Artisan Premium Coloring Dyes (Woodturning Dye)

Artisan Premium Coloring Dyes (Woodturning Dye)

Artisan Premium Coloring dyes help you
add another dimension to your woodturnnigs, by creating eye-popping color and
enhanced figure. When you combine natural wood and rich colorful accents, or highlights, your turnings will not go unnoticed. Because Artisan Dyes are alcohol based and are supplied pre-mixed, They’re easy to use and don’t require mixing. They can be combinded to create custom colors and can be diluted to create a soft, wash effect. Applying multiple layers of different colors help add wow factor by adding depth to the color and enhancing figured areas. With 12 brilliant colors to choose from, Artisan Premium Coloring Dyes open up a
whole new world of possibilities that are limited only by your imagination. And because they’re the finest coloring dyes available anywhere, you can count on them for consistent, dependable results and long-lasting color.

6 thoughts on “Artisan Premium Coloring Dyes (Woodturning Dye)

  1. What would you suggest for sealing? I mainly use wipe-on gel sealants, but am worried that color will leach on to un-dyed portions.

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  3. Look great. Do they differ to the Chestnut spirit stains in finish or use or are they simply another alternative?

  4. Hi, can you finish over these dyes with true oil finish? If not, what's the recommended hand rub style finish? Many thanks

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