer and then I have Sketch There’s Bristol Bristol Bristol smooth boarding Riley Canton tone paper color pencil sketch sketch toned Gray, Canton and you get the idea but there’s a lot of them there and then these are my Moleskine sketchbook So I think everybody’s seen Some of my doodles in these if I can hold this in one hand It’s kind of hard to you will hold a sketchbook open um There’s one of my doodles There’s an egg right there and a beach ball a banana and a guy with his tongue sticking out and I don’t know what the rest of it is, but It’s a doodle. So I’ll Put this back And then over here I’ve got all kinds of assortment of different things This has different, uh watercolor paints into like little dry squares and then I’ve got Colored pencils With more colored pencils over there you’re some and tinted teddy charcoal and then more colored pencils and What’s this all the pastels? I haven’t done really any you worked with a lot of this stuff Like I have a hard time working with colors more pastels more pastel oil pastels and then prismacolor colored pencils wood burn kit Prismacolor markers I’ve got all kind of oil pastels molding clay Another ones, there’s like some chief ones that I’ve lost my local store flaking dollar and this is Nice right aliens these for drawing and blending other thing about blending stumps and what not. So Then these are the ISO Mars and then this is some chalk and This has a bunch of different pens and stuff in it then moving down here. I have a Bunch of paint, I think it’s falling apart. I’ve actually got to Just back together sometime because all the paint’s are falling out and back there’s some more paint that’s a gloss and then this is Some more paint watercolor painting and these are all on the watercolor paints are on these little white trees and then this is oil paint Master touch oil paint, too And then I Have Over here. Oh, just trying to get something Everything Okay, anyways, so I’ve got the tacky glue some more white paint sona’s paints and different things I’m working a fixative I’ve got Stolen I’ve got What’s this gloss medium varnish I’ve got montage different paints I have linseed oil and then I’ve got More let’s see stand And then down, here’s tiny little canvasses and these are like pieces of wood. I had to cut to make my own like wooden Boards are drawn and this is a big message. Whatever Pencil sharpener, actually, I like to use a Box cutter to sharpen my pencil, but I’ll make a review or a tutorial how to do that sometime so you’re all safe was sharpening your pencils right way and oh my glass and it’s over in my other box I have So yeah, that’s my home stuff there and I think I got enough court supplies and then over here Is gonna make my apartment smell good? Then My camera equipment here and everything that I’ve got and that I carry with me Use a light incense. Oh, it smells good same candle here. And this is all of my lot of my camera equipment stuff and whatnot And then more paper Loose sheets of paper. I’ve got no thin paper I’ve got thick cardstock different colours black paper white paper cream and a bunch of it over there then that there is actually like a great toned paper and that’s the really thin paper that I use on for all my light going bad and this here is a table that sometimes that you know, I don’t really use it a whole lot because I Just sit over there and eat and I’ll set food on This here, so it doesn’t hurt the table but sometimes it kind of depends on it buddy comes over and but um Like if they want to eat especially because it gets really hot in my kitchen and if they want to eat in here and from here for them to eat if uh, they decide to do so, there’s some candles just Help make it smell nice. And then that’s like something that bought a couple of years ago I’m just some pitcher but uh, these are two little paintings that I did This is the one that told you about the has like the texture run it as you can see And that’s an oil painting. That’s um And I just call it finished well for now and this is essential oils help make it smell good and hear more and That’s my xbox. I’ve had that for oh, I don’t know since like 2010 or something. I don’t know I’ve had it for a long time that is like 9 or 10 years or something then I’ve got a bunch of the games done here. Have you actually played these games in a while? No, they think of it. I’ve got Guitar Hero I’ve actually got the guitar for it as well, which is if you can see it Maybe I’ll try to get it out later. But um Guitar Hero I’ve got Another Guitar Hero game I played that That’s pretty fun to play and I really like that one Midnight Club And I didn’t care for this one was on too much um s preferred the Tarak for a Nintendo 64 This game is too easy to beat that in like a day not like a half a day Up to like four hours into the game This one actually is not care for this game too much. I don’t know something about first-person Games like this. I didn’t I didn’t I care for uh Football game huh? Not really. I don’t let in football at all This games really fun though Supreme Commander to like build an army and everything But um, it’s kind of like Starcraft in a way, but you have much much bigger army And this one? Yeah, it was okay. It’s more of a gaming play with I could get a friend over or something That’s like a two-player game But he’s old back but um, I’ve had it all this for like Maybe nine or ten years. Some of the games aren’t the held though. I mean some of them early maybe like six years old Madden twelve that’s seven years ago, but that’s my xbox. And after you did paint that I painted it red So I was bored one day. I was like, I’ll just paint over and make it a look different and my controllers Um, this is a wired one I can use that to plug into my computer. Actually if I have a game that is a computer game they want to play use that but I hadn’t really done much of a hint gaming since the last time I did any gaming was 2016 I tried to stream a game once on my channel, but Okay, I bored quick but guess what maybe it’s because I got older but who knows and then this is My TV and my bed sometimes I’ll just sit there and I might watch something but I’m always so busy working on things that um, One time ever really actually used my TV is winning by some someone over but uh, yeah So that’s my setup from this view as you can see there And then oh this here almost got I mentioned that whole curtain I have a set up so that the cool air stays in this room and also so that in the winter The hot air stays in here and I keep the fan on rotating one direction so that it pulls all the higher up keeps it cool in here during the summer and uh But yeah, oh and there’s my little lamp. I Can’t even do anything. I’m like a right handed and I can I cannot coordinate myself to do anything with left hand So I’m gonna turn this the right direction Who knows There we go, there’s my little lamp Had this for about My own like ten years. But yeah This is my room and here so far. I can’t really think of anything else that I’m missing That I know of but um do it like oh, I don’t talk about I explain why I have this setup this way. So I Had this here sometimes I use the light from that to record things that just an excellent I mean the best light you can get is daylight and then I have an L shape So that Mike I set the chemical in behind it. So it gives me enough room to set up things over here behind the table And there’s room over here to put stuff. I need it and I’ve got this little table here where I put incense and things on And then I have this charging area where I charge all of my batteries. That’s my little Action camera battery DSLR battery Charger for the DSLR batteries there and this is a I plug this into my DSLR and they can like Plug it into the current from the outlet. So Mesa convenient for if I like like super long recordings. I don’t worry about running out and everything but Yeah, there’s my carpet. Nothing fancy. It’s got like leaves on it some random patterns Mm-hmm And then um, this is where I sit and I do all my doodles and drawing So I guess I’ll give you a tour of what it looks like from from my pointer to your phone setting here. So In the videos, you’ll see that behind me a lot of times That’s like that just a little curtain Keeps a cool air in or to keep the hot air in depending on the time of the year canvases Dehumidifier. Oh, I just got this recently. It’s a little Wax warmer plug it under there. It’s like the only spot I have to put it but anyways, um, I Think if I couldn’t make I couldn’t if you can see it or not because angle I was but anyways, um, this is how it looks from here and behind me is all my art supplies Oh in there have another curtain setup to keep uh, all the cool air in here and I can block it off because in my kitchen there’s a big It just builds up so much heat from the guests over to half so I have that blocked off and Keeps it cooler in here and then moving over us all that stuff there TV All of that there I’ve had that for a long time as well I’ve had it for like ten years or maybe 10 or 11 years it’s a little um a long cloth like you plug in like some iPhone or something on top of but I Don’t have a iPhone so Yeah and then this is My pins and all that over here sketchbook DSLR camera recording stuff and this here, sometimes I like move it to where it’s like facing down but kind of just depends I mean Sometimes it’s like face down or might uses an angle. It depends on what I’m doing, but this is one of those um little sketchbook things I made this whole bunch and um, I just uh, Put my papers in it. I was using this for making knife tutorial videos actually, so Listen was at least and yeah, you’ve seen all my other stuff so far. Um, I think I can show just basic things I’m just a little mad from the mouse and keyboard And yeah, that’s uh, this is my area where I do all of my doodles and drawings and uh Recordings of everything so hoped I didn’t make you dizzy doing that house. Does that make you super dizzy? Okay, so yeah, that’s my setup in my area where I do all of my drawing um Yes taking me a while to figure out this whole setup because I wanted to be able to actually use All of my equipment and have room but also have everything in the room so that I can get things easier Because like there’s an outlet down here that one is Grounded and so is the one over there, but there’s not let over on that side like against that wall that Is not grounded and I just have all my computer equipment plugged into that and that was for like maybe a year and a half It was like that and the never realize that it was not grounded. So I switched it I have setting over here I’m moving on my computer stuff a Video where I did a tour of everything in here and then I moved all that stuff and moved it over here It actually took me like a month of planning to figure out how I wanted this set up so that I had access to everything had room and Didn’t have to worry about not being able to have a grounded outlet Wasn’t being really bad. I ended up having to buy myself a um, that’s what this is here. It’s a Surge protector, I actually taped up his light on it because it was driving me crazy with a little red light blinking all the time or being on but yeah, so Yeah, this is my setup. Okay, let me know what you think of it. I’m getting suggestions about one anything. I should move or Organizing it or anything, but it took me quite a while to figure out how I wanted to have this set up so I can get to my art supplies so that I can you know have more room but um But yeah, this is my setup and if you got any questions or comments, go ahead and let me down let me know down below and I’ll get to it but um Until then you have fun creating. Um I’m gonna work on some doodles. So I’ll see you next video. You have a good day

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  1. Nice setup. Have you ever considered a desktop easel for sketching? After major neck surgery a couple years ago i now use one to keep my neck and shoulders from curling inwards. Or would it mess up lighting? Or are you just not comfortable working that way? Your hunching over worries me! 🙂

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